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Marty Scurll: ‘There Is No Reason ROH Cannot Be As Big As WWE’

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Marty Scurll

The Ring Rust Radio crew interviewed Marty Scurll about his success this year. In the interview, they referenced Sports Illustrated’s interview with him about one day going to WWE and Scurll opened up on what he discussed with ROH prior to signing his contract.

Below is an excerpt:

Ring Rust Radio: Sports Illustrated recently published an article where you spoke about you're not sure WWE would give you the platform needed to present The Villain and tell your story. Was that something that you spoke about with Ring of Honor before you signed and how do you see The Villain's story unfolding in 2017?

Marty Scurll: It certainly was. I kind of knew already what kind of company ROH is and I know the platforms that they give their guys and for me it was very important to have that kind of how I mentioned before. Obviously, I let ring ROH know that was the case. I’m coming to ROH and I want to change things. I feel like me coming to ROH I can help the company grow, and I can help take it to places it’s never been before. I was in the Indies and everything else and that was great fun, but a move for me to ROH is like a natural progression. The next kind of step-up and it’s something I need to do. I can help them and I can help them do great business not just in the UK, in Europe, but in the whole entire world. There’s absolutely no doubts in my mind that I’ll be remembered heavily for my ROH career. I’m going to be world champion and I’m going to create a body of work and leave a legacy there but I want to help it grow to levels that it’s never been before. There is no reason ROH cannot be as big as the WWE or UFC or anything else like that. I told ROH this and I think they appreciated that. They appreciate that I have this bold vision and they want to get on the Villain ride the whole way. It’s not even a case of me being allowed to tell my character or do I want, it’s a case of I’m going to do it. I’m going to do what I want and I’m going there to take over. For ROH it’s an exciting time. As far as they’re concerned, me there with the attitude and a bunch of other guys there with attitudes like the Young Bucks and whatnot, they’re going to see business boom. It’s good for them, it’s good for me, and it’s just good for the wrestling business in general. It’s going to be a real exciting time. In terms of what’s in store to come? Like I said I my mind is set on the little bit of gold and that’s the obvious thing. It’s important to go to a company and to have those belts and have those great matches. Like I said, for me I wanted to take it further. The big channels across the world, I want to get into those big arenas, I want to help the company grow, and crack that mainstream. Go to places that a company like ROH has never gone before. In terms of me helping the company grow that’s what you can expect. In terms of the Villain character, of course if I let you know what was going to happen with that, that just wouldn’t be me you know? So, I guess you have to wait and see and watch ROH TV and the pay-per-views very carefully to see what happens.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety here:

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