Ring of Honor Results (4/14/12) - ¡La Revancha!


Ring of Honor Results - (4/14/12)
Results by: Adam W. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor: Road Rage Edition! We are greeted by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. Tonight we will see two matches from Showdown in the Sun: Day 1. Mike Bennett will take on Lance Storm, and Kevin Steen will take on El Generico in a Last Man Standing match.

Mike Bennett says he has to use a cliche to say the time for talk is over. Mike says Lance is going to get his career shut down, unlike his mouth.

"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/ Maria vs. Lance Storm

The two lock up, and Mike backs Storm into the turnbuckle. They lock up again, and Lance gets a Waist Lock. Bennett tries to pull out, but reverses. Lance gets an arm, but Mike twists it around. Lance does a rope assisted flip, and then an Arm Drag. Mike runs out of the ring, and hides behind Maria. Mike gets back in the ring, and the two lock up again. Lance gets a Hammerlock, but Mike gets one of his own. Lance muscles Bennett over with a Fireman's Carry Takedown. Bennett sweeps Storm's leg, and goes for an Elbow. Lance rolls out of the way, and gets the arm again. Mike gets the arm of Lance down to the mat, but Storm reverses into a Hammerlock. Lance begins kneeing the back of Mike. Bennett elbows out, and grabs Storm's arm. Lance rolls out, and goes back into the Hammerlock. In the submission, Bennett gets pinned. He kicks out, and Storm continues the hold. Bennett gets a Side Headlock, and whips Lance into the ropes. Mike shoulders down Lance, and runs the ropes. Lance does an amazing Dropkick, and pins. Kick out by Mike. Bennett is thrown to the floor and Mike grabs Storm's leg. Lance punches Mike on the floor, and brings him back in. As Storm climbs in, Bennett hits a Swinging Neck Breaker. Pin, but a kcik out. Bennett begins punching Storm, and throws him to the floor. Mike smashes Lance's back to the apron, and continues to talk smack. Mike goes to smash Lance's head into the corner post, but Lance reverses. The two get back in the ring, and Mike does a Dropkick.


Mike does a Box Office Smash to Lance, and covers. Kick out by Storm. Mike goes for a Half Boston Crab, but Lance Storm gets up and nails the Superkick. Cover by Storm, but a kick out. Lance whips Mike off the ropes, but Mike Spears Storm. Kick out by Lance, after a cover. Mike begins hitting Lance, who is weak. Lance does a Droptoe Hold, going for the Calgary Maple Leaf. Instead, Lance screws the knee. Lance then does a Dragon Screw, and goes for the Half Crab. Mike gets in the corner, and kicks Storm. Mike goes for the TKO, but gets locked in the Half Boston Crab. Lance is pulling the left leg of Mike, as he grabs the bottom rope. Both are exhausted. Mike crawls to the apron, and Lance begins punching him. The two begin trading fists, but Mike slams Lances face into the turn buckle. Mike goes top rope, but Lance chops Mike. Lance goes for a Superplex, but Maria grabs his foot. Mike then does a Box Office Smash for the top rope. Pin, but a kick out by Storm. Mike is yelling at Storm, pounding his face. Lance gets to his feet, but gets hit with a TKO. Lance is covered, and Mike Bennett wins.

Winner: "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett

Lance is slow to his feet, as Mike and Maria leave the ring. Storm raises an arm, with loud applause and appreciation. Mike gets back in the ring, going for a handshake. The two shake hands, and as Storm goes to leave, Mike pulls him back in. Mike then hits a Box Office Smash.

Backstage, Lance says he underestimated Mike. Not his ability, but the fact that he is an ignorant prick. Lance says he doesn't care where or when, he wants to go out a winner. Lance says he want one more opportunity to face Bennett, saying he won't end up on his back.


Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us back saying we will see Steen and Generico soon, but first we will see some highlights of a Proving Ground Match involving The Briscoes

Proving Ground Match: The Briscoes (Mark and Jay) vs. Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste

Mark is sat out, and hit with a Running Clothesline. Mark elbows his way out, and tags Jay after being thrown over. Jay begins hitting fists, and does a Powerbomb. Pin, but a kick out. Mark gets in the ring, and is hit with a Spinning Calf Kick. Jay is sat in the corner, and hit with a Cannon Ball. Jay is picked up, and tags Mark. Mark does a Crossbody, and follows with a John Woo Dropkick. Mark then goes top rope, and connects with Froggy Bow. Mark gets in the ring, and they connect an Electric Chair Slam / Neckbreaker. They both cover, and win the match.

Winners: The Briscoes


Inside ROH:

  • Highlights from the Triple Threat Match from SitS: Day 1 are shown. All three competitors give it their all, until Davey Richards covers Eddie Edwards for the win.
  • This leads into the press conference for Border Wars. Kevin Steen interrupts, and Davey says he will take Steen down. Kevin gets his match, and howls as he walks away.
  • Jim Cornette says he has been protecting Kevin Steen, because Richards is so good. Jim says the end of ROH would be if Kevin wins the belt. Jim Cornette says he and all of ROH put their trust and faith into Davey Richards
  • Eddie Edwards is to have a match against Rhyno at Border Wars. Truth Martini has recruited Rhyno to take out Edwards, to take him out of the title picture. Eddie says he is Die Hard for a reason, and plans on hunting and killing a rhinoceros.


El Generico makes his return to ROH, and his way to the ring. Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring, and grabs a *Cornette Face* sign. Steen rips it up, and walks in the ring.

"¡La Revancha!" Last Man Standing Match: Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

Generico immediately hits a Yakuza Kick to Steen. Steen rolls to the floor, and El hits a Somersault Plancha. The fans begins chanting "Ole!", as El grabs a chair. Steen is hit in the gut with the chair, and starts to walk away. El kicks him in the head, and slams him into the ring post. Steen grabs a Canadian Flag from a fan, and begins choking Generico with it. Generico grabs two more chairs, and throws them in the ring. Steen goes for El, but he has extra ring ropes. Kevin is hit in the head with the turn buckle. Steen is on the barricade, and El throws the ropes. Kevin runs out of the way, and throws Generico into the barricade. The two begin trading punches, until Generico whips Steen into the barricade, head first. Both get back in the ring, and El grabs a chair. Steen kicks Generico in the gut, forcing him to drop the chair. Generico begins punching Steen, as the fans count in Spanish. Steen is laying in the corner, battered.


Steen does a Frontflip out of the ring, onto Generico on a table. El and Kevin are driven right through the table, and Kevin gets in the ring. Generico slowly climbs into the ring, as Steen grabs a chair. Steen sets up to open chairs, and sets up El for a Piledriver. Generico does an Exploder Suplex to Steen, whose head is driven into the chairs. Generico throws a chair at Kevin, and goes for a Brainbuster. Kevin picks up Generico, and drives his head into the chair. The ref is counting, and Steen grabs another chair. Steen places the chair onto El, and goes top rope. Generico gets up, and kicks him of the top. Steen goes right through the Time Keeper's Table. At a 9 count, Steen gets up. In homage to Daniel Bryan, the fans start chanting "Yes!" The two are trading blows, until Steen spits on El. Steen the flips of El. Generico does the same, but Steen bites his finger. Generico does a Yakuza Kick, followed by an Exploder Suplex. Steen grabs El for an F5, but Generico hits a Brainbuster. Both grab a chair, and stand. They swing the chairs, and they keep hitting them together. Kevin hits a low blow to Generico, and goes to hit him with a chair. Jimmy Jacobs runs to the ring, and stares at Steen. Generico gets up, and does an Exploder Suplex to Steen on the chair. Steen is down, and Generico has the chair. Jacobs then pulls out a spike, and nails Generico in the eye. Jacobs gets a chair, and hits Generico in the head. Generico is counted to 10, as Jacobs and Steen stand over him.

Winner: Kevin Steen

Next week, we will see WGTT face The Briscoes, and Jay Lethal face Roderick Strong for Showdown in the Sun: Day 2. The show closes with a video package of highlights of the PPV.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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