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ROH  has returned with the ROH Pure Tournament and kicked things off with a Block A & Block B match of the tournament.

Jay Lethal v. Dalton Castle
Jonathan Gresham v. Wheeler Yuta

Matches can be watched here:


  • Every match begins and ends with the Code of Honor handshake.
  • Each wrestler has three rope breaks to stop submission holds and pinfalls. After a wrestler exhausts his rope breaks, submission and pin attempts on or under the ropes by his opponent are legal.
  • Closed fist punches to the face are not permitted as only open-handed slaps or chops to the face are allowed. Punches to other parts of the body are permitted, excluding low blows. The first use of a closed fist will get a warning while the second will result in a disqualification.
  • As in standard ROH matches, there will be a 20 count when a wrestler is on the floor.
  • Outside interference will result in automatic termination from the roster for the wrestler that interferes.

Block A 1st Rd- Lethal defeated Dalton Castle.  Dalton tried to capitalize on Lethal and land a Tiger Driver, but Lethal countered it with a a superkick/enziguri combination.  The ROH veteran followed that up with his finisher, The Lethal Injection, for the win. 

Block B 1st Rd- Tag partner of Lethal, Gresham, caught Yuta's knee and took advantage of that.  Gresham was very aggressive on the knee of Yuta and used that to force Yuta to tap for the victory. 

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