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Ring of Honor Results (1/7/12) - The World's Greatest Defeat The Truth

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Ring of Honor Results - (1/7/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We are greeted by Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette in the ring. They say ROH is known for taped shows, but this week we will see exclusive matches only available elsewhere. We will have a double main event, first TJ Perkins against Jay Lethal in a Proving Ground Match, and The World's Greatest Tag Team against the House of Truth in a Proving Ground Match.

Jay Lethal is describing how he respects TJ Perkins, and it's not personal if he looses. Jay says he will keep the title as long as he lives. TJ says although they both started at a young age, TJ says he feels Jay's title should be his.

Proving Ground Match: The ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal vs. TJ Perkins

The bells rings as the two lock up. Jay gets TJ in the corner, as the ref breaks them up. Clean break from Jay. Lethal and Perkins lock hands as TJ tries to get Jay. TJ hooks the leg, but Jay powers out. Jay then forces TJ down, who is doing a bridge. TJ is flipping over Jay while locking hands. He flips as the two run the ropes. Jay hits a Backbreaker, pin but a kickout by TJ. Jay does a back suplex on TJ. He pins but a kick out. Lethal goes for a submission, but gets reversed in the Small Package. Pin, but kickout. Jay bounces of the ropes and hits TJ. Pin, but a kick out. TJ is whipped in the corner, and counters Jay with a double kick. Jay does a low Dropkick. Pin, but a kickout. TJ uses a standing Surfboard on Jay. He then rolls him up, but he kicks out. TJ does a Lateral Press, and pins but kickout. TJ is uppercutting Jay in the corner as Jay is fighting back. Jay stops himself from going in the corner. He goes top rope, but TJ knocks him down. Jay gets caught in the Tree of Woe, and TJ dropkicks Jay in the face. He pins Lethal, but a kickout.


Back from break as TJ is pulling the arm of Lethal. He drives TJ in the corner as he chops hit chest. They two are slapping and kicking in the middle of the ring. Lethal gets kicked and covered. Lethal kickout. TJ has a chinlock and Hammerlock double submission on, but Jay is hitting TJ in the gut. TJ goes for a kick but Jay moves. TJ then hits a Superkick, but so does Lethal. They are both on the mat as the ref is counting. They are back on their feet as the are using chops, uppercuts and forearms. Jay gets control over TJ buy kicking him out of the ring. Jay goes to dive but TJ dropkicks Jay out of the ring. TJ then goes to dive, but Jay is back who uses a Powerbomb. Pin, but kick out. The two are trading pins, but Jay hits the Lethal Combo. TJ kicks out, as Jay is going top rope. He point s to the heavens thinking to use an Elbow Drop, but TJ puts his foot up. TJ goes for the Detention Kick, but Jay gets out of it. TJ tries to get Jay, but he runs the ropes and hits a Lethal Injection on TJ.

Winner: The ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal

We see some exclusive footage of the Southern Defiance event from Spartanburg, S.C. and shows small clips of the fans and matches. It shows the interaction between the wrestlers and the fans as they sign autographs.


We are back as Kelly and Cornette are talking about the Main Event. Before that we will see highlights of a match between Adam Cole and Mike Bennett.

"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob vs. Adam Cole

Adam is attack Bennett with some fists in the corner. Mike runs towards Cole. He superkicks and German Sulexes Mike. Cole goes to jump for Bennett on the apron. Cole then hits ans Enziguri from the outside to Mike. Adam then does a Flying Crossbody to Mike Bennett. Pin, but kick out. Cole goes for the float over, but Bennett catches him and hits the TKO. Pin, but kick out. Bennett goes for the Box Office Smash, but Adam reverses. He then hits an Enziguri and a kick to the head. Pin, but kick out. Adam goes top rope, but gets caught in a Alabama Slam hold. Adam gets out of it and Sunset Flips over Mike. Pin, but a kickout. Adam is in the corner kicking Mike away, but he hits the Box Office Smash for the win.

Winner: "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett via pinfall


We are back from break with Kelly, Cornette and the General Manager of the local stations, Jack Connors. He announces ROH will be on twice a week, but we hear comments between The HOT and The WGTT.

Truth Martini says they have nothing more to prove. He says Roderick and Michael have proved time and time again that they have worked hard. Truth says he will not be responsible for The House of Truth defeating the WGTT. Haas is saying that their team name is deserving say they have wrestled all over the world, defeating the best. Benjamin says the beating they will give is not going to be "cute".

Proving Ground Match - The ROH World Tag Team Champions The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) vs. The House of Truth (Roderick Strong and "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin) w/ Truth Martini

The teams are announced, but first a commercial break.


The bell rings as Strong is attacking the ribs of Shelton. He is attacking Benjamin's ribs, but is put in a chinlock by Strong. Roderick runs Shelton in the corner and chops Benjamin in the chest. Shelton starts fighting back with chops of his own. He whips Roderick Strong in the corner as he dives on him. Pin, but kick out. He tags Haas as they both should Roderick. Haas pins, but Strong kicks out. Elgin is tagged in as the two stare down. They lock up as Elgin hits Haas. He goes to knock him down, but Dropkicks Elgin out of the ring. He gets back in and goes for a kick to Haas. He counters and tags Shelton. Shelton tries hitting but gets pushed in the corner, rib first. Tag to Strong as Shelton is fighting of HOT. Elgin then Scoop Slams Shelton down. Pin, but a kick out at 2. Elgin picks up Shelton and throws him in the corner.


Back from break as Roderick is tagged in. Strong is targeting the ribs and spears Shelton in the corner. Pin, but kick out. Strong has a chinlock on Shelton and tags Elgin. He runs and kicks Shelton, who then also puts on a chinlock. Elgin then hits a Back body drop. Pin, but kick out. Elgin then hits a Vertical Suplex. Pin, and a kick out by Shelton. Elgin picks up Shelton and Bear Hugs Shelton, crushing thew injured ribs. He then bends him to the mat with the hold still on. Kick out. He is picked back up, as he fights back. Power Slam from Elgin. Pin but a kick out. Strong is tagged in as he is stepping on the ribs of Shelton. Truth pulls Shelton's head on the ropes and is then thrown to the floor. HOT are both chopping Shelton on the outside. Elgin throws Shelton back in, as Strong pins. Kick out. Strong locks in a Head Lock, and Shelton is fight out. He hits Roderick but gets kneed in the gut. Roderick then hits a Gutbuster on Shelton. Pin, but kickout by Shelton. Roderick then locks in the Strong Hold. Shelton is crawling towards the ropes and succeeds. He is pulled to his feet as Roderick chops Shelton. He gets the Underarm Lock, but gets reversed by Shelton. Tag to Haas as he is fighting off Haas and Elgin. He hits the Belly to Belly to Elgin, and a failed pin attempt. Attempting another Suplex, Haas launches Elgin up. He then throws Strong. Elgin is fighting Haas, but Shelton superkicks Elgin. Haas then hits the Olympic Slam on Elgin. Pin, but a kick out. Elgin and Roderick are attacking Haas with a Reverse Enziguri, and an Elevated Backbreaker. Elgin hits a Spinning Sitout Slam on Haas. Pin but a kick out. The House are beating WGTT up as Roderick hits a Sick Kick. Pin but kick out. All four are now in the ring. as Elgin is reversed into a DDT by Haas. They then get Roderick in the Hot Shot. Truth then goes top rope, but gets nailed in the groin by the post. Another Slam from Elgin to Shelton and a TKO to Haas. He is going for a Moonsault, but is reversed into a German Suplex by Shelton. Pin, and WGTT are your winners.

Winners: The ROH World Tag Team Champions The World's Greatest Tag Team

Kelly and Cornette say next week will be Northern Aggression on Ring of Honor, and thank us for watching.

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