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Ring Of Honor "Glory By Honor XI" Live Report

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Wrestling News World reader A-Rob sent in the following live report from last night's Ring of Honor "Glory By Honor XI" iPPV:

Before the show they had a pre-show meet and greet with Kevin Steen, Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacob and Maria Kanellis. Autographs and pictures were $10 but you could get a deal if you bought all of S.C.U.M (Steen,Corino and Jacobs) witch was all 3 of them for $25 Pre Show Dark Match: Rip Impact and Chaz Montana b. “Psycho” Mike Rollins and someone else who I didn’t catch the name of

Main Card:

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander b. The Bravado Brothers
- Good opening match, The Bravado Brothers have improved since their return from Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis b. Mike Mondo
- Mike Mondo did an insane spot near the end of the match when he and Bennett were outside ring, Mondo climbed to the entrance way and jumped off it onto Bennett, the crowd went APES#!T after that.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team b. Rhett Titus and B.J. Whitmer
- Before the match as Titus and Whitmer were entering the building WGTT attacked them from behind and they were brawling a bit before the bell rang.

Jay Lethal b. Davey Richards
- This match was just AMAZING and could be a match of the year if anyone has a chance they should check it out. Before the match started Jay Lethal cut a promo about a meeting with Joe Koff (an executive for ROH) and addressed the incident last week in Rahway. After the match Eddie Edwards came out to check on Davey and Davey Pushed him away after he show him then Davey and Jay Lethal shook hands


- During intermission they announced a return date to Toronto for next year witch was May 4th 2013 and that they were selling cards for $5 which if you bought that you can get a replay of the show for a full year. They also shot 2 opening videos fo the ROH TV show with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness

Tadarius Thomas b. Rhino
- The originally match was supposed to be Roderick Strong vs. Tadarius Thomas but before the match Roderick came out in street clothes and cut a promo saying he was upset that his match was the 1st match after intermission and that he quits the House Of Truth plus he said that he will watch Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Steen later that night from the stands. He leaves and the ref starts to count him out, Truth Martini ran to the back and got Rhino to replace him. Truth also brought out a small red duffle bag with money in it. After the match Rhino was pissed off and grabs Truth, he tries to pay Rhino off to save himself but fails and Rhino lifts Truth up and throws him outside the ring on to the Barricade, after a few minutes Truth is carry to the back by the ringside crew

Adam Cole b. Eddie Edwards to retain the ROH Television Championship
- Good match, Adam Cole has a bright future Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs b. The Briscoe Brothers to retain the ROH Tag Team Championships
- Lots of brawling in this match

Kevin Steen b. Michael Elgin to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Championship
- This match was just AWESOME I also recommend checking this match out along with Lethal vs. Richards. Michael Elgin just raised his stock even more with this match, he is the future of this company, The crowd was split between both there wasn’t a definitive favourite. Before the match Kevin Steen cut a promo saying he had some great news, his demands have been met (referring to a promo that was posted on the ROH youtube channel were he made a list of demands and if they weren’t met he wouldn’t defend the title tonight, he also said ROH is making a new championship belt and the package piledriver (his finisher) was now legal. Roderick Strong then came and sat in the front row. During the match while they were on the outside near Roderick Stong when he was yelling at Elgin, he drags Strong over the Barricade and punches him out.

After the match Roderick Strong comes back out and and hits the Sick Kick on Michael Elgin during that a referee hands a package to Nigel McGuinness. Nigel gets a mic and goes into the ring and tells Steen that he has been asked to deliver this package to him, he gives the package to Steen and he opens it revealing it to be an El Genericos mask! After Steen sees it he is in shock and loses control berating the audio technician fro playing Generico's music and smashing the World Heavyweights championship everywhere he could.

Overall it was a GREAT show and worth checking out for Lethal/Richards and Steen Elgin.

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