Ring of Honor Results (4/28/12) - Cole for the Fire


Ring of Honor Results - (4/28/12)
Results by: Adam W. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We start the show off with highlights of Showdown in the Sun: Day 1. The Briscoes retain their championships, and celebrate with the titles. World's Greatest Tag Team come to the ring and attack the celebrating Briscoes. Jay has his groin repeatedly smashed into the ring post, and is carried out by the referees.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander make their way to the ring. The Briscoe Brothers make their way to the ring.

Proving Ground Match: The ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Mark and Jay) vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

The bell rings, and Cedric and Mark start off. Mark knees Alexander into the corner, and begins headbutting him. Cedric is whipped from the corner, who does a Float Over. Cedric does a Hurricanrana to Mark, followed by an Enziguri. Pin by Cedric, but a kick out. Mark hits Cedric with a Big Boot, and pins. Kick out. Jay is tagged who does a Double Stomp to Cedric. Jay begins beating on Cedric, and tags Mark. Mark is throwing jabs in the corner, and tags again. Both Briscoes are in the ring, and are double teaming Alexander. The Briscoes whip Cedric, who jumps to his corner and tags Caprice. Caprice does a Double Dropkick to the two, followed by an STO. Pin, but a kick out. Coleman goes for a Jumping Kick, but Jay ducks. Jay does a Body Slam and tags Mark. Mark does a dancing Froggy Bow of the second rope to Coleman. Pin, but a kick out. Jay is tagged, and is chopping Caprice in the corner. Mark elbows Cedric is tagged, and begins taking on both Briscoes. Alexander does a Dropkick to a cornered Mark, followed by a Facebuster. Pin, but a kick out. On the outside, Jay throws Caprice into the barricade. Mark pick up Cedric and does an assisted Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Cedric goes top rope and pushes Jay to the barricade. When Todd Sinclair turns his attention, WGTT come in and attack The Briscoes. Mark is hit by a Splash, courtesy of Cedric for the win.

Winners: Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander via pinfall


Backstage, Veda Scott is interviewing Truth Martini, and Embassy Ltd. Rhyno says he doesn't care about his opponent tonight, all he is worried about is Eddie Edwards. At Border Wars, he says Eddie will die a slow, and painful death. When he cries tears of blood, he will ask Rhyno to put him out of his misery with a Gore. Gore! GORE!

Rhyno w/ Truth Martini vs. Vinny Marseglia

Truth Martini grabs a mic, saying he has a TV Champion, a breakout star, and a newly hired mercenary, Rhyno. Truth mocks Vinny, and says he will never be seen from again because of Rhyno's Gore.

The bell rings, and Rhyno charges at Vinny with a Lariat, followed by a Belly-to-Belly. Rhyno sizes Vinny up, and smashes him with a GORE! GORE! GORE!

Winner: Rhyno via pinfall


Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette are in the ring, and they call out Kevin Steen. Kevin comes out to the ring, with Jimmy Jacobs. Jim asks if Steen is done pandering to the crowd. Cornette says he doubts he respects his country of Canada, because he is holding a Canadian flag, let alone his. Kevin says he wonders why he is called out to talk, when he couldn't talk to Jim when he wanted to. Steen says Davey isn't here, and tries to call Davey out of Cornette's a-- by howling. Davey makes his way to the ring, bearing an American flag. Davey says if he is going to bring a flag, it might as well be the important one. Davey asks Steen to bring his flag to Border Wars, because he will end Kevin. Steen says they used to be close friends, and during that time he remembers telling Davey ROH screwed him. Davey said he will help him, but Kevin says he didn't do s--t. Steen says Davey didn't want him around, because he steals the show. Davey says his biggest problem is himself. Steen pushes Davey, and calls him a hypocrite. Steen asks Davey how many time he threatened to quit ROH, although he says he loves it. Davey says he will d this now, and the two begin pushing each other. Jim says Steen has what he wants, as does Davey. Cornette says he wants only one thing, and wants both to sign a liability waver. If they both sign it, Cornette says they can kill each other. Steen says he wouldn't want to sue anyway, because he doesn't want Cornette's Smokey Mountain tapes. Cornette informs Steen that in the waver it states this is Steen's only shot at the World Title. Steen says he only need one shot, and Davey assures him he doesn't have one to begin with.


Inside ROH:

  • Lance Storm says he has been wrestling 21 years, and has seen it all. He says Bennett doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. Lance says that what Bennett did after the match was disrespectful, and uncalled for. Storm says he will not go out on his back.
  • Lethal says good things come to those who wait. Jay says he was attacked during his match, and lost his TV Championship Belt. Lethal says he will take Tomasso's undefeated streak, and be the new Dominant Male. Ciampa says Lethal shouldn't have believed him, but regardless will show him why he is the Dominant Male.
  • Eddie Edwards says he knows what Rhyno is all about. Edwards says if Rhyno Gores him, it better kill him because he is Die Hard an will get up no matter what.


We see highlights of Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong's match at SitS. Strong capitalizes on Ciampa attacking Lethal, and captures the TV Title.

Adam Cole makes his way to the ring. Roderick Strong, the new TV Champ, makes his way to the ring with Truth Martini.

ROH World Television Championship Match: Roderick Strong (c) w/ Truth Martini vs. Adam Cole

The two shake hands, and the bell rings. The two lock up, and Strong gets Cole's arm. Cole rolls around and gets Strong's arm. Strong tackles Cole to the mat, but gets booted to the chest. Cole does a Jumping Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kickout. Adam is whipped to the corner, but Adam puts his legs up. Cole goes to the second rope, and goes a Flying Uppercut. Pin, but a kick out. Cole goes top rope, but Strong drives him to the mat. Pin, but a kick out by Cole. Strong grabs Cole, and throws him into the corner. Strong begins stomping Adam's chest. Roderick does a Suplex to Cole, and pins. Kick out by Cole. Cole is locks in a Read Headlock, but Adam fights out. Adam runs the ropes, but Strong buries a knee in Adam's gut. Strong is kicking Cole down, and stands on his chest. Strong does a Backdrop Suplex to Adam. Pin, but a kick out. Cole begins punching Strong, and runs the ropes. Roderick does a Dropkick to a running Cole. Pin, but a kickout by Adam. Strong gets another Headlock.


Cole is kicked in the face by Strong, and hit with a Backbreaker. Pin, but a kickout by Cole. Strong chops Cole in the corner, and Adam tries to fight back. Cole gets the upper hand, and whips Strong. Strong reverses, and is sent into the turnbuckle. Cole does a Spinning Calf Kick, followed by a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Strong goes for a German Suplex, but Cole does an Enziguri. Strong is on the mat, and Cole does a Shining Wizard. Pin, but a kick out. Michael Elgin makes his way to the floor, watching on. Strong, who is on the apron, does a Springboard pin. Cover, but a kick out. Cole is with a Gutbuster. Strong goes for a Gibson Driver, but Adam reveres. Cole does a Musclebuster and pins. Kick out by Strong. Roderick throws Cole onto Elgin, and goes for a Suplex. Adam gets out, but is sent to Elgin again. Strong tries to grab Adam, but Cole does an Enziguri. Cole does a Crossbody, and covers Cole. Kick out by Strong. Elgin gets on the apron, and distracts Sinclair. Truth Martini gets in the ring, and hits Cole with The Book of Truth. Strong capitalizes with an amazing Backbreaker for the win.

Winner and STILL ROH World TV Champion: Roderick Strong via pinfall

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-Adam W.

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