Ring Of Honor Issues An Apology To People That Purchased "Border Wars" Offering Refunds Or Next iPPV Free


ROH Wrestling sent out the following email to people that ordered their "Border Wars" iPPV last night.

As we noted last night, there were widespread problems with people being unable to view the show after paying for it:

Dear Ring of Honor Fans,

We can't apologize enough for the issues with the PPV again last night. You are the loyal fans that continue to support our product and we continue and will always continue to provide a better experience. After Showdown in the Sun, we had been working endlessly, employing all resources, to bring you a better PPV experience. The end result were many successes and one failure. We failed to deliver the full PPV via our website due to login/traffic issues. While a portion of viewers were able to watch the event in its entirety, we understand that greater than 50% had issues throughout the evening. This was unacceptable to you, the fans, yet very unanticipated by us after several tests and bodes of confidence from our technical resources.

Nonetheless, we owe you and will make good to each and every one of you. As of right now, the replay is available on rohwrestling.com. As the higher quality versions are available, we will replace the file with them as well. In addition, each person that bought Border Wars live will receive Best in the World, absolutely free. If is not sufficient, we will gladly offer a refund instead. All refund requests should be directed tohelp@rohwrestling.com with the subject header : BW Refund.

For Best in the World, we WILL work out any and all kinks. We will test several times, including in an actual PPV replicated environment, and will ask for all of your assistance in doing this. There is nothing more that we want than to bring our fans the BEST internet pay per view experience each and every time.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support and we hope that you will help us in preparing for the next PPV

~ Ring of Honor

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