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ROH 19th Anniversary Takeaways


Hello everyone, and welcome to my thoughts on the 19th-anniversary show. It was a night with a variety of matches and moments that left the wrestling world intrigued or stunned.

For better or worse, and I enjoyed it overall, here’s what I had to say about the night's biggest moments!

Takeaway #1 Tracy Williams is a star.


Firstly I just wanted to mention that Tracy Williams looked like an absolute megastar, the likes of which ROH hasn't seen in many years. As he participated in over 40 percent of ROHs championship matches that evening, as a loyal soldier for the foundation in their battle against LFI to maintain ROHs core values. Doing his part and succeeding in both of his matches, winning his first two championships in the promotion.

The ROH television (pictured above) and tag team champions, with Rhett Titus!

I have made no secret how big of a fan of Tracy I have been since his signing in early 2019. I can’t wait to see what he does with both of these championships in the remainder of his reign. Especially the television championship since he fits the mold of the championship exceptionally well and could have some fantastic matches for it going forward!

Takeaway #2 EC3 fits in ROH like a glove.


Second, on the Takeaway list was a fierce fight! Between two of the toughest men in the ROH locker room.

As, former ROH world champion Jay Briscoe battled former IMPACT world champion EC3. This was a straightforward match but one that told the great story of EC3 fighting for the respect of Jay Briscoe and the entire ROH locker room. Throughout the match, I was stunned with how well EC3 matched up in the ROH ecosystem since I honestly was intrigued but confused about how his character-driven, somewhat slower style would fit in the promotion.

But throughout the match's 21-minute runtime, my worries were eased as these two beat the hell out of each other and stole the show! Despite his loss, EC3 proved he belonged in the ring with the absolute best ROH has to offer, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Takeaway #3 women’s division rebirth.


The third and final Takeaway I have is the announcement of a women’s championship tournament. This tournament, originally marketed as the “quest for gold,” was scheduled for April 2020 but had to be shut down because of ROHs pause in operations last spring. I know ROH has had issues with its women talent in the past, both on and off-screen, but I’m a firm believer in the usage of a second chance, and I’m interested to see what they do with this reboot. If nothing else, it gives many talented ladies another place to ply their trade and get noticed. Within the past week, it’s already gotten huge attention from various women’s athletes in the pro wrestling industry, including Jordynne Grace, who mentioned if other “forbidden doors” could be opened.


(Tweet in question is pictured above)

Then when you throw in all of the women initially announced for the tournament that are still available contractually and the in-ring debut of ROH host Quinn McKay, ROH has lots of options to make this tournament incredibly memorable and fun to watch; for many fans!


As always, thank you all for reading this article and supporting me; it’s greatly appreciated. I apologize for how long this took since this show was almost a week ago now, but for those of you who don’t know I’m currently a college student, so as much as I enjoy this, sometimes it’s difficult to make the time to post these pieces and make them as entertaining as they possibly can be. But going forward I will try to be better in my efficiency. thank you for your understanding

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