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Ring of Honor Results (12/31/11) - Ending 2011 With a Bang

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Ring of Honor Results - (12/31/11)
Results by: Adam W. of

Happy New Year, and welcome to this week's Ring of Honor; the last show of 2011. We have another recap show, this week for Davey Richards' best matches of 2011. Kevin Kelly greets us, and once again says the wrestlers are spending time with their families. We will go back to Richards vs. Strong.

ROH World Championship Match - Davey Richards (c) vs. Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini

The bell rings, as the two grab each other. Davey pushes Strong to the ropes, with a clean break. They grapple once more as Strong gets Davey's arm. They reverse some arm stretches as Roderick gets the hammerlock on Davey. Wolf gets Strong in the corner, and Strong slaps Davey in the face. They grapple,m and they share an impressive share of reversals. They once again lock up, as Wolf runs the ropes. He gets a cover, but a kick out.Davey gets Strong in a submission. He rolls Strong in a pin, but a kick out. Strong does the same move, and goes for a pin, but a kick out. Davey does an armdrag on Strong, and gets him in a hammerlock. Strong gets Davey in the ropes, as he hits some elbows and a chop. He runs the ropes to hit Davey, but Wolf hits a dropkick. Davey goes for an Ankle Lock, but Strong goes to the outside. He dives for Strong but misses. They are on the floor as Davey hits Strong with kicks to the chest. Strong then throws Davey in the barricade. They then trade chops as Davey goes on the floor. He gets picked up and gets his whip reversed by Davey and thrown in the barricade. Davey then hits Strong with a huge kick to the head. They try to get in the ring, as Strong pulls Davey's neck on the ropes. He gets in the ring, and sizes up Davey in the corner with some corner stomps. He grabs Davey and goes top rope, but Davey retaliates with an Enziguri. Davey then goes top rope, but Roderick Strong hits an Enziguri on Davey. A pin by Strong, but a kick out.


We return as Strong hits a big Side Slam to Davey. Pin, but kick out. Davey is getting slapped around by strong, but Davey hits a German Suplex to Roderick Strong. They are both getting up as Strong hits a forearm to Davey. They then trade forearms with each other as Davey ends it with a few kick to Strong. He gets his whip reversed by Strong and throws him over the ropes, and kicks Strong whose on the outside. Davey goes on the apron, and punts Strong right in the head. He then dives to Roderick on the outside. Davey does on the top and hits a Missile Dropkick. A pin, but kick out by Strong. They are getting up as Strong kicks a running Davey in the corner. Davey once again trades forearms with Davey who hits Strong with some slaps. He runs into Strong and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Pin, but kick out. Davey then gets Roddy in the gut, but gets hit in the face. Davey hits a running Roderick in the corner, and he retaliates with a Scoop Slam. Pin, but kick out. Roderick looks to slam Davey but he reverses with a Crucifix Pin. Kick out, and a roll up by Davey. Kick from Davey, now they are on the outside apron trading blows. Strong then picks up Davey, and smashes him against the apron. He throws Wolf in the ring and goes for the pin, but a kick out. Strong is getting Davey up, and gets kneed in the gut. Kick and Enziguri by Strong but and Enziguri by Davey. Then a Lariat by Davey. They are both down as Martini is calling for Roderick. They crowd is cheering for Davey. They get to their feet, and they once again trade forearms. Davey hits once more, as Strong hits a chop. Now they are trading chops and kicks, by Strong and Davey, respectfully. Davey is kicking Strong in the corner, as Strong reverses, but gets kicked once more. He runs Davey in the corner and hits an Enziguri. He then hits a Gut Buster and pins. Kick out. They get up as Strong goes for a suplex, who gets hit with a knee. Davey gets Roddy up on the top rope, and Davey hits a Suplerplex and Falcon Arrow. He locks in the Ankle Lock as Rodrick hits a huge knee to Davey's face. He goes for a Gut Buster, but gets reversed by Davey into another Ankle Lock. Martini gets the Ref, as Davey hits the Damage Reflex on Strong. He throws Truth out of the ring, as Strong hits Davey with a Sick Kick, and locks in the Strong Hold. Roderick spits on Davey, as he gets furious and kicks Strong. Strong then gets put in the Ankle Lock, and submits.

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Davey Richards via submission


We are back as we see the meaning of the ROH Title to Davey Richards and Roderick Strong. He talks how he had alot of women and money from it. Davey said winning the title meant closure to him. Him and Grandparents would watch wrestling, as his sick Grandpa would come alive. He got the call that his Grandpa was dieing, as he rushed to the hospital to thank him for the man he made him. Also, in Japan, he got the call his Grandma died. He said it's a connection between his Grandparents, and said they would be proud of him.


We return, as Kevin Kelly tells us Strong got frustrated at his lose to Davey.

Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs. Kyle O'Reilly

We start in the ending of the match as Kyle has Strong in a Guillotine Choke. He gets on the match, and it counts as a pin, but he kicks out. Strong hits the high knee, and hits Kyle with the Sick Kick. Pin, and Strong wins.

Winner - Roderick Strong via pinfall

Truth is in the ring after the match mocking Team Richards saying they produce losers. The House of Truth come in the ring, and attack Kyle. Kozina comes in for the save and gets attacked by HOT. Davey runs in but they are all getting attacked. Edwards comes in the ring, and Richards is back on his feet. A brawl breaks out, as The American Wolves double Alarm Clock Truth Martini. This will lead to The American Wolves vs. The House of Truth.


The American Wolves (ROH World Champion Davey Richards and "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards) vs. The House of Truth (Roderick Strong and "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin) w/ Truth Martini

In the midst of the match, Elgin is getting kicked by Davey as Eddie tags himself in. He hits Elgin with a chop in the corner. Elgin hits Eddie with some chops as he tags Strong. Strong is working on Eddie as he is stomping on him. He gets in in a chin lock, and throws him in the corner. Elgin gets tagged in as he hits Eddie with a forearm. Elgin gets in Davey's corner as he repeatedly hits Micheal with kicks to the chest. He goes for the Damage Reflex, but Elgin hits an Argentine Backbreaker. Strong gets tag, and Davey and Strong hit some forearms. Roddy hits a kick, and pins. Kick out and tag to Elgin. He chops Davey in the corner. Pin, but Davey grabs the ropes. He then hits Davey with a forearm. Another pin, but a kick out. Tag from Elgin to Strong as they bounce Davey in the ropes. Eddie blind tags, as Richards throws the two over the top rope. They kick them both and both do a Suicide Dive. Eddie is in the ring with Strong, and kicks Strong in the back. Pin, but kick out. Eddie then gets Strong in the corner as he hits some chops. He gets Roddy in the opposite corner, and hits the Backpack Stunner. Then he locks in the Achilles Lock. Strong goes to the apron, as Eddie gets attacked by Elgin. He then smashes Eddie's back against the apron.


Back from break as the match continues. Elgin and Strong are fighting Eddie in the middle of the ring, as Davey comes in with a Double Missile Dropkick. The Wolves are getting the upper hand against HOT. Davey cleans out the ring, as Davey rolls up Elgin. Before he pins, he Suplexes Strong and suplexes him. Pin, but a kick out. Davey then throws Elgin in the corner as he gets kicked by Eddie, and Suplexed by Davey. A failed pin attempt by Davey. The Wolves then go top rope, but Elgin shoves Eddie to the outside, and hits Davey with a Spinning Sitout Sideslam. Pin, but a near fall. Both teams are then in the ring hitting each other in every corner. Elgin then picks up both Wolves and throws them both. They are all back in the ring trading shots. Elgin against Eddie, and Davey against Strong. Strong is sent to the outside, as Eddie throws Elgin into Davey's Alarm Clock. They both Double Stomp Elgin's back, and Davey pins but a kick out. Strong and Eddie are fighting on the outside as Elgin hits Davey with a Powerbomb, and pins. Kick out by Davey. Truth is arguing with the ref on the outside distracting him from the pin by Elgin. Eddie then jumps back in the ring and locks in the Dragon Sleeper on Elgin. Davey then crawls towards Elgin and pins, as he wins one for the team.

Winners: The American Wolves via pinfall

Kevin Kelly wishes us a Happy New Year, and thanks us for watching this week's show.

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