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Ring Of Honor Results (2/4/12) - Bennett's Lethal Dose

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Ring of Honor Results - (2/4/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! The show starts of showing highlights of a Triple Threat Match between Jay Lethal, El Generico and Mike Bennett for the TV Title. This highlight is to hype tonight's match. We will see Mike Bennett challenge Jay Lethal for his TV Title with no time limit.

In the ring, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcoming us to the show. They talk of Lethal and Bennett's TV Title match with no time limit.

Backstage, Mike Bennett and Maria are saying how Bennett has the odds stacked against him, yet he still wins. He says he is so good, that in his match against Jay Lethal, the time ran out. Mike then says he would have beaten Lethal and Generico ant Final Battle if it wasn't for Lethal's "illegal" finisher. He says with no time limit in his match, he will walk away the Television Champion.

Mike Bennett makes his way to the ring with Brutal Bob and Maria Kanellis. Jay Lethal, the champion, makes his way to the ring by the fans applause.

ROH Television Title Match w/ No Time Limit - Jay Lethal (c) vs. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob and Maria

The bell rings as Lethal charges for Mike. Bennett quickly escapes out of the ring. Mike gets back in the ring as the two lock up. Mike gets a side headlock on Jay and Mike runs the ropes. Mike knocks down Lethal with a Shoulder Tackle twice, and goes for a third. Jay leapfrogs over Mike, and knocks Mike down to the mat. Jay is beating up Mike on the floor, and gets back in the ring with Bennett. Jay puts Mike in the corner and chops him against the turnbuckles. Lethal goes for a Lethal Injection, but Bennett escapes out of the ring. Jay goes out after Mike and throws Bennett back in. Jay gets Mike in the corner and gets on top of Mike. Jay hits Mike in the face 10 times before getting off. Jay whips Mike away, but gets elbowed by Bennett. Mike goes to throw Jay over the top rope, but both go over. On the floor, Mike has Brutal Bob go to Lariat Jay. Lethal ducks and hits Bob with a Lariat of his own. As Lethal turns to Mike, he is hiding behind Maria. Bennett pushes Maria into Lethal, distracting Jay enough to get hit by Mike's Lariat. Mike throws Lethal into the barricade, back first.


In the ring, Mike is beating on Jay. Jay manages to hit a Dropkick on Mike. Bennett rolls out of the ring and onto the floor. Jay goes for a Suicide Dive, but Bennett throws Jay into the barricade. Jay is getting counted out as Mike is showboating in the ring. Jay gets back in, but Mike immediately starts pounding Lethal's face. Mike puts Jay in a rear chinlock, as Jay tries to escape. Jay elbows out, and runs the ropes Before getting far, Bennett locks in the Sleeper Hold on Lethal. Jay elbows out and the two begin throwing fists. Jay hits an Enziguri on Mike, knocking him down to the mat. Jay hits Mike with and Elbow and then a Lariat, knocking him down. Mike is whipped from the corner by Jay, but Bennett reverses the throw. Jay jumps to the middle rope and does a Moonsault onto Bennett. Jay is on the apron, as he hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick. Pin by Jay, but a kick out. Jay Superkicks Mike and goes for The Lethal Injection, but Mike does a Neckbreaker of his own. Pin by Mike, but a kick out. Jay rolls up Mike, but another kick out. Maria pushes a limp Mike onto a fallen Jay, but Lethal pins Mike's shoulders.

Winner and STILL ROH Television Champion: Jay Lethal via pinfall

Backstage, Eddie is being asked why he applauded Davey and Kyle last week. Edwards says Kyle doesn't care about Future Shock or Adam Cole, but Kyle O'Reilly gets in Eddie's face. The two are trading words as Kyle walks away fuming.


The commentators are talking about Kevin Steen and the destruction he left at Final Battle. In the highlights see Kevin and Corino wrestling. Steen then Piledrives Steve through an assembly of chairs. He then Piledrives Jimmy Jacobs and El Generico.

In the ring, Kevin Kelly interviews Kevin Steen. Kevin wants Steen's thoughts on what he want's to do next, but Kevin rips the mic out of Kelly's hand. Kevin then puts his gum in Kelly's hand and tells him to get out. Steen wonders what type of wrestling promotion keeps their best talent away for a year. Kevin says other companies get away with a lot worse. Steen says he was kept away for ROH because he didn't suck up to Cornette. Kevin says if the world comes to an end this year, he will face it ROH World Champion. Kevin says when he wins the champion, he will hold the company hostage. Jim Cornette interrupts Steen, with some security and Cary Silkin. Jim and Steen mock each other and continue to interrupt each other. Jim says that he was at Summer Slam 97' and knows how dangerous the Pildriver is. Jim then announces that the Package Piledriver is banned. Steen says it isn't for everyone's safety, it is for Davey's protection. Steen reminds Jim he will win the title, and will become Cornette's biggest nightmare.


Inside ROH as we are looking at the 8-Way Elimination Match. The House of Truth are blaming The Briscoes for losing that match, but say they will win next week. Strong says he will have an opportunity to beat The Briscoes. The Briscoes are saying Truth Martini was blaming them for their loss on that match. They says they want The House of Truth to put their money where their mouth is.

Davey Richards and Jay Lethal will have a match for The World Championship and Davey says Jay is in for it. Although Jay feels The TV Title is a gateway for the World Championship, he will get his head kicked off. Davey says he will beat Lethal and wants him to pick his poison; tapping out or being knocked out.

All Night Express are talking of Rhett Titus' injury and that he will be out for about six months, but Titus says he will be back in half that time. King says he has his eyes set for The Young Bucks, and plans to avenge his injured partner.


WGTT make their way to the ring as they are being booed. Haas gets the mic and says they refuse to wrestle The Bravados, their scheduled opponents. They say they make the rules and say they defended themselves against The Briscoes at Final Battle. They say anyone that cheers The Briscoes are as dumb as they are. They say they will stay there all night until The Briscoes come out for a match. Jim Cornette comes out and tries to change their minds.


In the ring, WGTT are being talked to by the refs. The Briscoes come out to the ring and says they aren't scared of a fight.

The ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)

The bell rings and both teams start brawling on the floor. Haas and Jay make their way in the ring, and begin brawling. Haas is choking Jay in the rope, and Shelton kicks Jay into the ring. Pin by Haas, but Jay kicks out. Haas starts punching a fallen Jay and gets him in the corner. Tag to Shelton, as Benjamin starts stomping Jay in the corner. Shelton throws Jay into the corner post, shoulder first. Shelton tags Haas, as Charlie hits a Northern Lights Suplex to Jay. Pin by Haas, but a kick out. Another tag to Shelton, as Jay and Shelton are trading elbows in the corner. Shelton runs towards Jay in the corner, but Jay puts his knees up. Mark is tagged as he hits a Springboard Crossbody to Haas. Mark sits Haas in the corner and throws him down to the mat. Pin by Mark, but Shelton interrupts the pin. Shelton goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Mark rolls Haas up, but gets pushed off toward the ropes. Shelton then hits Mark in the head, causing a disqualification.

Winners: The Briscoes via disqualification

Next week we will see The House of Truth take on The World's Greatest Tag Team where the winner will receive $5000.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!
-Adam W.

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