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ROH Pure Championship Tournament Cont.

Block A: 1st Rd. Tracy Williams v. Rust Taylor

Hot Sauce Williams; the veteran, takes on Rust Taylor, the new comer.  In a hard fought battle & a great showing from Rust Taylor; Hot Sauce Williams had to endure a lot of punishment to eventually land a piledriver, which he followed up with the cross face for the submission.  Rust Taylor truly showed that he belonged inside that ROH ring & I look froward to seeing more from him in the future.

Block B: 1st Rd. PJ Black v. Tony Deppen

In another; veteran verse newcomer match, PJ Black took on Tony Deppen.  Tony Deppen may be a newcomer to a ROH ring, but he has been dominating the independent scene for several years now.  Deppen got himself over with a passionate promo about succeeding and doing what it takes for his family (Deppen is awaiting his first born).  Deppen followed up that passionate promote with a great showing.  Taking nothing away from PJ Black; who ended up going over in this great battle, it was Tony Deppen who got over & I expect to see more of Tony Deppen being this intensity to a Ring of Honor ring.

At the end of this weeks ROH TV, we see a vignette telling us to control our narrative.  Here is that vignette.  Who is on their way to ROH?  Let us know at Putting You Over on twitter & @WNW

Stay Tuned next week for more ROH Pure Matches & And remember to participate in the Pure Tournament Watch Party! Use hashtag #ROHPure

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