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Ring of Honor Results (3/3/12) - The Strongest Will Survive But The Best Will Succeed

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Ring of Honor Results - (3/3/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We see highlights of last week's main event between Davey Richards and Jay Lethal, with Davey retaining his title. In the ring, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness remind us of tonight's main event. Later, we will see Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong, where the winner will get a shot at Davey's championship. Before that match, we will hear thoughts of the wrestlers in the upcoming match.

Mike Bennett and Maria are backstage, while Bennett speaks of Jim Cornette offering a challenge to him. On March 30th, at Showdown in the Sun, Lance Storm challenged Mike in a match. Bennett says he will beat Storm, but spare no words about his upcoming opponent, TJ Perkins.

TJ Perkins makes comments about Mike Bennett being too worried about Lance Storm. TJ says although Brutal Bob has taught Mike 10 ways out of The Single Leg Boston Crab, he should have taught him 10 ways to avoid the "You Can't Wrestle" chant. TJ says lightning strikes, but people don't know until it hits them.

TJ makes his way to the ring, followed by Mike Bennett with Maria and Brutal Bob.

"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob and Maria vs. TJ Perkins

The bell rings as TJ goes to kick Mike, but Bennett backs away. Mike goes back in, and the two lock up. Bennett gets TJ in a Waist Lock, and takes him down to the mat. Mike locks TJ in an Arm Bar, as Perkins tries to get up. Perkins makes it to his feet, and gets out of the Arm Bar with a somersault. TJ Dropkicks Bennett, knocking him to the mat. Mike gets up, and TJ does a Sunset Flip. Instead, Perkins locks in a Boston Crab. Mike quickly grabs the bottom rope, breaking the hold. TJ is whipped by Bennett into the turnbuckle, but TJ does a head stand on the top rope. Mike runs towards TJ, but Perkins does a Hurricanrana. TJ then does a Backdrop Suplex to Mike. Bennett whips Perkins to the ropes, but TJ grabs them like a spider. Mike charges towards Perkins, buts gets sent to the outside. TJ runs the ropes, but Maria gets on the apron. TJ stops, and Bennett kicks TJ, knocking him down. Mike then elbows a fallen TJ. Pin by Mike, but a kick out. The two begin trading punches in the middle of the ring. Mike runs the ropes, and charges towards TJ. Perkins trips Bennett to the ropes, as Mike gets his head caught. TJ runs to the top rope, and does a Dropkick to Bennett's head. TJ then jumps over the top rope, knocking down Mike, who is on the floor. TJ gets Bennett back in the ring, and does a Powerbomb to Bennett. Pin by TJ, but a kick out. TJ has Bennett in the corner, on the top rope. Bennett knocks down TJ with a push. The two begin trading pins, rolling in and out of them. TJ hits a spinning kick to Mike's gut, and goes for the Detonation kick. Bennett throws TJ to the ropes and Mike catches TJ. Mike goes for the Box Office Smash, but TJ reverses into an S.T.F.. Mike is reaching for Maria, who grabs his hands. This distracts TJ, so he releases the hold. Bennett then hits TJ with the Box Office Smash for the win.

Winner: "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett via pinfall


Backstage, Veda Scott is speaking with Embassy Ltd.. Tommaso says he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Ciampa says Lethal will lose his title, credibility, and even career. On Sunday, Ciampa has Jay Lethal's career is in his hands. Ciampa continues to say that he will be the only undefeated champion in ROH history.

Guy Alexander, a local worker, is already in the ring. Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring, with Embassy Ltd.

Tommaso Ciampa w/ Embassy Ltd. vs. Guy Alexander

Guy goes for a handshake, but Tommaso slaps his hand. Tommaso hits a German Suplex to Guy. Ciampa begins attacking Guy, beating him down to the mat. He puts Guy in the ropes, but Alexander bounces off with a kick. Tommaso sits him on the mat, and hits a running knee to his face. Tommaso throws Guy to the floor, as he follows. Ciampa starts whipping Guy between the barricade and the ring apron. Tommaso finishes with a whip to the corner barricade. Ciampa pushes Guy back in the ring, as he follows. Guy is in the corner as Ciampa begin kneeing him in the face. After about three, he gets in the camera and calls out Lethal. After a couple more knees, Guy is out cold. Tommaso is stopped by the ref, and wins the match.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via knockout


Inside ROH:

  • The Briscoes are speaking of their match with The Young Bucks. They say although The Young Bucks do cool moves, the two will take care of business and remain champions.
  • Kevin Steen says he will celebrate the 10th anniversary with Jimmy Jacobs, as he puts on a party hat. Steen says that night, blood will flow.
  • Rhett Titus says he has been thinking of his return, and doing to The Young Bucks what they did to him. They wants a match with Young Bucks at Showdown in the Sun, but in a Street Fight.
  • The Young Bucks says they will face ANX at Showdown in the Sun, but won't let them pick the stipulation. They say they just want to have a normal tag match, so they can prove they are still the superior team.


Truth Martini and Roderick Strong make their way to the ring. Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring, while high-fiving fans.

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini

The two shake hands, and the bell rings. The two lock up, as Roderick backs Eddie in the corner. Strong breaks, but not before being yelled at by the ref. The tie up again, and Eddie gets Strong in the ropes. Edwards makes a clean break. The two lock eyes, and the two push each other. Strong knees Eddie in the gut, who is against the ropes. Eddie bounces off the ropes, and hits Strong with a Arm Takeover. Strong gets Eddie in the ring, and chops him. Strong whips Eddie out, but Die Hard does a Float Over. Strong hits a Spinning Calf Kick to Edward's face. Pin, but a quick kick out. Strong gets Edwards in the corner, and begins stomping his chest. Strong whips Edwards from the corner, but Eddie puts a leg up. Edwards then ties Strong in the Tree of Woe. Eddie does a Dropkick, and rolls to the outside. Eddie then does a Baseball Slide Dropkick to Strong. Pin by Eddie, but a kick out. Eddie puts Strong in the corner, and chops him. Eddie then Suplexes Strong and pins. Kick out, as Strong pushes Edwards in the ropes. Strong ties Eddies leg in the rope, and pulls. Strong begins kicking the leg of Eddie. As Strong goes for a Suplex, Eddie resists and does a Back Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Eddie gets up, and pulls Strong up too. He headbutts Strong, and chops him in the corner. Strong chops back, and runs the ropes. Eddie then followed, and hit Strong with a Running Dropkick.


Eddie gets hit with a Dropkick by Strong. Pin, but a kick out by Eddie. Strong begins kicking Eddie's head into the mat. Strong has Eddie in the corner, as he pushes on the neck. Strong goes to the apron, and kicks Eddie's head into the steel post. Strong pulls Eddie's side to the post, and pulls on his arm and leg. Strong lifts Eddie's neck in the ropes. Pin by Strong, but a kick out. Strong locks in an Arm Bar, but Eddie gets out. The two begin chopping in the middle of the ring. Strong knees Eddie in the ropes. Eddie kicks Strong, and goes for a Superkick. Strong grabs the leg, and goes for a Lariat. Eddie ducks and hits a Releasing German Suplex to Strong. Eddie whips Strong from the corner, and hits a Running Chop. Eddie hits a Fisherman Driver to Strong. Pin, but a kick out. Roderick backs Eddie into the Corner, but Edwards goes top rope. Eddie hits a Codebreaker and covers. Kick out by Strong. Eddie puts Strong on the top rope, and goes for a Backpack Stunner. Roderick gets away, and catches Eddie's kick. Strong then throws Eddie into the ropes. Strong forearms Eddie in the corner and hits a Backbreaker. Eddie is then picked up and hit with a Gutbuster. Pin, but a kick out. Strong goes top rope, and grabs Eddie. Strong positions Eddie for a Gutbuster, but Eddie does a Hurricanrana. Eddie then kicks Strong in the face, and hits a Backpack Stunner. Eddie then locks in the Single Leg Boston Crab. Eddie runs towards a cornered Strong, and hits an Enziguri. Strong follows the same pattern. Edwards trips Strong, and goes top rope. Truth grabs Eddie's leg, but Adam Cole comes to the ring and kicks Truth. Michael Elgin goes for the save, but two get tackled by a flying Edwards. Strong puts what looks like tape on his boot, when the ref is distracted. Eddie gets back in the ring, and is greeted by a Sick Kick. Although Strong wins, Paul Turner comes to reverse the decision because of the tape. As the refs are arguing, Eddie Superkicks Strong and hits Die Hard, knocking over Todd Sinclair in the process. Pin by Eddie, and he supposedly wins by Turner's account. Todd Sinclair reverses that decision. The two refs begin to argue, as we go to break with an unclear finish.


Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette are in the ring trying to help make a decision. Jim Cornette is asked who the winner will be, as he tells the two to wait. Jim says both refs are justified for their actions. Cornette makes the match a Three Way Dance for the ROH World Champion, adding both Strong and Edwards to it. Davey Richards comes to the ring, and points to the two.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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