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Ring of Honor Results (3/17/12) - The Fatal Qualification

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Ring of Honor Results - (3/17/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

The show starts off with highlights from ROH's 10th Anniversary. Adam Cole pins Davey Richards, and The World Champion shakes Cole's hand. Kyle says he doesn't respect Eddie Edwards or Adam Cole. Kevin Steen is in the balcony saying he should have had a match with Davey for the World Championship.

Adam Cole kicks off the show when he enters the ring. Before Cole's opponent comes out, we hear his thoughts from The 10th Anniversary and being denied a handshake from former tag partner, Kyle O'Reilly.

Adam Cole says he will never forget beating Davey Richards, saying it was the highlight of his career. Adam also says he won't forget being disrespected by Kyle. Cole says he will make O'Reilly respect him, like he deserves.

Adam Cole vs. Chris Silvio

The two lock up as Silvio gets the arm of Cole. Adam rolls around and takes Silvio down. Silvio slaps Cole in the face after getting out of the arm bar. Cole does a Dropkick to Silvio, sending him to the ropes. Adam then dives out of the ring onto Silvio. Chris is thrown back in the ring, but starts kicking down Adam. Silvio begins forearming Adam in the corner. Silvio does a Running Neckbreaker to Cole. Silvio dances around, and does an Elbow. Cole moves away, but gets thrown into the corner. Silvio does a Crossface to Silvio. Cole lifts Chris on his shoulders and does a Samoan Drop. Silvio does another Neckbreaker to Cole. Cole goes top rope and does a Missile Dropkick to Silvio. Cole picks up Chris, and hits a Backbreaker. Cole runs the ropes, and gets hit with a Running Forearm. Silvio gets a Waistlock, but Cole elbows out. Adam gets around Silvio and hits an Enziguri. Silvio is knocked into the ropes, and gets hit with a German Suplex.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall

Kyle O'Reilly, who is at the announce desk, gets a mic. Kyle calls out Adam Cole, asking for a match. Adam Cole finds this as his opportunity to earn respect, and accepts the match. In Florida, Cole will face O'Reilly.


Highlights of Kevin Steen's match against Jimmy Jacobs. It shows Jacobs driving a massive spike into the face of Kevin Steen. Steen wins the match after throwing Jacobs into lined up chairs.

Kevin Steen walks to the ring, holding a tennis racket with Davey Richards on it. His theme also includes Davey Richards' theme intro. Kevin Kelly is attempting to interview Steen, but Kevin takes the mic. Kevin says the whole concept of Blind Destiny is ironic because he claims Cornette as blind. Kevin wonders why he hasn't had an opportunity sooner, and explains how he will be World Champion. When Steen wins, he says he will hold the company hostage. Steen says Jim Cornette will kiss his feet, a--, and balls. Cornette says he doesn't mean to interrupt Steen's shenanigans. Cornette says Steen has booked a match where Steen will take on El Generico. Jim reminds Kevin of the Piledriver ban, and says he would be suspended if he uses it. Steen says putting Generico in the ring with him will change nothing. Kevin says anybody that stands in his way will be taken out.


Inside ROH:

  • Lance Storm is talking from his school in Calgary, saying he is in great shape. Although he is semi-retired, Storm says he trains with a passion Bennett couldn't understand. Storm says Mike has the talent, but doesn't have the honor the company thrives on. Lance says Mike better rethink who he is facing.
  • Davey talks of defending his belt, and his travel. Davey says the only way someone will win the belt is if they travel the hell he has, and meet him there.
  • The Briscoes say they have held the belts with pride, saying they have been wrestling for 12 years. Jay says it shamed him to say he was beaten by Charlie Haas. Jay says this isn't Monday Nights anymore.
  • WGTT says they are better than The Briscoes, and will prove why they are "The World's Greatest" at Ft. Laurterdale.


March Mayhem is a tournament with 8 wrestlers, and a $24,000 prize. Every week we will see a match to determined who will be in a Fatal 4 Way to determine the winner of the tournament.

Roderick Strong walks into the ring, with Truth Martini. Jay Lethal walks to the ring, without his ROH Television Championship.

March Mayhem Qualifying Match: ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini


The two shake hands, and the bell rings. They lock up, as Strong does a Headlock Takedown to Lethal. Jay quickly locks in a Headscissors. The two lock hands, and Strong gets the arm of Jay. Lethal does a Kip Up to escape, and gets Strong's arm. Lethal locks in a Body Scissors, but it is reversed into an STF. Lethal goes for another move, but Strong grabs the bottom rope. The two lock up again as Strong goes off the ropes. Strong knocks Jay down, and gets hit with a Hurricanrana. Lethal follows with a Dropkick. Strong picks up Lethal for Bodyslam, but Strong gets pinned. Kick out. Lethal grabs the leg, and stomps on Strong. Suplex and a pin. Kick out by Strong. Lethal punches Strong in the corner, and gets pushed to the mat. Pin by Lethal, but a kick out. Strong hits a knee, but Lethal runs the ropes. Strong gets sent to the apron, and attempts to punch Jay. Lethal knocks Strong to the floor and does a Suicide Dive. Strong is knocked down, and Lethal gets back in the ring.


Jay kicks Strong in the chest, but gets Scoop Slammed. Pin by Strong, but a kick out. Strong pins again, but Lethal kicks again. Strong locks in a Camel Clutch to Lethal, but Jay elbows out. Strong hits a big Dropkick to Jay, and pins. Kick out by Jay. Strong kicks Jay, as Lethal is getting fired up. The two begin slugging in the middle of the ring, and Strong locks in a Headlock. Strong then locks in a Straight Jacket to Lethal. Jay pushes Strong in the corner, and chops Strong in the corner. Strong reverses a whip, and gets booted in the corner. An Enziguri by Lethal follows. Lethal hits a Running Forearm to Strong. Lethal then does a Somersault Dropkick to Strong. Jay goes top rope and hits a Spinning Heel Kick to Roderick. Strong knees Lethal, and does a rope assisted Suplex. Pin by Roddy, but a kick out. Jay is chopped in the corner, and hits a Running Forearm to Strong. Lethal runs the ropes and hits a Handspring Elbow to Strong. Pin, but a kick out by Roddy. Truth mistakenly gets clobbered by Lethal, and Strong capitalizes. Pin by Strong, but a kick out. Strong hits an Enziguri to Lethal, and a Gutbuster. Pin by Strong, but a kick out. Strong gets a Double Underhook on Lethal, but Jay reverses into a pin. Kick out by Strong. Lethal hits a Lethal Combination, but Michael Elgin comes to the ring. Jay is picked up, but Strong pushes Elgin down. Lethal capitalizes, and wins the match with a roll up.

Winner: The ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal via pinfall

Jay is the first entrant in the Fatal 4 Way match, in 3 weeks. Next week, we will see another participating match.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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