Ring of Honor Results (12/17/11) - Richards Defeats Elgin


Ring of Honor Results - Saturday, December 17, 2011
Results by: Adam W. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We are greeted by our announcers, Kevin Kelly and Nigel Guinness. The Main Event for tonight is a Proving Ground Match between Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin. But first we start with a video of "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards.

Eddie Edwards talks of his training with Dan Severn for his match against Davey Richards at Final Battle 2011, and how he will be the next ROH World Champion.

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. "Right Leg" Andy Ridge

Out comes "Right Leg" Andy Ridge to go up against Eddie Edwards. Edwards enters the ring and they start off in their respective corners. A handshake and the bell rings. They both start, and Edwards gets the upper-hand over Ridge. He powers him into the ropes, and breaks. They tie up, and Edwards takes him down. They both get up and lock up. Ridge and Edwards run the ropes and go for a series of kicks. They lock hands and Eddie powers Ridge to the ropes. He hits Ridge with a few chops, when Ridge counters with his own. Edwards kicks Andy, after he misses a kick and goes for a cover. Kick out, and back to the chops. Take down by Edwards and submission by Eddie. Edwards gets Ridge in the corner, and once again a huge chop. Whip by Eddie, and a kick from Ridge. Going for a Backpack Stunner, Ridge hits some elbows. Ridge gets the upper-hand with some kicks, and a running drop kick to the back of Edwards. A cover by Ridge, then an STF by Eddie. Andy grabs the ropes. Eddie gets Ridge up, and after a flip from Ridge, he kicks Eddie. A huge cutter from Ridge off the apron and an unsuccessful pin from Ridge. Eddie then locks in his new move, The Dragon Sleeper. Tap out by Andy Ridge and Die Hard is your winner.

Winner: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards via by submission


Back from break as Kelly speaks of the heat between WGTT and The Briscoes. Video of the chair shot to Shelton, and the fued between them building up and leading to a match at Final Battle 2011. They show the match between The Briscoes and the ANX. The Briscoes would then have to defeat ANX again, due to an illegal kick to the groin. The second time they won with a clean pin, getting a title shot. The ANX speak of being left out of the title picture. They then show WGTT coming in The Briscoe's match with Chairs against C&C. The Briscoes finally attack Shelton with a chair, causing the ANX to beat Haas at last week's ROH. A furious Haas challenges Dem Boys with or without Shelton.


Match card for Final Battle 2011, and the highlights of Davey winning the title is shown. His friendship with Edwards may be threatened at FB. Davey defended against Rodrick, and his big win over Rodrick is shown. Strong spits on Davey, and he takes down Rodrick. Now Rodrick takes out his frustration on Kyle O'Reilly. Truth Martini mocks Team Richards, and the big collision between House of Truth and Team Richards is shown. Davey says the match is going to be the fight of his career, and Eddie says he will be the next ROH World Champion. The American Wolves had a final tag team before Final Battle against House of Truth, and the Dragon Sleeper Edwards used in the match revealed his trainer to be Dan Severn.


Back from commercial for our main event against Micheal Elgin w/ Truth Martini against Davey Richards. Davey enters to the fans excitement. This is a Proving Ground Match, with a 20 minute time limit. Unbreakable and the ROH World Champion are announced, and we go to another commercial before this match begins.


Proving Ground Match: The ROH World Champion Davey Richards vs. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini

Back from commercial, and Unbreakable and The ROH Champ start off with a lock up. In the ropes and Elgin clean breaks. They once again tie up, and again in to ropes. Davey hits Elgin with a forearm, and Elgin pushes him. Out of the ring and back, Richards takes down Elgin with a low single submission. Then Davey locks a figure four, but Michael grabs the ropes. Break, and they both tie up. Wolf gets him in a headlock, but gets overpowered by Elgin. Going for a kick, Elgin picks Wolf up, but gets reversed. They run the ropes, and Wolf tries to lock in a surfboard, but stomps on the legs after Michael resists. Big kicks from Davey. Then after running the ropes, Davey gets hit by a spinning sitout side slam. Pin, but a kick out by Wolf. Out of the ring, Elgin slams Wolf's back against the apron. Forearm by Richards, and one from Elgin. At a 12 count, Elgin throws Wolf in the ring. With some yelling by Truth, the crowd gets behind Wolf. He then gets his eyes attacked by the nail's of Truth. A body slam after Wolf is back in the ring and a pin. Kick out by Wolf. Elgin pulls the arms with a knee on the spine, and Davey overpowers him. Davey then gets kicked. Out on the apron, he gets kicked by Elgin and falls to the floor. A Suicide Dive by Davey, as the crowd comes alive. One final break before the match continues.


After commercial, they attack with some forearms. An Enziguri by Wolf, and Elgin is out of the ring. A huge slam to Wolf by Elgin, as Davey gets counted. Elgin gloats, and Davey slowly climbs his way to the ring. He gets in, and Elgin is furious. Elgin yells at Wolf, and Davey spits in Elgin's face. but took a knee to the jaw. A unique slam by Elgin, and a pin. Kick out, but Elgin hits a Cradle Driver and pins. Kick out, and Davey is about to be power bombed. Davey fights it, and stomps on his chest in retaliation. Davey gets back up, as they get in the corner. Elgin to the top rope, and a big chop to Elgin's chest. Davey goes up for a superplex but Elgin fights it. Wolf refuses to go down and hits a few headbutts. Going back to the top, he hits a big Superplex to Elgin. They both attempt to get up, and Elgin is angry. Taking kicks to the head, Elgin unleashes his fury with some forearms. They are both down, as they are counted. Back up they continue with their kicks and forearms. Davey kicks Elgin in the corner, and breaks after the ref counts him. Elgin goes for a clothesline, but a German suplex by Davey into a bridging pin, but a kick out. Davey gets his leg pulled by Truth, but he pulls his leg out. Then an Alarm Clock by Wolf to Elgin. Davey nearly decapitates Truth with a punt to the head and goes top rope. Then a stomp to Elgin's chest by Davey. After a kick out, Davey kicks Elgin in the head and puts him in an arm bar. Elgin tries reversing, but to no avail. Finally, Elgin picks up Davey and goes for a powerbomb, but then reversed by Davey's sunset flip. Wolf then pins Elgin for a three count.

Winner: Davey Richards via pinfall

After the match, Michael Elgin is attacking Davey, while Truth holds the belt above his head. Edwards enters the ring for the save and takes the belt from Truth. Aiming for Elgin, he misses and hits Davey in the head with the belt causing Davey to snap and tackle Edwards. Die Hard reverses with a Dragon Sleeper, as Davey taps. Foreshadowing their match at Final Battle? A brawl breaks out between Edwards and Davey that lasts for a few minutes. Finally, they are both constrained. Edwards then leaves the ring as the show ends.

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