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ROH is kicking off their return to the wrestling industry in a big way with the ROH Pure Championship Tournament.

The Tournament will kick off this weekend as the bracket was announced on Labor Day via "ROH Week by Week" on YouTube. You can check it out below:

ROH Pure Championship Tournament Format:

The bracket have been divided into a block A and block B.The first round will have a 15 minute time limit while the semi-finals will have a 20 minute time limit then the finals will have a 30 minute time limit leading to the championship match which will have a hour time limit. 

ROH Pure Tournament Rules:

Every match will begin and end with rhe Code of Honor handshake. 

Wrestlers will be allowed three rope breaks during the matches and after all three are used the opponent is able to make a legal pin or submission under the ropes.

If the match spills to the floor then you will get a 20 count to get back in the ring.

If a wrestler interferes in a match then they will be immediately fired from the ROH Roster.

Closed fist and lowblows are not permitted but wrestlers will receive a warning for the first closed fist and if done again it will result in a DQ.

Once the Pure Champion is crown the title can change hands via pinfall, submission, DQ, and countout. 

The first two matches of the tournament come from both blocks A and B. In block A Jay Lethal will face Dalton Castle while in Block B Jon Gresham will face Yuta. 

ROH also announced yesterday on twitter that there will be a watch party for the ROH Pure Tournament starting with bracketology. Here is the tweet:

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