Ring of Honor Results (12/24/11) - Season's Beatings!


Ring of Honor Results - (12/24/11)
Results by: Adam W. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Merry Christmas Eve and welcome to this week's Ring of Honor!

We start the show of with Kevin Kelly telling us the stars are spending time with their family's and that we will get to see some memorable matches of 2011.

ROH World Television Championship Match - El Generico (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Lock up, and Generico spins around getting Lethal's arm. Lethal then gets Generico's arm but an armdrag from El. Jay gets in the corner, and El Generico plays off to the crowd. They lock up again, and Lethal gets Generico in a waist lock, but Generico counters. Lethal, showing some sportsmanship, picks up Generico after he falls. Lock up, and a waist lock from Generico. Snapmare and dropkick to the back of the head of Generico from Jay. In the corner, Generico gets chopped. In the middle of the ring, an impressive cartwheel and dropkick by Lethal. Pin, but a kick out. Backbreaker by Jay, but another kick out. Snapmare and a unique leg lock on Generico. Generico is freed, and Jay pins. Then a kickout at two by Generico. Uppercut from Jay, after a slap by El, and a failed pin attempt. Jay goes down for a head lock on Generico. Generico breaks free and fights back with some punches to the head. Lethal hits a drop kick, and pins. Kick out by Lethal. Jay gets Generico up, and they hit some rights and lefts. Running the ropes he hits Lethal with some impressive counters. Then Generico hits a nice armdrag on Jay. Generico is thinking high risk and does a huge dive on Lethal out on the floor.


Back from break with a failed pin attempt from Generico. He gets up, as Jay struggles on the apron. Generico goes for Lethal, but hits a shoulder into the stomach of Lethal. Then Jay hits a sunset flip into a pin. Kick out by Generico. Jay is getting the crowd behind him with some punches to the gut of El. He gets Lethal down with a punch. Lethal does an impressive handstand bounce elbow to Generico. They are up, and fight with some punches to the head. Chop by Lethal which knocks down El. Generico goes into the corner after Jay pushes him in, and Lethal goes top rope. Dropkick and pin, but kick out by El Generico. Lethal runs the ropes but gets hit by an elbow. Generico then gets thrown up in the air, and gets hit by a neckbreaker. Pin, and kick out. We are reminded that we have 2 minutes remaining, Lethal fights against Generico, going for a powerbomb. Generico hits a Tornado DDT from the corner. Pin but a kick out, as the people chant "Ole!". Generico hits Lethal with a Blue Thunder, and a kick out by Lethal. Going for a Yakuza Kick, Lethal blocks and rolls him up. Kick out with 15 seconds remaining. Lethal goes for a Lethal Injection, but gets countered by some elbows. The time expires, and the match ends in a draw, or so we think. The two wrestlers are talking to the ref for more time, as Jim Cornette comes out. He tells them they have about 3 minutes left. We continue the match as they are going crazy with punches. Lethal hits a forearm, and clotheslines Generico in the corner. Yakuza Kick by Generico, and a German suplex. Pin, but kick out. Generico is getting Lethal in the corner for a brainbuster, but a suplex by Lethal. He goes top rope and goes for an elbow. Generico kicks Lethal in the face and once again goes for a brainbuster. Finally, he hits the elbow. Pin, but a kick out at 2. They are struggling to get up, and Generico throws Lethal in the corner. Superkick and a Lethal Combo to Generico, and we have a winner.

Winner and the NEW ROH World Television Champion: Jay Lethal via pinfall


We are back as Kelly talks of driven superstars. We learn how Eddie Edwards gets his nickname Die Hard. He says because of his persistence, and determination. He shows how he broke his elbow, but still had a match the next day after being told not to wrestle. He retained his Tag Titles with Davey Richards, even thought he couldn't move his arm. He was told he would be out for six months, but he was back in 9 weeks. They started chanting Die Hard, and he said it meant a lot to him. "It doesn't matter how hard you hit or how hard you can get hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep going".

Now, we learn about WGTT, and how they were bred to wrestle and deserve to be champions." It's a test of your talent and athleticism" says Shelton. They both have amateur backgrounds and the athletic accolades of each of their careers' are shown; but most important they are Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions. They say ROH fans are critical, and that comparing ROH and WWE is like comparing apples to oranges. They say that the Tag Team Championships are the most meaningful titles that they have held as a team. In response to The Briscoes saying the time of WGTT is up. They reply with a "Screw you!" as the WGTT feel they are still the best.


Back from commercial as we are in the midst of a match between WGTT and KOW.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match - The World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) (c) vs. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli)

We start off with Shelton getting beaten by Claudio, and throws Shelton in the corner. CC gets kicked as Shelton tries to tag Haas. Hero tries to stop him, but gets thrown over the ropes. Kick to CC's head, and Hero pulls Haas before he can tag Shelton. Some tag moves by KOW, and a failed pin. CC hits Shelton in frustration, and a tag to Hero. A Senton, and pin by Hero but kick out. Kicking Shelton, Hero furiously stomps on Benjamin's cranium. Tag to CC, and they both pull Shelton's legs. Another tag to Hero, and a hamstring pull again. Pin, but kick out. Shelton hits Hero, but gets flattened by Hero. Tag to CC, and they go for a Double suplex, but a Double neckbreaker to the KOW by Shelton. A hot tag to Haas as he fights the Kings. Haas does a nice Huricanrana to CC, and a German suplex to Hero. A T-Bone Suplex to CC, but a failed pin attempt. In the corner another Huricanrana and a big boot. Pin by Haas, but a kick out. Off the ropes, Haas gets thrown down by CC as he knocks Shelton off the apron. A KTFO by Hero, and a kick out by Haas. Hero is looking frustrated as he takes of his elbow pad. A huge running smash to Haas, and then a rolling elbow. CC tagged is in, and goes for the Helicopter Crash, and a kick out by Haas. CC gets Haas up, and a tag to Hero. Claudio and Hero go for a tag move but a Spear from Shelton. Hero goes for a rolling elbow on Haas but he moves and Shelton hits a superkick on Hero. They smash CC's back, and then a Wrestling's Greatest Finisher to Hero.

Winners and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions: The World's Greatest Tag Team via pinfall


Back from commercial as we are greeted by Mark and Jay, The Briscoe Brothers coming to the ring. They are getting a rematch vs the ANX due to the controversy of the last match. Then Rhett and Kenny enter the ring, as they prepare for their match. Who ever wins gets a Tag Team Championship match at Final Battle.

#1 Contenders Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships - The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) vs. The All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King)

They break out fighting as ANX gets the upper hand over The Briscoes. Tag to Rhett, as he kicks Mark. In the corner, Titus hits a huge chop. Irish Whip to the corner, but then gets kicked and has his head driven into the turnbuckle. Mark gets thrown in the corner and a tag to King. He hits Mark in the corner and a pin, but a kickout by Mark. The ANX is getting the upper hand,when King hits an assisted jumping clothesline to Mark and a pin. Kick out and King tags Rhett. Titus bodydrops Mark. The ANX are furiously beating up Mark. Tag from Jay to Mark as he goes off the ropes. Jay now gets King in the corner, as he punches his head.


Back as Jay goes for a Jay Driller, and King gets out of it. Tag to Rhett after a tumble and Titus gets The Briscoes leveled. Rhett goes for a dropkick to Jay, then King knees the gut of Jay, and ends the sequence with another dropkick. Mark stops the pin. Jay fights King, and Mark fights Rhett to prevent him from going top rope. One-handed Spinebuster to King as Dem Boys turn their attention to Rhett. Snake Eyes by Rhett, as he is hit in the opposite corner on the top rope. Then a huge cutter from Mark Briscoe. Kenny King enters the ring but gets DDT'd. They are all down, but Rhett goes for a powerbomb to Mark, who then signals for Jay. He hits Mark with a Doomsday Device, which Mark counters into a Frankenstiener and a pin.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders for the ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Briscoes via pinfall

We end the show with Kevin Kelly wishing us a happy holiday, and that the next episode of Ring of Honor would be the New Year's edition. Kevin thanks us as the show finishes.

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