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Ring of Honor Results (3/31/12) - Imminent Mayhem

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Ring of Honor Results - (3/31/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

We start off the show with highlights of last week's match between Adam Cole and Michael Elgin. Roderick Strong interferes with the match, accidentally kicking Elgin in the face. Kyle O'Reilly is at the announce table, saying if Cole had friends he wouldn't be in this situation. Strong and Elgin begin beating up Cole, but Eddie Edwards makes the save.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are in the ring, welcoming us to the show. Kevin speaks of March Mayhem Tournament. Tonight, Tommaso Ciampa will face Kyle O'Reilly, and Eddie Edwards will face Mike Bennett. Jay Lethal and Adam Cole await their other two opponents, who will be determined tonight.

Backstage, Veda Scott is interviewing Tommaso Ciampa. Tommaso says he doesn't answer to anyone, not Veda, and especially not Jay Lethal. Ciampa says The TV Title represents dominance, which is why he took what he deserved. Ciampa dares Jay to take it back, when he grows a set.

Kyle O'Reilly makes his way to the ring. Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring, followed by Embassy Ltd.

March Mayhem Qualifying Match: Kyle O'Reilly vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/ Embassy Ltd.

The bell rings as the two lock up. Kyle is put in a Hammerlock, but he reverses. The two trade Hammerlocks, until Kyle does a Dropkick. Tommaso gets up, and Shoulder Blocks Kyle to the mat. The two lock hands, as Kyle begins to kick. Ciampa retaliates with knees, but Kyle gets the upper hand. Kyle does a Northern Lights Suplex, and pins with a bridge. Kick out. Kyle begins to kick a fallen Ciampa, but Tommaso fights them off. Kyle rolls up Tommaso, but Ciampa kicks out. Ciampa whips Kyle, and does a Belly to Belly. Pin, but a kick out by Kyle. O'Reilly is now on the mat being kicked in the back. O'Reilly gets up, and begins doing kicks. Kyle goes for a leg sweep, but before it connects Ciampa drives a knee into Kyle's head. Ciampa picks up a fallen Kyle, and does a Suplex. Tommaso begins sledging his fist into Kyle's chest. Pin, but a kick out. Ciampa whips Kyle into the ropes, and ties Kyle in the Tree of Woe. While tied, Ciampa hits a running knee. Ciampa pins, but Kyle kicks. Ciampa begins stretching Kyle's arms, but Kyle tries to fight out. Kyle does a flip out, and hits a Back Drop Suplex. Kyle runs a forearm into Ciampa, followed by a Dropkick. Kyle then does a Back Drop Superplex. Ciampa gets up, and Kyle does a Satellite DDT. Pin, but a kick out. Kyle begins striking Ciampa with hands and feet. Ciampa hits a huge Lariat, and pins Kyle. Kick out, as Ciampa gets frustrated. Ciampa picks up Kyle for Project Ciampa, but Kyle locks in a Guillotine Choke. Ciampa pick him up for a a Suplex, but Kyle gets out. As Kyle runs for Ciampa, he connects a knee to Kyle. Tommaso wins the match, by knockout.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via knockout


Davey Richards is backstage speaking of Kyle's actions last week. Davey says he believes what he want, because he is a growing man. Davey says he respect Kyle, but doesn't like that he didn't follow The Code of Honor. Davey will face a local worker, Ryan McBride.

Ryan McBride makes his way to the ring. Davey Richards makes his way to the ring.

Proving Ground Match: ROH World Champion Davey Richards vs. Ryan McBride

The crowd is chanting for Ryan's victory. The bell rings as Davey charges to Ryan with a big forearm, followed by a knee. Ryan is seated on the mat, but gets hit with a big kick. Pin by Davey, but Richards locks in an Ankle Lock for the win.

Winner: ROH World Champion Davey Richards


Kevin Kelly is in the ring, welcoming Kevin Steen to the ring. Steen, armed with his Davey Richards Tennis Racket, begins hitting streamers. Kevin says he has a question for Kevin Kelly, saying the company is trying to keep him from the show. Kevin requested the interview, only because he won't get on the show. Kevin answers saying Steen is very reckless and dangerous. Steen wonders if he shook hands after his match, and doesn't beat them down, if he would get a match. Kevin asks Davey why he won't come out, saying someone may be holding him back. Kevin mocks Davey, and says he can't hear Steen because his head is too far shoved up Jim Cornette's a--. Davey runs into the ring, with Jim Cornette. Cornette is telling Davey to stop, who is flipping out on Kevin. Davey is challenging Kevin, but Cornette refuses. The two continue arguing, until Davey punches Kevin in the face. Steen backs up, blowing Davey a kiss as referees hold Richards back.


Inside ROH:

  • We see highlights of Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman's victory over WGTT, by The Briscoes help. The Briscoes hit Charlie Haas with a chair during their match, causing C & C to score a win.
  • Jay Lethal says Embassy Ltd. thinks they are good because Ciampa is undefeated. Lethal says he is different, because he is the champion. When Ciampa stole Jay's title, Lethal says it only hurts Ciampa's image. Lethal says he had something taken from him, so he will take his title back and Ciampa's streak. Lethal finishes by saying he will be the new Dominant Male.


Mike Bennett makes his way to the ring with Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob. Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring.

March Mayhem Qualifying Match: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob

The two lock up as Mike gets Eddie's arm. Eddie reverses with some flips, and gets Mike's left arm. Eddie has his hand twisted, but once again Mike is reversed. Mike elbows out and gets a Headlock on Eddie. Edwards hits an Armdrag, after running the ropes. Armbar on Mike, but Bennett tries to fight out. Mike is hit with chops to the chest, and is driven down to the mat. Eddie has Mike's arm, but Bennett begins hitting Eddie. Edwards is whipped from the corner, as Eddie ties Bennett in the Tree of Woe. Dropkick to the face of Mike, as Eddie goes out of the ring. As Eddie goes for a Baseball Slide Dropkick, Maria gets in the way. Brutal Bob picks up Eddie, and drops him back first on the barricade. Mike gets Eddie in the ring and pins. Kick out, as Mike begins punching a fallen Eddie.


Eddie begins chopping Mike, but Bennett knocks Edwards down with an elbow. Mike picks Eddie up, and pushes his neck in the rope. As Mike is arguing with the ref, Bob punches Eddie in the face. Mike does a Splash to Eddie, who is still in the ropes. Pin, but a kick out by Eddie. Mike is trying to hit a Suplex, but Eddie is preventing it. Eddie pulls Mike up, and does a Suplex of his own. The two struggle to get up, but immediately begin trading blows. Eddie and Mike are hitting forearms and elbows, but Mike gets whipped. Mike goes for a kick, but is hit with a Hurricanrana by Eddie. Mike is whipped into the corner and hit with a Running Chop. Eddie then hits a Snap Suplex to Mike and goes top rope. Eddie connects with a Missile Dropkick to Mike, and pins. Kick out by Mike. Eddie goes for a Suplex,but Mike goes around Eddie. Mike elbows Eddie, as Edwards is being chased. Eddie outsmarts Mike, and knocks him off the apron. As Eddie goes for the dive, Brutal Bob grabs his leg. Eddie then hits a Suicide Dive on Mike and Brutal Bob. Eddie slowly gets in the ring, and Mike goes top rope. Bennett is throw off by Eddie and pinned, but to no avail. Mike goes for Box Office Smash, and Edwards goes for a Stunner. As Mike is fighting off, Eddie hits an Enziguri. Eddie goes to the apron, and goes for a Backpack Stunner to the floor. Mike gets out, and Spears Eddie to the apron. Mike gets Edwards in the ring, and pins. Kick out by Eddie. Mike gets Eddie on the top rope, and hits a right. Bennett goes for a Superplex, but Eddie fights out. Mike charges back with a running fist, and goes for the Superplex again. Eddie puts Mike on his shoulders, and does a Falcon Arrow to Mike. In a pin, Eddie locks in the Achilles Heel. Maria gets on the ring apron, bumping into Eddie. Maria causes a scene, pretending to be hurt. As Eddie has the pin, Bennett reverses for the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett via pinfall

Mike, Maria and Bob walk to the ramp as the show fades. Next week, we will see the long awaited Fatal Four Way for the $24,000 prize.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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