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Ring of Honor Results (1/21/12) - Jackson Overthrows The King

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Ring of Honor Results - (1/21/12)
Results by: Adam W of

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We see a video package of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards match. The two both show athleticism, but Davey overcomes Eddie. Kevin Steen then comes out after the match saying he will take the ROH World Champion and says he's the "anti-Christ of pro wrestling."

In the ring, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are in the ring saying that at Final Battle, The Young Bucks injured Rhett Titus who will be out of action for weeks. Tonight we will see Kenny King against Matt Jackson, with their partners in their corners.

Mike Mondo is backstage saying Eddie is coming off of his biggest loss of his career. Mondo says after he beats Eddie, he will humiliate him and make him cry. He will make an example of Edwards. Eddie says although he lost at Final Battle, he will get back up and continue to train to get back in the title picture.

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Mondo

Holding his "Godzilla Fears Mondo" sign, Mike is in the ring. Eddie gets in the ring to the cheering of the crowd. The two butt heads as the bell rings.

They lock up, as Edwards ties the arm. Mondo reverses as he gets the arm. Edwards rolls, but Mondo gets the head lock. He shoulders Edwards down as he jumps over Mondo. He then arm drags Mondo twice. Mondo throws Edwards in the corner, but Edwards hands Mondo in the Tree of Woe. He then dropkicks Mondo in the face. He then goes out in the ring and baseball slides back in on Mondo's head. Pin by Eddie, but a kick out. Mondo cheap shots Edwards, and is stomping Eddie on the mat. He twists the arm of Eddie as he slams the arm of Eddie down. Pin by Mondo, but a kick out. He locks the arm of Edwards, as Eddie gets flipped over by Mondo. Eddie retaliates with chops, but Mondo high knees Eddies hand. Eddie whips Mike out of the corner into the opposite, as he chops Mondo. Mondo then spears Eddie in the mid section. Eddie then hits a high knee on Mondo. Pin, but a kick out. Eddie is in the corner chopping Mondo, as he is calling time out. Float Over by Mondo, and Eddie pins. Kick out by Mondo. As Mondo goes for a superplex, the crowd chants "You got spirit." Eddie knocks Mondo down, and Double Stomps Mondo. He then hits the Die Hard on Mondo for the win.

Winner: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards via pinfall


Kevin Kelly welcomes us back, but says we will see footage of The Briscoe's match against The World's Greatest Tag Team. The two are brawling, as we see highlights of the match. WGTT are using chairs to The Briscoes, busting them open. The brutal contest continues which ends with The Briscoes winning the ROH World Tag Team Champions by a Doomsday Device.

Charlie Haas said they made a mistake, and says The Briscoes took them out of their game costing them the titles. Shelton said The Briscoes tried to paint themselves as the underdogs, and says the unintelligent New York fans believed them. He says they did what they said, and got fined by the brutality. They say it's a shame the fans turned on them because the Briscoes got beat up. Jim Cornette says he doesn't know why the New York fans liked The Briscoes, but the fact of the matter is that the WGTT did violate the rules which caused ROH to fine the two $5000.

Jim Cornette is in the ring, calling in the new ROH World Tag Team Champions. They celebrate with the titles as the fans cheer them. Jay says WGTT got fined $5000 for the chair shots. Jay only wants to know where the money is going saying they should get the money since the were hit with the chairs. He said if he got $5000 for each chair shot he took, he would want the whole locker room to come out and hit him. Jim then changes the subject by saying WGTT blames the crowd for them getting booed, by Jay says they can cheer or boo who they want. The only reason they were cheer was because they are 7 time Tag Champs. They say they will take on any opponent, they just need to "Man Up."

Next we will see the House of Truth, and Roderick Strong in action.


We return to ROH with Ricky Reyes in the ring as Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring with The House of Truth.

Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini and Michael Elgin vs. Ricky Reyes

The bell rings as the two lock up. Strong runs the ropes as Ricky arm drags Strong. Strong runs Ricky in the corner and gets kicked by Ricky. He then Back Bodydrops Strong and pins, but to no avail. The two are trading blows in the corner as Strong chops Ricky. Ricky runs his fist into Strong in the corner, and as he runs for Strong he counters into a Backbreaker from the corner. Pin by Strong, but a kick out. Strong has a Waist Lock on Ricky as he elbows out. He gets kneed in the gut and then suplexed by Strong. Pin but kick out by Ricky. Another Back Bodydrop and a pin, but Ricky kicks out. Another waist lock by Strong as Ricky rolls up Strong. Kick out as Ricky throws a running elbow to Strong. He then hits a Neckbreaker and goes for a pin. Strong and Ricky are trading blows , as Ricky hits an Enziguri. He then hits a Jumping DDT. Pin, but a kick out. Ricky rolls up Strong, but reverses into a pin with a handful of tights.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Next we will see Kevin Steen's first words back as a Ring of Honor employee


Kevin Kelly is backstage as he tells us of Steen injuring three people: Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs and El Generico. Steen says Generico's injury could have been avoided if Jim Cornette was a man. Kevin says this is just the beggining, and will tell everyone why he belongs in Ring of Honor. He says he will take the company hostage until he gets what he wants.

In other news, The Embassy got new ownership by a big corporation, and says Tammaso Ciampa is the money maker of The group.

Finally, ROH's 10th Anniversary will be on iPPV for a special of $10. They say the will have more information in the weeks to come. Kevin Steen then says he could afford the iPPV after he was of TV for over a year. Steen then kisses Kevin Kelly on the cheek, wishing him a Happy Anniversary.


We are back as Davey Richards is being interviewed about next week's Ring of Honor, because Team Ambition is going to beat Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander.

Kenny King and Rhett Titus make their way to the ring, with Rhett in crutches to watch the match in Kenny's corner. The Young Bucks make their way to the ring, Matt to wrestle and Nick to accompany him ringside.

Kenny King w/ Rhett Titus vs. Matt Jackson w/ Nick Jackson

The bell rings and the two lock up. Kenny gets Matt in the ropes, as he breaks. They lock up again as Kenny gets Matt in the corner. Once again they lock up as Matt gets Kenny in a headlock. He shoulders Kenny down and runs the ropes. Kenny hits a Drop Toehold, and gets Matt in a headlock. Kenny then suplexes Matt and precedes to hit him in the face. Kenny goes to run for Matt, but he goes out of the ring. They lock up as Kenny locks in a waist lock. Hammerlock by Matt, as King arm drags Matt twice. He Bodydrops Matt, as Kenny decided to do a Corkscrew Plancha on Nick Jackson. Matt Jackson then hits a Jumping Baseball Slide on Kenny King, through the middle rope to the outside.


We are back as Matt is kicking a beaten Kenny King. We see a replay of Kenny pinning Matt multiple times. Matt has King is a chinlock as Kenny hits Matt in the stomach. Matt then Superkicks King in the head. King gets up and hits the Fisherman's Suplex. Matt goes to run for King, but he runs out of the way. King hits an STO, an Elbow Drop and a Moonsault to Matt. Pin but a kick out. King kicks Matt in the head, and hits a Spinebuster to Matt. Pin, but a kick out. King gets Matt up as he elbows King. Matt runs out of the way of King and Superkicks him. He then jumps of the top rope and hits a Cutter. Matt then goes top rope and knocks Kenny King out of the ring. Matt throws King back in the ring ans pins. King kicks out as Matt sizes Kenny up for a 450. Matt then goes for a 450, but gets kneed in the gut. Kenny hits the Coronation and pins. Matt kicks out. Kenny snaps the neck of Matt on the ropes and goes to springboard onto Matt. As he goes on the rope, Nick hits Kenny with one of Titus' crutches. Pin by Matt and picks up the win.

Winner: Matt Jackson

After the match, both teams are fighting on the outside as the refs and security try to break them up. We are reminded that next week we will see Team Ambition take on Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander.

Be sure to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or comment about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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