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Ring of Honor Results (2/25/12) - Champion vs. Champion

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Ring of Honor Results - (2/25/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We see highlights from last week's episode, where Charlie Haas comes into the ring, calling out The Briscoes. After The Briscoes accept his match, Haas orders Jay is handcuffed to the ring, because he doesn't trust him. Spots from Mark Briscoe against Charlie Haas are shown. Mark makes the roll up on Haas, winning the match. After the match, Charlie hits Mark with the Olympic Slam twice. When he goes to hit a handcuffed Jay with a chair, Mark takes the shot. Haas keeps the key and walks up to the announce table. Haas pays off his fine, as well as Shelton Benjamin's. Charlie then tells The Briscoes, to him, they're dead.

In the ring, we are greeted by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. They say that our first match up will be a tag team match between The Young Bucks and Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander. Nigel says we will see thoughts from both teams about the upcoming match.

The Young Bucks say they will use Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander as stepping stones towards the tag team titles. On March 4th, they will take on The Briscoes for The ROH World Tag Team Championships. Matt Jackson appropriately call CC & CA nerds. The Young Bucks say they will beat The Briscoes, like they do to Caprice and Cedric.

Cedric says they are fighting for their opportunity, and when shown one they will capitalize. Caprice says it has been a long time coming, and finally they will have their chance to get in the Championship picture.

Cedric and Caprice make their way to the ring, preparing for their match. The Young Bucks make their way to the ring, welcomed by the crowd's boos.

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

Cedric and Matt start off the match as the bell rings. Matt kicks Cedric in the stomach and quickly beats Alexander down. Matt thinks Cedric is down, and when he turns his back Cedric is waiting. Matt turns around and is greeted by a chop. Cedric hits a Hurricanrana to Matt, forcing him down to the mat. Cedric then hits a dropkick to Matt, forcing him to the corner. Cedric tags in Caprice, as he jumps in the ring. Caprice throws Matt into Cedric, who hits a forearm to Jackson's face. Cedric goes back onto the apron, but not for long. He jumps back in the ring, as does Nick. Matt knocks Caprice to the floor and whips Cedric in the corner. Matt hits a running forearm, and Nick hits an Enziguri from behind. Matt then goes top rope and hits a Double Stomp to Cedric's back. Nick then jumps off the apron, and takes down Caprice. Cedric jumps onto Nick, off the apron. Nick attempts a Backflip off the apron to CC & CA, but misses. Cedric and Matt are back in the ring, trading punches. Cedric is fighting off Matt in the ring, but Matt pushes Alexander in the corner. Tag to Nick, as he prevents Cedric from tagging. Nick locks Cedric in a submission, and tags Matt. Matt kicks Cedric, and both Bucks are in the ring. Matt and Nick lock hands, and try to hit a Double Lariat to Cedric. Cedric rolls under their arms, and tags his partner. Cedric throws Nick to the floor, and Matt in the corner. Coleman runs into Matt with his back, and does a Tigersault onto Nick. The Bucks go for More Bang For Your Buck, but Caprice throws Matt off. Cedric goes top rope to hit Matt, but misses. Matt then Superkicks Caprice in the head. Dazed, Caprice tries to Superkick Matt, but Jackson catches his leg. Nick then Superkicks Caprice. They hit More Bang For Your Buck, and score a victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) via pinfall

Embassy Ltd. is backstage talking of Tommaso Ciampa's match at Young Wolves Rising against Jay Lethal for The ROH TV Title. Ciampa challenges Lethal to be a man. Ciampa says he will remain undefeated, and defeat Jay Lethal for the Championship. Tommaso then says he will be the only undefeated champion in ROH history.


Kevin Kelly is in the ring, welcoming The ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes as his guests. They enter the ring, ready to deliver a message to their opponents in the coming weeks. Jay says it will be "DemBoys" against "DemLadyBoys" at Young Wolves Rising. Jay then says The Bucks shouldn't take it the wrong way because after The Briscoes beat The Bucks, they will be their personal b--ches. Jay then speaks of The House of Truth, saying they won $5000 in their match up. Jay is very frustrated at Truth Martini for cancelling the money, and when they face at Showdown in the Sun, they will whoop their a--es. Jay says when they face The World's Greatest Tag Team in Florida, someone will leave in a body bag. "Man Up" chants fill the arena.


Inside ROH:

  • Kevin Steen made his return last week, defeating Andy Ridge in a one sided match. Steen attempted his Piledriver, but Corino faces off with Steen. Before Steen can Piledrive Corino, Jimmy Jacobs makes the save. Jacobs then challenges Steen to a match, saying two of the most evil men in wrestling will clash.
  • Jimmy Jacobs says he was trying to help Steen, thinking he was on a path of redemption. When Steen Piledrove him, evil triumphed. Jacobs says he may need to fight evil with evil, but questions if there will even be a winner.
  • Kevin Steen says he wishes Jimmy Jacobs will make him bleed, so he can see the bleakness of his career as a company boy. Steen says he can't wait to defeat Jimmy, and teach him a lesson Kevin expected him to know.
  • Rhett Titus says he is finally recovered, and has his eyes set for The Young Bucks. Before he can get redemption, he and Kenny King will face World's Greatest Tag Team at Young Wolves Rising. Kenny King says they will still go after The Young Bucks, but first goes for WGTT.
  • Next week, Roderick Strong will face Eddie Edwards where the winner will receive a title match for the ROH World Championship. Truth says he knows Strong will win, because of his guidance.


Veda Scott is backstage interviewing Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole about the Main Event later tonight. They are asked who will win the match between Davey Richards and Jay Lethal. Edwards says Davey could win, if he isn't distracted about their tag match at Young Wolves Rising. Edwards says if Davey isn't A game, Lethal will surely get a victory.

Jay Lethal makes his way to the ring. Davey Richards makes his way to the ring, but before the match there is a break.


ROH World Championship Match: Davey Richards (c) vs. ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal

The two shake hands, as the bell rings. Lethal gets Richards in a Waistlock, but Davey elbows out. Before Davey can move, Lethal hits a Snapmare. Davey quickly gets a Hammerlock in, as Jay climbs for the bottom rope. Jay gets a hold of the bottom rope, and Davey breaks. Richards extends his hand and Lethal up. Jay gets Davey's head in a Side Headlock, but Davey pushes Jay down to the mat. Richards gets Lethal in an Inverted Surfboard, as Lethal struggles to get out. Davey rolls Jay on his back for a pin, but Lethal rolls it into an Inverted Surfboard. Lethal then rolls up Davey, who kicks out. They are both up, and are both being cheered. The two lock hands, but Davey kicks Lethal in the stomach. Lethal runs the ropes and does a Sunset Flip to Davey. Richards kicks out. Davey then pins Lethal, but a kick out. Lethal rolls over onto Davey, but Richards bridges up. The two lock eyes.They once again lock hands, but Lethal kicks Davey in the gut. Lethal does a cartwheel, and Dropkicks Davey in the face. Pin, but a kick out by Richards. Lethal chops Davey in the corner, as he whips him into the opposite corner. Davey runs towards Lethal, who does a float over. Davey hits a dropkick to Lethal, as he gets knocked down. Davey locks in an Indian Deathlock, with a bridge. Lethal grabs the bottom rope, in desperation. Lethal hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker to Davey, and follows with a Russian Legsweep. Lethal locks in an Armbar, but Davey reverses it into a Horse Collar. Lethal gets the bottom rope, and Davey breaks once more. Davey runs towards a cornered Lethal, but Jay puts a leg up. Davey runs into the leg, and falls to the mat. Jay then hits a Spinning Calf Kick to Davey, knocking him down. Pin, but a kick out by Davey. Davey is hit with a Back Suplex, and pinned. Kick out by Davey. Tommaso Ciampa comes to the outside of the ring with a chair, with the intentions of watching the match.


Jay whips Davey from the corner, as Davey runs into the turnbuckle. Davey is on the apron, and gets his head smashed into the corner by Lethal. Jay runs the ropes and speed towards him, but Davey pulls the ropes down. Davey then punts Lethal in the head, putting him out. Davey gets back in the ring, and hits Jay with a Suicide Dive. Davey throws Jay back in the ring, as he points to Ciampa. Ciampa gets up looking to fight. As Davey turns back to Ciampa, Kyle O'Reilly enters the arena preventing Davey from getting into trouble. Jay hits a Running Crossbody to Davey. Lethal then hits a Spinning Calf Kick to Davey. Richards throws Jay into the ropes and Jay hits a Springboard Elbow. Pin, but a kick out by Davey. Richards runs toward Lethal, but Davey gets hit by a Lethal Combination. Pin, but a kick out by Davey. The House of Truth then comes outside of the locker room to the ring, looking on. Jay goes top rope, but gets hit by Davey in the gut. Richards gets on the rope with Lethal, and starts to elbow Lethal's arm. Davey hits a big Superplex to Lethal. Davey then locks in an Arm Breaker to Jay. Lethal grabs the bottom ropes, as Davey breaks the hold. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole come to the ring, as they are there to also look on. Davey begins to kick Lethal, who is on his knees. Lethal stands up, and begins to fight back. The crowd goes wild, as Davey goes for an Alarm Clock. Lethal catches his leg, and Richards goes for another Armbreaker. Davey gets rolled up, but he kicks out. Lethal Superkicks Davey in the head, as he gets kicked by Davey in the stomach. They are both down, as the crowd chants the two to their feet. Just as Davey goes top rope, all the teams begin brawling on the outside. Lethal hits an Elbow Drop, and pins Davey. Kick out by Richards. Lethal goes for The Lethal Injection, but Elgin throws Adam Cole into Lethal. Jay capitalizes and hits Lethal with a Roundhouse Kick. Pin by Davey for the win.

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Davey Richards via pinfall

After the match, Davey shows great admiration for Jay. The two shake hands, as Tommaso is yelling on the outside to the two.

Next week, we will see Eddie Edwards take on Roderick Strong in a #1 Contenders Match.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!
-Adam W.

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