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Ring of Honor Results (2/18/12) - The Briscoe's Retribution?

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Ring of Honor Results - (2/18/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We start the show with highlight's of last week's match between Eddie Edwards and Kyle O"Reilly. As the match goes on, Kelly and McGuinness speak of the animosity between the two. We also see the formation of Ring of Honor's newest tag team, Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole.

In the ring, we are greeted by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. They are speaking of the challenge issued by Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole, last week. Kevin Kelly says Team Ambition has accepted their challenge, making it official. At Young Wolves Rising, ROH's 10th Anniversary iPPV, it will be Team Ambition taking on "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole. Kevin Kelly continues to say that we wont have a main event tonight because of Shelton Benjamin's suspension last week. Shelton was suspended last week because he refused to pay his $5000 fine. Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring. Charlie takes the mic from Kevin, and begins to justify Shelton's actions. Haas starts to blame Kevin Kelly, Jim Cornette and The Briscoes for Shelton's suspension. Haas continues, saying he wont deprive the fans from seeing him wrestle. Haas declares that The Briscoes come to the ring. Mark gets a mic and tells Haas their is nothing between them other than air and opportunity. Haas understands, and contemplates who he should face. Charlie says he can pick "the one who talks to much" or "the dumb one who can't talk." Jim Cornette comes in the ring, trying to bring some sanity to the dispute. Haas decides to face Mark Briscoe, with Jay Briscoe being handcuffed to the ring post. Jim Cornette says if The Briscoes approve it will be official. Mark accepts the challenge, and Jim Cornette wishes him luck.


We are shown highlights of Kevin Steen interrupting Mike Mondo and Matt Taven's match last week, as he hits both competitors with the F-5.

"Right Leg" Andy Ridge makes his way to the ring. Kevin Steen waltz down to the ring, high-fiving the fans in a nonchalant manner.

Kevin Steen vs. "Right Leg" Andy Ridge

The two shake hands, but Steen immediately begins the assault with a Lariat. Kevin continues to assault Andy, until he throws Ridge to the floor. Ridge begins to fight back with a couple fists, but Kevin grabs Ridge. Andy is thrown into the barricade, back first, courtesy of Kevin Steen. Kevin picks Andy back up, as Kevin gets punched in the face. Kevin retaliates with a headbutt to Andy. Steen picks up a dazed Ridge and throws him back in the ring. Steen continues the beat down, as he kicks Andy in the head. Andy manages to chop Kevin in the chest, but gets pushed to the mat. Kevin throws Andy in the corner and starts to deliver chops to him. Kevin gets Andy in another corner and charges towards him, but Andy gets his feet up. Ridge then floats over Steen, and starts to kick Steen in the thigh. Andy delivers a kick to Steen's mid-section, bending Steen over. Andy seizes the opportunity, and connects with a Running Dropkick. Kevin is knocked into the corner as Andy is kicking Steen's side. Andy then hits a Yakuza Kick to the temple of Kevin Steen. Andy goes onto the apron and goes for Steen, but is elbowed to the outside. Kevin goes to the outside and picks up Andy. Andy's back meets the apron with a devastating Powerbomb. Steen rolls a limp Ridge back in the ring, and puts Andy on his shoulders. Kevin connects with an F-5, for the win.

Winner: Kevin Steen via pinfall

After the match, Steen attempts to hit Andy with The Package Piledriver. The ref stops Kevin, but he goes for it again. Steve Corino runs in the ring and locks eyes with Steve. Kevin gets Corino in a Package Piledriver position, but Jimmy Jacobs runs in and beats down Steen. Security and referees come in the ring to separate them, as Jimmy grabs a mic. Jacobs says he has been beaten up, beaten down and bleed more times than he can count, but continues to fight. He then challenges Kevin Steen in a match, where the two most evil men in pro wrestling will face. Steen accepts Jacob's challenge, and walks back to the locker room.


Veda Scott is backstage interviewing Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly. Davey says that he is sick and tired of the games. He says that he is done with the brotherhood, wolves and Eddie Edwards. Richards says at Young Wolves Rising, their will be four arms and legs broken. Kyle interjects and says their will also be two heads for him to kick off. Kyle then says Adam Cole is blind, and doesn't see Eddie for who he truly is. Kyle doesn't want to, but feels he must defeat his former tag partner to prove a point. Davey says that they will show no mercy.

Mike Mondo and Matt Taven make their way to the ring, who were opponents at last week's show. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole make their way into the ring.

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole vs. Mike Mondo and Matt Taven

Both teams shake hands and the bell rings. Cole and Taven lock up, as Adam knocks down Taven with a shoulder off the ropes. Both men are bouncing off the ropes, with corresponding leapfrogs. Taven does an Armdrag to Cole, as Adam does the same. Cole pins Taven in a cradle position, but a kick out at two. Cole and Taven then both do a dropkick, and have a stand off. Mondo reaches over and tags himself in. Mondo and Cole lock up, as Mondo picks up Adam. Mondo Body Slams Cole and elbows Eddie off of the apron. Cole sits Mondo on the top rope, and Eddie kicks Mondo in the head. Mondo is tied in the Tree of Woe, as both men Dropkick Mondo. Eddie is tagged in and begins to chop Mondo. Mike tags Taven. They two begin to trade chops in the middle of the ring. Eddie goes for a Springboard Moonsault, but Matt rolls away. Mondo once again tags himself in. Mondo starts to stomp Eddie's chest, in the corner. Mike hits Eddie with a Suplex and pins Edwards. Kick out by Die Hard. Mondo hits Eddie with a Legdrop and pins again. Kick out by Eddie. Edwards is whipped in the corner, but chops Mondo down. Eddie goes top rope, and hits a Codebreaker to Mondo. Eddie tags Cole. Cole hits a Diving Crossbody to Matt Taven. Cole then knocks Mondo off the apron. Cole hits and Enziguri to Taven, and hits him with a Neckbreaker. Mondo gets to the apron, but collides with a running Taven. Cole then capitalizes and hits a Bridging German Suplex for the win.

Winners: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole via pinfall

After the match, Mondo and Taven begin to argue about the finish. Mondo then hits a Double Underhook DDT to Matt, and walks away pouting.


Inside ROH:

  • Highlights in The Briscoes and The House of Truth's match last week. The Briscoes stole the check and Truth Martini was not happy about it, so stopped payment to the checks.
  • The Young Bucks are signed to face The Briscoes at Young Wolves Rising for The ROH World Tag Team Championships. The Young Bucks say they will walk out the champs, but not before humorously calling The Briscoes "dorks," "dweebs" and "losers."
  •  Jay Lethal will take on Tommaso Ciampa at Young Wolves Rising for The ROH Television Championship. Embassy Ltd. is talking of bringing the title to them. Tommaso says he will remain undefeated at Young Wolves Rising. Before that match, The ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal will take on Davey Richards for The ROH World Championship, next week.


Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring with a pair of handcuffs. The Briscoes make their way to the ring, Jay holding The ROH World Tag Team Champions.

1/2 of The ROH World Tag Team Champions Mark Briscoe, with a handcuffed Jay Briscoe vs. Charlie Haas


The bell rings, as the two begin trading blows. Haas quickly rolls to the floor, but Mark dives over the top rope onto Charlie. Mark rolls Haas back in the ring and pins. Kick out by Haas. Mark kicks Haas down to the mat, as he goes top rope. Haas gets to his feet and pushes Mark to the floor. Mark gets back in the ring, as Haas hits a German Suplex to Mark. Pin, but a kick out. Haas heavily whips Mark in the corner and pins, but a kick out. Haas shoulders Mark in the corner and hits an Underhook Suplex. Pin by Haas, but a kick out. Haas has a Bearhug locked to Mark, but Mark fights out. Mark is sent to the apron by Haas, and goes for a Sunset Flip, but Haas moves. Haas hits a Back Suplex to Mark on the barricade. Haas is provoking Jay on the outside as he gets back in the ring. Mark gets up and hits an Enziguri to Haas. Mark starts hitting hooks to Haas in the corner. Mark gets Haas in the corner and hits a John Woo Kick to Haas. Pin by Mark, but a kick out. Mark hits a Vertical Suplex to Haas and goes top rope. Mark hits Haas with a Froggy Bow, a Frogsplash Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Mark is asking Jay for advice, and turns to Haas. Haas then hits Mark with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Haas goes for the Olympic Slam, but Mark rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Frustrated, Haas hits Mark with two Olympic Slams. Haas gets a chair, and goes to hit Jay who is still handcuffed to the ring. Mark gets hit in the face with the chair, trying to save his brother. Charlie runs in the crowd and grabs a mic from the announce table. Haas pays for both Shelton's fine and his with two wads of 5K. He then says to him, The Briscoes are dead.

Next week, we will see Davey Richards defend his ROH World Champion against the current ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!
-Adam W.

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