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ROH Announces Davey Richards & Jay Lethal vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin For 11/18 In Dayton

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- ROH Wrestling sent out the following:

The entrants for "Survival of the Fittest 2011" have been set and ROH officials have also promised two non-tournament matches to go down on November 18th when we return to Dayton, OH & The Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Well the first of those matches has been set, and it's a big one as all four ROH Champions will collide in one huge tag team battle!

ROH World Champion Davey Richards & ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal will fight ROH World Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in a big Champion's Challenge tag team battle!

"Ring of Honor is the best wrestling on the planet." Said Davey Richards, "It's something we say a lot, but only because it is the truth. When you hold a title in this company, it places you in an elite league. It signifies you as the best of the best, so when you put the four ROH champions in one ring, you know you are looking at the absolute best. This may be a first for me, teaming with Jay Lethal, but it's not the first dance with Charlie and Shelton. I've taken your measure before Shelton, and Haas I beat you in Chicago. Officials told me this is the champion's challenge and it's going down at Survival of the Fittest; so I guess the challenge is if either of those champions can survive another go around with this champion. See you in Dayton boys."

"We are the ROH World Tag champions for a reason." Offered Charlie Haas, "We dominate in tag team wrestling, just look at our record since coming into Ring of Honor as proof. We have beaten The Briscoes, The Kings, ANX, and we beat The American Wolves. We beat Davey Richards when he was with his regular partner, his championship teammate. So what makes you think you can beat me and Shelton on your first time out with Jay Lethal? Jay is supremely talented, holding a championship in ROH proves that beyond doubt, but you don't have chemistry. The two of you aren't tag team machines like us. You will give us a fight because that's what we do here in ROH, but we are Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team every day of our lives. It's not just a name we were given, we earned it through hard work and we continue to earn it every time we step in the ring. Dayton is going to be fun, there's nothing like real competition, but tag team wrestling is what Charlie and I do better than anyone."

Richards & Lethal vs. WGTT! It all goes down on November 18th in Dayton, OH at The Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Get your tickets right here now!

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