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ROH Pure Championship Tournament Cont. 

Block A: 1st Rd. Fred Yehi v. Silas Young

Youth verse experience in this match.  After an early feeling out from both wrestlers, Young uses his experience to get the upper hand early, but Yehi fights back.  Both men exchange a plethora of technical holds.

Yehi escapes a Boston Crab from Young.  Then Young escapes Yehi's Standing Indian Deathlock by using one of his rope breaks.  Both men unleash some stuff chops, which are followed up by some knees by Yehi.

Young is starting to get frustrated and tries to finish off Yehi with a Koji Clutch. Yehi escapes and lands a big boot, tornado DDT combination. After some back and forth suplexes by both Yehi & Young, Silas executes the Milwaukee Plunge. Yeti avoids a top rope assault & is able to escape with the victory via a roll up.

Winner by pinfall-Fred Yehi

Block B-1st Rd.- Josh Woods vs. Kenny King

Kenny King gets the early advantage by using his speed and locking in an armbar.  Woods battles back, but is mocked by King.  King dares Woods to try and take him down.  Woods attempts several technical lockups, but Woods escapes each one.  Woods was impressive in the next plethora of matches, including a couple of leg submissions.  One of which caused Kenny King to use his first rope break.

The match spills to the outside and King kicks Woods square in the face.  Woods battles back with some stiff shots of his own.  The two men are now exchanging stiff shot after stiff shot.  Kenny King even gets warned for using a closed fist.

Woods gets a two count on King after executing a running knee attack.  Kenny King lands his Royal Flush & Woods is forced to use one of his rope breaks to escape. 

Both men continue to battle as time ticks away.  King gets a 2 count & thinks he has this match sowed up after a big boot.  The bell rings as King counters a Woods move into a single-leg crab.  That is it, times up.  This result comes down to the judges.

Winner by decision-Josh Woods

Stay Tuned next week with two more 1st Rd. Matches.  

Block A: Tracy Williams vs. Rust Taylor
Block B: PJ Black vs. Tony Deppen

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