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Ring of Honor Results (1/14/12) - 8-Way Pandemonium

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Ring of Honor Results - (1/14/12)
Results by: Adam W of

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We are greeted by Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette, introducing us to Northern Aggression. We will see a history defining 1 hour and 40 minute match.

In the ring, Kelly, Cornette and John Hayes, the General Manager of local North Carolina stations promotiong Ring of Honor TV. Hayes gives his thoughts on Ring of Honor.

Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, El Generico and Eddie Edwards are saying the money prize isn't what they want. What they really want is to get their hands on The Briscoes and The House of Truth. They say after they beat them, they will party. HOT and The Briscoes with Truth Martini saying the 10,000 dollars will be theirs. The Briscoes want to know how the money will be split. Roderick says down the middle, but The Briscoes don't seem pleased.

8-Man Elimination Match for $10,000: Eddie Edwards, El Generico, and The ROH World Tag Team Champions The World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) vs. The Briscoes (Jay and Mark) and The House of Truth ( Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong) w/ Truth Martini

Before the match starts, we go to a commercial break.


(Disclaimer: Due to the length of the match, ROH had to cut it for TV. Due to the constant cuts and lack of transitions during the match, I could only cover some of the highlights.)

Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong lock up, as Strong gets Eddie in the corner. Generico is facing Jay Briscoe as he arm drags him. Eddie hits a Hurricanrana on Mark Briscoe, as Mark does the same. They both dropkick and lock eyes. Eddie and Mark are reversing each others chops. El Generico goes for a dive inside the ring, but Roderick reverses it into a Backbreaker. Michael Elgin hits Generico with a vertical suplex. The Briscoes both throw Generico across the ring. Generico rolls and tags both Haas and Benjamin in the ring. The WGTT are brawling with The Briscoes. Haas and Benjamin are throwing Mark and Jay into the barricades, and Michael Elgin is attacking Generico. Strong and Edwards are also brawling on the outside. All teams are causing chaos on the floor. Benjamin suplexes one of the Briscoes on the ramp. Mark Briscoe hits Generico off the apron. Strong then gets a face full of a fan's deliciously buttered popcorn, courtesy of El Generico. He then hits a Yakuza Kick on Strong. Superkick by Benjamin to one of The Briscoes.


Jay Briscoe and Shelton Benjamin are now in the ring brawling. Mule Kick to the groin of Shelton, by Jay. At the 38 minute mark, the teams are all once agian brawling on the outside.


Still no eliminations, as all teams are now in the ring. The chaos continues as they are all feeding off the crowd. The members of the Red Team are simultaneously hitting the heads of The Black Team and throw them all in the middle of the ring. At 48 minutes, Shelton gets eliminated by Mark Briscoe by a Frogsplash Elbow Drop.

Shelton Benjamin Eliminated

Haas then quickly eliminates Mark Briscoe with an Olympic Slam.

Mark Briscoe Eliminated

Charlie is then quickly pinned by Jay Briscoe

Charlie Haas Eliminated

El Generico hits Jay Briscoe with a Brainbuster, and pins him for the elimination.

Jay Briscoe Eliminated


Currently, only two on each team remain. Strong hits Generico with a Backbreaker. HOT are dominating Generico as he goes for a Tornado DDT, but gets reversed into a Bodyslam by Elgin. Generico and Elgin are hitting forearms in the middle of the ring as Generico hits an elevated dropkick on Elgin. He gets Elgin out of the ring. Strong is now in the ring, but also gets thrown out. El Generico then hits a Somersault Plancha upon Elgin. Generico hits Elgin with a Blue Thunder. Strong throws Eddie on the apron, spine first. Elgin hits a Bodydrop. They are top rope and Elgin hits a Flying Shoulder Block. Elgin then eliminates Generico with a Spinning Powerbomb.

El Generico Eliminated

Edwards is the only one on Team Red remaining. House of Truth is attacking Edwards in the corner. Elgin is trying to suplex Edwards, but hits a Crucifix Driver. Roderick is now hitting Edwards with some forearms. Edwards prevents being Superplexed by Roderick and headbutts Strong multiple times. Edwards then Missile Dropkicks Strong. House of Truth is getting the upper hand, but Edwards hits a Backpack Stunner on Strong, and puts him in an STF. Strong and Edwards are fighting in the ring, but Truth Martini intervenes. Edwards locks Truth Martini in an Achilles Lock, but Strong and Elgin save him. Elgin gets rolled up by Edwards and eliminated.

Michael Elgin Eliminated


Edwards and Strong are the final two and are fighting in the ring. Edwards hits Strong with a Driver. Strong hits an Enziguri on Edwards. They fight on the top rope, but Strong throws Edwards of the turnbuckle into a table. Strong superkicks Edwards, and puts Eddie in a modified Strong Hold. Edwards German Suplexes Strong. Strong finally gets eliminated by a Dragon Sleeper.

Winners and $10,000 richer: The Red Team (Eddie Edwards, El Generico, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)

Next week, Ring of Honor will finally return to normal TV tapings. We are thanked for watching, and the show ends.

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