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Ring of Honor Results (3/24/12) - Predominant Fatalism

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Ring of Honor Results - (3/24/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

The show starts off with highlights of Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong's match from last week, to hype this week's Main Event. Their qualifying match ends with Jay Lethal winning the match, and becoming the first contestant of the $24,000 Fatal 4-Way match.

Jim Cornette starts off the show speaking of the Triple Threat in Florida. Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are invited into the ring. Cornette asks Davey of his thoughts of the match. Davey says this will be the toughest match of his life. Davey says he doesn't care for the other opponents, but says they will put on a great show with some of the best wrestlers in the world. Davey tells Strong and Edwards that they are not to be trusted. Edwards says he always fought Davey like a man, but Strong interjects. Roderick says if he might lose, he will take Elgin's match on Showdown in the Sun, Day 2. As Elgin goes to speak, Jay Lethal's music hits. Jay comes in the ring and calls Roderick Strong a "butt-munch". Jay says he deserves respect, and calls Strong a "fart-head". Kevin Steen walks on the ramp, with Davey's wolf entrance, saying he doesn't what to make of the people in the ring except they are all a--kissers. Kevin says he is rooting for Eddie, but only so he can get his World Title Match. Steen says no matter who is the champion, he will find his way to the gold. Steen says when he wins the World Championship, he will be Cornette's never ending nightmare.


Backstage, WGTT is speaking of The Briscoes. Haas says C & C are nothing but a warm up match, and are really looking forward to taking out The Briscoes. Shelton says C & C can put that they got beaten by WGTT on their resumes, for they will be a quick victory. Coleman says they are more than a warm up match, and will show WGTT who the real athletes are. Caprice says they came from a world of athletes trying to entertain, but now they are in a place with entertaining athletes. Cedric ends the segment with an "Amen".

Cedric and Coleman make their way to the ring. WGTT enters the ring.

World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

WGTT mocks C & C with nonchalant handshakes. The bell rings, as Coleman and Shelton start off. Shelton gets Caprice in a Side Headlock, and takes him down to the mat. Haas leans over, and pushes Caprice, yelling at him. Shelton whips Cedric, but Coleman does a Crucifix Pin. Kick out by Shelton. Caprice gets some punches in, and does a Jumping Leg Lariat. Pin, but a kick out by Shelton. Shelton knocks Caprice down with a Lariat, and tags Haas. Haas throws Caprice in the corner as he tags Cedric in the process. Alexander is thrown out of the ring, but quickly gets back in with a Drop Kick. C & C both do a Dropkick to WGTT, knocking them to the floor. The two both do a Suicide Dive to WGTT. Haas and Cedric are in the ring, as Haas tags Shelton. Cedric is whipped, as he is hit with a Jumping Avalanche by Shelton.


Shelton covers Cedric, but a kick out. Cedric elbows out of a Chinlock, but is taken down by Benjamin. Cover by Shelton, but a kick out. Haas does a Back Suplex to Cedric on the apron, as Shelton goes to the floor to get him. Haas is tagged as he begins stomping Cedric in the corner. Cedric runs the ropes, but Haas locks in an Abdominal Stretch. Haas begins throwing elbows, but Cedric reverses into a stretch of his own. As Haas is spun around, he tags Shelton. Benjamin gets Cedric away and reverses a kick from Coleman. While Haas does this, Coleman's Enziguri hits Shelton. Both teams are in trading Dropkicks, and Cedric did a Crossbody. Cedric gets Haas on the top rope, while Coleman does an Hurricanrana to Haas. Haas hits Coleman with an Atomic Drop, while Shelton kicks Coleman down. WGTT go for The Leap of Faith, but when Shelton goes for the leap Cedric stops him. As Shelton is stopped, The Briscoes come to the ring with chairs. Haas, the legal man, is hit in the face with a chair. Coleman takes advantage, and pins Charlie Haas for the win.

Winners: Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander via pinfall


Inside ROH:

  • We see highlights of last week, when Kevin Steen is put in a match with El Generico. Steen says if doesn't change anything, and calls Cornette an idiot for assuming this would change anything. Jim reminds Steen of the Piledrive Ban, but Steen says he won't need the Piledriver to beat Generico.
  • Lance Storm says he need to prove a point to Bennett. Storm says it's fine for Bennett to wear sunglasses, fancy shirts, and having a Playboy girlfriend, but doesn't appreciate the business being disrespected. Storm says there are thousands of more deserving wrestlers would would kill for his place, and that Lance will teach him to appreciate what he has. Mike Bennett says Lance is jealous of Mike, and will lay him out for the count, but not before mocking Storm.
  • We see highlights of Kyle calling out Adam Cole, last week. Kyle says he is sick of Cole, and is obviously the better half of what was Future Shock. Cole accepts his challenge, saying he is only looking to earn respect.


March Mayhem continues, where we are reminded of the rules and matches. This week, Adam Cole will take on Michael Elgin, for a spot at winning the $24,000 Grand Prize. Next week, a Eddie Edwards will take on Mike Bennett.

Michael Elgin and Truth Martini make their way to the ring, as Adam Cole follows afterwards.

March Mayhem Qualifying Match: Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini

The bell rings, as the two lock up. Elgin backs Adam in the corner, as Cole tries to escape. Cole is then taken down with a Lariat. Cole gets a Waistlock, but Elgin quickly throws him off. Elgin is tripped into the corner, face into the buckles, and is hit with a Dropkick. Adam tries taking down Elgin with Shoulder Blocks, but to no avail. Cole then hits an Enziguri to Elgin, which does the trick. Adam does a top rope, and does a Hurricanrana to Elgin, forcing him to the floor. Adam dives on Elgin, and gets back in the ring. Cole goes top rope, but gets caught by Elgin. Michael then hits a German Buckleplex. Pin, but a kick out. Cole is chopped in the corner, and is whipped by Elgin. A fallen Cole is covered, but a kickout by Cole.


Elgin hits a Backbreaker to Cole, while stretching Cole's back across his knee. Adam gets out and whips Elgin. Elgin reverses into a Scoop Slam, and pins Adam. Kick out by Cole. Adam Cole is thrown to the floor, as Truth begins kicking Adam. Elgin pins Cole, but a kick out. Elgin does an Elbow Drop to Adam, and another pin. Kickout, as Elgin hits Cole with a Lariat. Elgin begins stretching Cole's arms behind his back. Adam gets up, and gets out of a Powerbomb. Elgin is hit with a boot from Adam. Cole goes for a Tornado DDT, but Elgin catches him. Elgin throws Adam, but Cole Dropkicks Elgin out of the ring. Cole drives Elgin's head into the apron, and knocks him down. They are both back in the ring, and Cole is hit with a Sidewalk Slam. Elgin hits a Lariat, but gets Superkicked by Cole. Elgin hits a Spinning Back Fist, and Cole hits another Superkick. Elgin hits a Lariat, and pins. Kick out by Cole. Adam is seated on the top rope, and Elgin attempts a Superplex. Cole connects with a Sunset Powerbomb. Cole dives off the top rope with a Splash. Pin by Cole, but a kick out. Roderick Strong runs to the ring, and grabs Cole's boot. Strong goes to the apron, and attempts and Enziguri. Elgin is hit by Strong, and Cole rolls up Elgin for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

Cole is celebrating, and Strong ambushes him. Elgin and Roderick begin beating up Adam, but Eddie Edwards comes in for the save. A brawl begins as the show ends.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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