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15-Man Battle Royal (Last two men standing get to fight one another for a future shot at the Television or Pure championships)

Dalton Castle joins Ian Riccaboni on commentary, as Quinn McKay was selling her injuries after last week's loss to Angelina Love. 

A lot of things were going on during this battle royal, but the most interesting thing happened outside of the ring, where Mike Bennett was unable to compete in the match because he was attacked by Dutch before security was able to escort him to the back. Also, a funny moment happened when Danhausen was eliminated then tried to re-enter with an El Generico mask... only to get eliminated against seconds later. PCO was among the last to be eliminated. 

The final two winners were LSG and Joe Keys at 15:12, who will square off in a future matchup to enter the rankings. 

Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions vs. Primal Fear

This was a spectacular match as STP was looking to provide opportunities to teams that normally wouldn't receive them. Primal Fear put on their working boots but lost when the champs put on the Victory Lane finisher to retain the titles at 10:17. 

Main Event: Josh Woods vs. Silas Young

This was a chance for Woods to extract revenge on Young, who turned on him during ROH 19th Anniversary. There was no love lost here as "The Last Real Man" attacked his mentee from the jump and threw him around the barricade. He even threw a chair at Woods from the outside.

They finally get in the ring as the bell rings and Woods regains momentum with a waistlock. Woods' technical prowess was no match in the beginning for Young's brute strength, countering with a series of punches and vicious slams. Young hits a codebreaker and then works the back of Woods. As he charges into the corner, however, Woods avoids it and hits a spinning kick. Backbreaker gets two. Young cuts him off with a anarchy suplex. Woods catches Young and slings him to the ropes. They go to the apron and Woods hiptosses Young and switches into an armbar. However, Young uses his momentum to leverage a pin, using the ropes to get the win at 12:18. 

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