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Ring of Honor Results (3/10/12) - Blind Destinies Given Sight

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Ring of Honor Results - (3/10/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We see highlights of Eddie Edwards' and Roderick Strong's match from last week. We see them placed in a Three Way Dance for The ROH World Championship. At Showdown in the Sun, Davey Richards will be challenged by these two men.

We are greeted in the ring by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. They speak of the events that took place last week leading to Strong, Elgin and Richards' match. Tonight, we will have a Blind Destiny tournament. This match was created for Showdown in the Sun -Day 2, an event without an ROH Title Match. To solve the problem, the winner of The ROH World Championship match on Day 1 will take on of the winners of tonight's matches. To make it more understandable, If Davey Richards wins at SitS, he will face either Kyle O'Reilly or Michael Elgin. If Eddie Edwards wins at SitS, he will face Adam Cole or Kevin Steen. Finally, if Roderick Strong wins at SitS, he will face Jay Lethal or Kenny King.


Kenny King is backstage and is speaking of beating Jay Lethal. King says it is his destiny to win, and will show how lethal he can be. Lethal says if anyone deserves a shot at the ROH Title, it should be him. He is desperately trying to get in the ROH World Title picture, and says this is his opportunity to fa fill his destiny.

Kenny King makes his way to the ring, with ANX partner Rhett Titus. Jay Lethal runs into the ring with his ROH gold, craving more.

Blind Destiny Qualifying Match: ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King w/ Rhett Titus

The two shake hands and the bell rings. Jay charges for King, but Kenny moves quickly. The two lock up, and Kenny backs Jay in the corner. Quickly Jay gets away, and Kenny lets go. They lock up again, as Jay gets in a Hammerlock. Kenny spins out and does an Arm Drag takeover. He repeats this three times. House of Truth make their way to the ring, as Kenny starts kneeing Jay. King then does a Springboard Legdrop, and pins. Kick out by Jay, as King gets an Armbar on Lethal. Lethal stands up, and begins running the ropes. Lethal does an Armdrag and a Dropkick to King. Pin by Lethal, but a kick out. Lethal picks King up and hits a Suplex. Another cover, but a kick out by King. King is slapped by Lethal, who then does a Dropkick to the back of King's neck. Pin, but a kick out. Lethal locks in a Head Scissors to King. Lethal kicks King down and throws him into the corner. King is chopped and whipped by Lethal. King grabs Lethal's head with his legs, but Jay reverses into a Superkick. Lethal goes top rope as King gets out of Lethal's grasp with a backflip. Lethal is then hit with an Enziguri. Lethal and King begin trading punches in the middle of the ring. Lethal goes for The Lethal Injection, but King does a Dropkick to Lethal. King shoulders Jay down twice, and goes for a kick to Jay. Lethal grabs the Leg, but Kenny does an Enziguri. A Spinebuster is followed, and a cover by Kenny. Kick out by Lethal. Lethal has his neck snapped into the top rope by a jumping King. Kenny tries to get back in the ring, but Lethal does a Missile Dropkick and knocks him out. Lethal goes to dive, but King is back in. Lethal calls for a Lethal Injection, but does a Lethal Combination instead. King is rolled up, but Kenny does a bridge. Lethal is being counted, who quickly pushes Kenny's shoulder down to the mat winning the match.

Winner: The ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal via pinfall


Adam Cole is talking of teaming with Eddie Edwards. Cole says if he beats Kevin Steen, he could face Eddie Edwards in a title match. Cole says it doesn't matter who it is, he will never back down. Kevin Steen says it doesn't matter what he needs to do to Cole, because he is in the way of The ROH World Title. Steen says Cole should be prepared to lose, and rebuild his career after his loss.

Adam Cole makes his way to the ring. Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring.

Blind Destiny Qualifying Match: Kevin Steen vs. Adam Cole

Steen goes for a handshake, but Cole denies. The bell rings and the two are trading forearms. Steen runs the ropes and Cole does a Dropkick. Steen rolls to the outside, but Cole dives onto Steen. Kevin regains his composure and throws Cole into the ring post. Cole is thrown back in the ring as he does a Moonsault onto Cole. Cover by Steen, but a kick out. Cole is in the corner as he is heavily chopped. The fans chant "Piledriver", but Steen continues chopping. Cole is heavily whipped into the corner. Steen runs to Cole, but Adam puts a Leg up. Cole then does a Jumping DDT to Steen. The two are slowly getting up, but Steen gets a Waistlock in. The two trade Waistlocks, but Cole breaks the monotony with an Enziguri. Cole runs the ropes, and hits a Shining Wizard followed by a cover. Kick out by Steen. Cole is knocked to the apron with a punch by Steen, and hit with a Snap DDT in the ropes. Cole is pinned, but kicks out. Cole sees an arm coming towards him, and kicks Steen's arm. Cole then hits a Backbreaker and Pins. Kick out by Steen. Cole hits two Superkicks, but Steen doesn't go down. Kevin hits a Powerbomb to Cole. Adam is then picked up and hit with an F-5 by Steen for the win.

Winner: Kevin Steen via pinfall

After the match, Kevin Steen attempts a Package Piledriver. Eddie Edwards runs in and knocks Kevin out. Steen says he will see him in Florida.


Inside ROH:

  • Roderick Strong says Cornette's idea sucks. Strong says he will need to eliminate Eddie, but then defeat Davey. Eddie says a Triple Threat isn't a good idea. Eddie says anybody can win, but then again anybody can lose.
  • Bennett says didn't realize he was a star with the old folks, because he was challenged by Lance Storm. Mike say he wants to be serious for a minute, and says Storm will be beaten quickly.
  • We see highlights of the feud between them and The Briscoes. We see Haas' match against Mark Briscoe, followed by him paying for their fines. The Briscoes says some will be carried out of Florida, but not by their own power.


Davey Richards is sitting at the announce desk, ready to look on the following match. Richards says no matter who wins, it will be a challenge.

Kyle O'Reilly is backstage saying he is in a great situation, and will face Davey with honor. Truth Martini says he doesn't want Kyle to have to face his friend, so he will make sure Michael Elgin will win. Elgin says Kyle will go down.

Blind Destiny Qualifying Match: Kyle O'Reilly vs. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin w/ House of Truth

The bell rings as the two lock up. Elgin throws Kyle, as O'Reilly stands up. Kyle attempts a kick, but Michael moves away. Elgin begins kneeing Kyle, and powers him into the corner. Elgin whips Kyle in the corner, but Kyle rolls way. Elgin picks up Kyle, but he elbows out. Elgin runs the ropes, and Shoulders Kyle down. Kyle kicks Elgin in the chest as he is hit with a chop. Elgin runs the ropes, and gets kicked. Now frustrated, Elgin begins elbowing Kyle. The two are trading forearms, and Kyle continues to be knocked down. Kyle locks in an Arm Breaker, but Elgin lays Kyle down to the mat. Roderick Strong comes to the apron, as Kyle is distracted. Elgin hits a German Suplex as Davey is calling BS on the actions of Strong.


Elgin whips Kyle into the corner, as Elgin charges to Michael. A leg is put up, and Kyle locks in a Guillotine Choke to Elgin. Elgin is brought down and covered. Kick out by Elgin. The two are now trading forearms as Elgin hits a surprising Enziguri. Elgin puts Kyle on the top rope, but Kyle knocks Elgin down. Kyle goes back up, getting Elgin in position. Kyle hits a Backdrop Superplex to Elgin. Pin by Kyle, but a kick out. Kyle begins kicking Elgin in the chest. Michael tumbles to the apron, after being thrown over by Kyle. Kyle tries for a Sunset Flip, but Elgin doesn't budge. Elgin drops his butt, aiming for Kyle. Kyle moves and does a Backdrop Suplex to Elgin. Kyle does a Running Dropkick off the apron to Elgin. Kyle does a missile Dropkick from the top rope to Elgin, but a kick out. Kyle is picked up by Elgin, and Michael does a Tilt-a-Whirl. Elgin gets locked into a Guillotine Choke by Kyle. Elgin picks up Kyle and does a Spinning Powerbomb. Pin, but a kick out. Kyle does a Regal Plez to Elgin, followed by a Cross Face. Elgin picks Kyle up, by O'Reilly does a Guillotine Choke. Elgin picks up Kyle, and hits him with a Buckle Bomb. Elgin then does a Sitout Powerbomb to Kyle for the win.

Winner: "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin via pinfall

House of Truth walks to the back celebrating Elgin's victory as the show ends.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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