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New ROH Champion; Given The Current State Of Ring Of Honor, Should We Discontinue Our Coverage? (Vote Here)

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Kevin Steen beat Davey Richards at last night's Ring of Honor "Border Wars" iPPV to win the ROH Championship. Due to widespread technical difficulties, the show was unavailable to the masses and we were unable to provide readers with live coverage and/or show results.

This leads into the more important portion of the article as given ROH's recent technical difficulties, I am putting the future coverage of Ring of Honor on in your hands. We are asking readershere on our Facebook page to vote on whether or not to continue covering Ring of Honor. The outcome of the poll is the direction we will follow.

While we haven't dedicated a portion of to independent coverage in several years, I made the decision to scale back the coverage even further in 2012, eliminating all promotions except for Ring of Honor. Given the recent problems with ROH's iPPVs, I'm considering covering only WWE and TNA as they seem to be the two promotions people care the most about.

Some people want to know why I am against covering independent promotions and the fact of the matter is that most independent promoters are unreliable. This is why we offer very little promotion when it comes to indy shows as I do not want to promote something that is going to "ripoff the consumer." Regardless of explanations from Ring of Honor, taking money from their consumers and not delivering the product is wrong.

Therefore, vote in the poll located at the link below to determine whether or not we continue covering Ring of Honor:

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