Ring Of Honor Results Episode #324 12/4/17


Welcome everyone to the 1st edition of Ring Of Honor Results. The first edition features the results from the latest taping aired on television from 12/5/2017. This will become a weekly Results post, so be sure to check back each and every Sunday for everything Ring Of Honor.

Lakeland, Florida RP Funding Center

Calling the action on the announce team are Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana

Match #1

Beer City Bruiser vs The Villain Marty Scrull (Bullet Club Member)

Tale of the tape:

Beer City Bruiser-Pro Debut: 2000 Height 6'2'' Weight 323 Home Town Milwaukee, WI

Marty Scurll-Pro Debut: 2005 Height 5'9'' Weight 195 Home Town Cambridge, England

The Match:

Marty tries to lock up with Bruiser to begin the match, but Bruiser using his size and strength tosses him to the mat not once, but twice. Marty with frustration rolls to the outside. (On the outside the crowd is into Marty, chanting his name) Marty gets back inside the ring with Bruiser and stands toe to toe with with him and points in his face and gives him a slapping push to his chest. Bruiser counters with a swinging right hand, but Marty ducks and hits him with his a right hand of his own instead. Marty then grabs Bruiser and attempts an irish whip but Bruiser is to big and strong for Marty and holds on. Bruiser then whips Marty into the corner, but Marty jumps onto the second rope and is able to escape the swinging blow by Bruiser. Marty kicks Bruiser in the gut, and hits him with a front drop kick. Bringing Bruiser down on his back. Bruiser then rolls to the outside. (Marty playing to the crowd, they are once again behind him) Marty hits the ropes and attempts a move over the top but Bruiser catches his legs from the outside and drags hims out of the ring. Bruiser attempts a right hand but Marty eludes the punch. Marty then chops Bruiser twice and backs him up a bit. Marty chopping away at Bruiser chops him into the corner on the outside and Bruiser sits down on a chair and Marty hits him with multiple forearm shots. Marty notices the ref counting and rolls into the ring and then back out to break the count. Marty then goes running towards Bruiser who is still sitting in the chair. Bruiser quickly to his feet and hits Marty with a high knee strike. Bruiser now has Marty in the chair and he then starts to chop down Marty. Bruiser as well notices the refs count and rolls in and out to break the count. Bruiser with his running head start goes for a running moonsault but is met with the ring side barrier instead as Marty was able to move.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break both wrestlers are inside the ring and Bruiser has the upper hand. Bruiser hits Marty with a right hand and drops Marty to his knees. Bruiser then lifts Marty up in the air and hits him with a side powerslam. Bruiser then drags Marty closer to the corner and Bruiser heads to the top turnbuckle. From the top rope Bruiser attempts a frog splash but Marty is able to roll out of the way. (On the ramp The Franchise Jay Lethal is standing watching the action) Marty up on his feet, and so is a slow Bruiser. Bruiser runs at Marty who is close to the corner but is met by a boot to Bruiser. Marty then himself climbs onto the outside but is standing on the apron. He grabs Bruisers arm and rips it down towards the floor as Marty's feet touch the floor. Marty quickly back in the ring climbs to the second rope from inside the ring and once again grabs Bruiser by the arm and hits Bruiser's arm with a tornando ddt. Bruiser quickly rolls out of the ring. Marty follows Bruiser and from the apron hits Bruiser with a Super Kick. Both back in the ring, again Marty goes for the hurt left arm of Bruiser but Bruiser counters with a right hand and drops Marty. Off the ropes goes Bruiser and Marty quickly to his feet, hits Bruiser with a drop kick to Bruisers knee. Marty shoots off the ropes but Bruiser quickly to his as well and gives Marty a strong clothesline. Bruiser then goes for the 1st pin attempt of the match but kicks out at 2. Bruiser then drags Marty to the corner and heads to the second turnbuckle from the inside and attempts a banzai drop. Marty is quick to his feet and power bombs Bruiser from the second turnbuckle. Marty goes for the pin and throws hit feet up on the second rope for leverage but the ref notices and stops his count. Marty pleading his case with the ref doesn't realize Bruiser behind and Bruiser hits him in the back with a double axe handle and Marty gets tossed to the outside. Bruiser goes to the outside, standing on the apron waits for Marty to get to his feet and Bruiser takes off and attempts a running cannon ball but Marty is able to elude the attack. The ref once again starts his count. Marty to his feet tries to pick up Bruiser but its just to much for Marty and he just says forget and goes back into the ring. The refs count is now at 19, and Bruiser is just able to get back inside the ring. Marty can't believe it. Marty then climbs up onto Bruiser and puts him into an Octopus submission, to big Bruiser is able to throw Marty off of him. Marty then attempts a sleeper hold jumping onto Bruisers back, but Bruiser then filps him onto his back. Bruiser then runs towards Marty who is in the corner directly behind the ref. Marty is able to move but the ref isn't so lucky as he gets crushed by the 300 plus pound Bruiser. Bruiser again tries to run at Marty into another corner but once again misses. Bruiser on his back, Marty then grabs his umbrella in which he came to the ring with. Marty then notices Jay Lethal who has been on the ramp this whole time make his way towards ring side, but Jay Lethal actually stops half way and continues to watch the match. Marty then hits a stumbled Bruiser in the head and Bruiser drops to the mat. The ref didn't see the use of the umbrella as he comes too. Marty goes for the pin and gets the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Marty Scrull 

Match note: Ring of Honor counts to 20 and not 10.

Interview: Dalton Castle #1 Contender for the ROH World Heavy Weight Championship

Dalton talks about how he came into ROH and has proven how fantastic he really is. He says he has earned his opportunity to face Cody Rhodes for the Championship at ROH Final Battle. He says Cody has made it more than just a Championship match for him, and that Cody is scared of him. He mentions his 1st Championship title opportunity against Christopher Daniels, he mentioned it was one of the hardest matches he has ever had. But mentions after the match Cody Rhodes taking him out after the match. He says he is going to be the man that kicks Cody Rhode's ass.

Video Package 

The Briscoe Brothers are shown at Bully Ray's training camp, asking for Bully Ray. They ask is Devon is there. The few guys training say that Bully Ray isn't there and then attack the guys in the training facility. They then go up to photos on the wall's and destroy them. A large photo of Bull Ray is on the wall and they spit on the picture. They take a wrestler into the ring and destroy him. They end the video by asking Bully Ray, what will it take to get in the ring with them.

Update: On ROH's official Instagram account: Announcing at Final Battle it will in fact be The Briscoe Brothers vs Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer in a Street Fight

Segment: Colemans Pulpit

Caprice Coleman interviews himself. He welcomes himself to Colemans Pulpit. He mentioned the last interview he had with Kenny King. He says the interview had Kenny leaving upset. He says that he basically just told the truth. He then asks himself, are you jealous of Kenny King? He says no, he has alot of respect for Kenny. He mentions at Final battle there will be a fatal 4 way match for Kenny King's Television Championship, and he will be ready for the opportunity.

Video Package of Final Battle on PPV Dec 15th 

Match #2

Previous Match highlights from 11/11/17 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida War Memorial Auditorium

Ring of Honor Elite

Tag-Team Championship Match 

The Kingdom vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Winners by pinfall: The Motor City Machine Guns & Still Tag-Team Champions

Match #3

ROH Television (Main Event)

Hangman Adam Page (Bullet Club Member) vs Flip Gordon

Tale of the tape:

Adam Page-Pro Debut: 2008 Height:6'1'' Weight 223 Hometown:Aaron's Creek, VA

Flip Gordon-Pro Debut:2015 Height:5'10'' Weight:189 Hometown:Kalispell, MT

The Match:

Before the bell Page looks for a handshake from Gordon, Gordon denies and Page shoves his hand in Gordons face. They lock up and Flip flips backwards from Page. They tie up once again and into a headlock goes Gordon, off the ropes they go and Page hits Gordon with the shoulder tackle. Flip playing to the crowd turns his back on Page, Page hits him and tosses him to the outside. Page attempts a baseball slide to the outside but Gordon moves out of the way. Gordon quickly jumps to the apron and attempt 450 and lands on his feet as Page moves. Page then attempts a backwards moonsault but he too misses. Gordon climbs to the second turnbuckle and attempts a moonsault but Page again moves out of the way. Back inside the ring and Gordon grabs Page with a head scissor and tosses him to the outside. Page on the outside, Gordon hits the ropes and baseball slides into Page through the second rope. Gordon hits Page with a kick to the mouth of Page. Gordon gets to the second rope and finally connects with a moonsault from the second rope onto Page. Page jumps back into the ring 1st and Gordon gets to the apron, waits for Page to get to his feet and flips over the top rope, as Gordon lands on his feet, Page meets him with a big boot to Gordons face. Page stands over Gordon for a couple of seconds and goes for the pin. Gordon kicks out. Page then picks up Gordon and puts him in the corner. Page hits Gordon with a strong chop to Gordon's chest, echoing through the arena. Page then set up in the far corner runs towards Gordon, but Gordon meets him with an elbow to the head of Page taking him back towards the middle of the ring. Gordon then sets himself up to the second turnbuckle but Page once again goes after him. Gordon kicks Page but Page is able to hold on and then flips Gordon backwards and Gordon is now hanging with his foot caught under the top turnbuckle. Page goes to the outside apron and kicks Gordon in the head as he is helpless upside down. Page then grabs a chair and with a running head start Page launches himself off the chair and hits Gordon with a missile drop kick.


Back from break, both guys are inside the ring, and it's Page with a northern lights suplex into a pin on Gordon. Page sets up in the corner as Gordon hangs out in another. Page runs towards Gordon, but Gordon intervenes with an elbow. Gordon then kicks Page in back of the head. Gordon runs off the ropes and hits Page with a 619 from over the top rope. Page now staggers towards the middle of the ring and Gordon goes for something in the air but Page ducks from the attempt. Gordon grabs Page and puts him up on his shoulders but Page gets loose and pushes Gordon into the ropes face first. Gordon catches the top rope and as Page gets close Gordon hits him with an elbow. Gordon launches himself off the top rope and flips into his feet. Page turns and attempts a clothesline but Gordon ducks onto the mat onto his back eluding the second clothesline from Page. Very acrobatic from Gordon as Page misses. Gordon to his feet and then kicks Page in the back his head. Page still standing but is wobbly and staggering on his feet. Gordon hits the ropes and Page again goes for a clothesline but Gordon ducks and off the ropes goes Gordon. Page then grabs Gordon in mid air and attempts a powerbomb but Gordon is able to flip over Page into a rolling pin attempt. The count reaches 2 as Page is able to kick out. Gordon to his feet first goes to the outside and heads to the top rope. Page notices and is quickly to his feet as well. Page attempts to knock off Gordon but Gordon is able to elude the attack and flips over Page. Gordon charges Page in the corner but Page hits Gordon with a boot. Page climbs to the second turnbuckle and Gordon runs up to the turnbuckle with him. Gordon hits Page with an elbow and turns Page over with a hurricanranna. Page on his back in the middle of the ring. Gordon then hits him with a standing shooting star press and goes for another pin attempt. Page barely kicks out at 2. The match continues. Gordon is on his feet first and sets up in the corner, awaiting Page to do the same at the other side of the ring. Gordon runs at Page but Page flips him over the top into the apron. Page then hits Gordon with a forearm and knocks Gordon to the outside and onto there floor. Page climbs to the top rope and hits Gordon with a moonsault from the top rope taking out Gordon. Announcers call it the Hangman. Both are inside the ring and Page is toying with Gordon, slapping him in the head. Gordon counters with a chop of his own. Page returns a chop himself. They go back and forth chopping one another. Gordon finishes it with a furry of chops and hits the ropes he then tries for the hidden passage, a signature move for Gordon but Page is able to toss Gordon over his head. Gordon is able to land on his feet and turns and tries to land a super kick. Page grabs the leg of Gordon and turns him around and is able to hit his own Super kick. Page off the ropes and now Gordon is able to hit his own Super kick. Page is staggered. Gordon lifts Page and hits the Colt Samoan, gets up quickly and hits Page with a paylay. Gordon then jumps off middle rope hitting a 360 turn as he comes down and hits his finisher the Star Spangled Stunner. Gordon goes for the pin and the win. 1-2-3 and Gordon takes the win against Page.

Winner by pinfall: Flip Gordon

Post Match: Members of the Bullet Club come down to ringside and attack Flip Gordon.

Backstage: Cody Rhodes is on camera saying Flip Gordon is delusional if he thinks he has a chance in his match at Final Battle. Saying he will never be able to take the 6-Man Titles. He finished with saying Flip is as naïve as Dalton Castle. Cody then kisses his Championship and that is ending to this week's ROH.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this week's episode very much. A ton of action and straight to the point. The crowd each & every time I watch is so into each & every match. ROH focuses on doing there main business inside there ring, and it's always a breath of fresh air to see. The very 1st contest was very intriguing, as it's always fun to see a 300+ pound man use his size not only with strength but athleticism of the top ropes. Very impressed with the moves put out by Bruiser. ROH using the 20 count is also fun to see, giving the guys more time on the outside. And the Main Event between Flip Gordon & Adam Page was amazing. Great way to end the show. They put on a ppv style match. Acrobatics and high flying maneuvers were all on point. A very great showing from all the talent in this week's ROH show.

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