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Ring of Honor Results (4/21/12) - Strong by Name, and by Design


Ring of Honor Results - (4/21/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor: Road Rag! We are greeted by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. Tonight, we will see The Briscoes defend their tag titles against WGTT. We will also see Roderick Strong defend his TV title against Jay Lethal.

Backstage, The Briscoes say the time has come to face World's Greatest Tag Team. They say they will fulfill their promises, and that someone is going to be carried out of the building.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: The Briscoes (Mark and Jay) (c) vs. World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)

Mark and Charlie lock up, but back away. They lock up again, and Charlie picks up Mark. Haas has Mark in a Headlock, but Briscoe stands up. Briscoe whips Haas, but Charlie does a Shoulder Block. Haas runs the ropes again, but gets hit with a Big Boot. Haas goes to the floor, as Jay follows. Mark begins brawling Shelton on the floor.The Briscoes begin throwing WGTT into the barricades, and set up chairs. Haas' head then goes into the sign of a fan. Mark is back in the ring, stomping on Haas. Tag to Jay, as Haas is taken down by the brothers. Jay picks up Haas, and hits a European Uppercut. Jay is in the corner, delivering Uppercuts. Haas is sent into the opposite corner, but Charlie moves. Shelton then takes the leg of Jay out. Haas takes the leg out also, and tags Shelton. Benjamin is tagged, and he immediately goes for a Leglock. Jay is fighting to get out of the corner, but is having his leg twisted on the rope. Haas then kicks his leg. Jay fights of Haas, and Shelton on the apron. Haas gets Jay down, and holds his leg open. Shelton is tagged and stomps the leg. Jay is then tied in the Tree of Woe, while Jay is pushed into the corner. Mark kicks Shelton, but Benjamin kicks Jays head. Haas is tagged, and does a Suplex. Benjamin is tagged again, and they go for a Back Drop. Jay fights out, and Mark is tagged. Mark fights of both WGTT, and hits an Enziguri to Benjamin. Mark then does the John Woo Kick to Haas. Mark drives Shelton down, from the top rope. Pin, but a kick out by Shelton. Mark is sent to the apron, but Shelton grabs his arm. Mark is driven arm first into the corner, and falls to the floor.


Haas drives Marks head into the turnbuckle and tags Shelton. Shelton does a Suplex, and grabs Mark. Benjamin puts Mark on the top rope, and begins punching his head. Benjamin goes for a Back Drop Suplex, but Mark falls on Shelton. Mark climbs to Jay, and makes the tag. Jay begins throwing jabs to Shelton, and throws him to the outside. Jay does a Superkick to Charlie, and dives on Shelton. Jay is back in the ring, and does a Diving Cross Body. Pin by Mark, but a kick out. Mark does a Falcon Arrow, and another pin. Kick out by Haas. Mark gets Haas on his shoulders, but Shelton Superkicks Briscoe. Both teams are now in the ring, trading kicks. Both Jay and Haas kick each other in the face. The teams get to their feet, and stare at each other. They begin brawling, and The Briscoes run the ropes. Haas is hit with a German Suplex by Jay, but Benjamin throws Mark to the apron. Shelton then drives Mark's head into the apron. Shelton locks in The Haas of Pain on Jay, but he makes it to the ropes. WGTT put Jay on the ropes, but Mark goes top rope. Mark hits a Missile Dropkick to Shelton. Jay then rolls up Haas, for the win.

Winners and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes

After the match, WGTT begin attack The Briscoes. Mark is sent to the floor, while Jay is put near the corner. WGTT then drive Jay into the corner, jewels first. Haas and Benjamin do this three times, and grab the titles. They stand in the ring, holding up the championships.

Backstage, Haas says they took The Briscoes manhood, money and knows that Jay doesn't have any balls. Haas says all they have left is their titles, but they will soon takes those too. Benjamin agrees.


Kevin Kelly says we will see a progressing match. TJ Perkins taking on Fire Ant in an Interpromotional Match begins.

Ring of Honor vs. Chikara Interpromotional Match: TJ Perkins vs. Fire Ant

TJ grabs Red Ant, and drops him to the mat. Pin by TJ, but a kick out. TJ grabs Fire, and hits a nice Suplex. Pin, but a kick out by Fire Ant. TJ gets Fire on his back and begins stretching, but Ant gets out. Red does an Arm Drag, and Takeover. Fire Ant then does a Senton. Pin, but a kickout. TJ is whipped, but grabs the ropes like a Spider. Ant kicks TJ to the apron, and runs the ropes. TJ goes for a Dropkick, but Fire stops. Ant kicks TJ to the floor. Ant hits a Suicide Dive to TJ. Fire Ant gets back in the ring, and does a Somersault Plancha to TJ. They are both back in the ring, and Fire goes for a Dive of the top rope. TJ hits a Dropkick. TJ puts Fire in the corner, and does a Neckbreaker. TJ then does a Powerbomb. Pin, but a kick out. Fire Ant goes for a Waterwheel Slam. TJ gets out, but is put on the top rope. Fire Ant is hit with a Sunset Powerbomb. TJ then picks up Fire Ant, and hits a Detonation Kick. Pin, but a kick out. TJ then does a 450, for the win.

Winner: TJ Perkins


Insider ROH:

  • We see highlights of Kevin Steen and Eddie Edwards' match at SitS: Day 2. Steen and Eddie give it their all, but Steen defeats Eddie. This proves Steen can take on a former champion. Davey Richards says screw his credentials, sarcastically. Davey says he won't win, because he is pretending to be a wrestler. Kevin Steen says he has been waiting for his match against Davey for a long time. Steen says Jimmy Jacobs has taught him payback is the way to go. Steen says he will leave Toronto with the title, and the payback begins.
  • Lance Storm says he has been wrestling 21 years. Lance says he see potential in Mike, but also disaster. Lance says he doesn't mind being disrespected in the match, but he says the after match beat down was a middle finger. Lance says he will not go out on his back, and says Bennett should have left well enough alone.


Tommaso Ciampa, who still has Jay's belt, says Lethal should make it a title match.

ROH World Television Championship Match: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini

Strong gets Lethal's arm, but Jay spins it around. Strong goes for a Headlock, and Lethal fights out. Jay gets a Hammerlock, but Strong reverses it. The two stand off, and lock up. Jay is bounced off the ropes, and knocks Strong with a shoulder. Jay runs against, and grabs Strong in a unique submission hold. Strong gets out, and does a Suplex. Jay goes on the apron, and does a Senton. Pin, but a kick out by Strong. The two begin chopping each other. Strong kicks Jay's leg, and throws him into the turnbuckle. Jay then hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Pun, but a kick out. Jay is whipped, but grabs the ropes. Strong goes to the apron, and gets his head smashed into the corner. Jay then hits a Dropkick to Strong, sending him to the floor. Jay then hits a Suicide Dive to Strong. Jay is talking with Ciampa on the outside. Strong snaps Lethal's neck into the ropes. Strong then hits a Back Drop Suplex to Lethal on the apron. Lethal is pinned, but kick out. Strong begins stomping Jay in the corner. Strong hits a Backbreaker to Jay, and pins. Kick out by Jay. Strong locks in a Rear Headlock. Jay stands up, but is driven to the mat. Pin by Strong, but a near fall. Strong begins hitting elbows. Strong chops Jay, but Lethal returns with one of his own. Jay is kicked to the mat, and pinned. Kick out by Lethal.


Strong has Lethal on the mat with a Waistlock. Lethal stand up, and elbows Strong. Strong reverses a whip, and Lethal goes for a Dropkick. Strong grabs the legs, and locks in the Stronghold. Lethal grabs the bottom rope, and Strong lets go. Strong begins kicking Lethal on the mat. Strong hold up Lethal, and hits a Vertical Suplex. Pin, but a kick out by Lethal. Jay is fighting out, and is back to the chops. Lethal runs the ropes, and does an Armdrag, followed by a Somersault Dropkick. Both are down, but slowly climb up. Strong is kicked in the face, which is followed by forearms. Jay is going crazy with the arms, and goes for a Lariat. Strong moves, but is hit with two Dropkicks. Jay then hits a Spinning Calf Kick. Strong goes for a Dropkick, but misses. Jay does a Handspring Elbow, and pins. Kick out by Strong. Roderick does a Small Package, but a kick out. Strong then picks up Jay, and hits a Gutbuster. Kick out by Jay. Strong goes for a Gibson Driver, but Jay reverses with a Superkick. Pin, but a kick out by Strong. Jay grabs Strong, but Roderick tries fighting out. Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination. Lethal goes top rope, and does a Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Jay mocks Ciampa , and goes for the Lethal Injection. Strong Dropkicks Jay. Tommaso then throws Jay into the ringpost. Strong the picks up Jay like a Suplex, but flips Jay into a Backbreaker. Strong pins Lethal for the win.

Winner and NEW ROH World Television Champion: Roderick Strong

Strong celebrates with the title, as the show fades.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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