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Ring of Honor Results (5/19/12) - The Prodigy Dies Hard

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Ring of Honor Results - (5/19/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! The show starts off with Eddie Edwards' and Mike Bennett's previous match. Maria is bumped by Eddie, causing a distraction. Mike Bennett does the Box Office Smash and picks up a victory.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are in the ring speaking of our main event. Nigel says we have comments from both competitors.

Mike says tonight, Eddie can ride his coattails again. Mike says he will hurt Eddie, and make sure he doesn't touch Maria. Eddie says he was embarrassed at his loss. Edwards says if anyone gets in the way, he will take them out. Eddie says Bennett's Box Office Smash will be a flop.

Mike Bennett, Maria and Brutal Bob make their way to the ring. Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring.

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/ Maria and Brutal Bob

Eddie gets in Mike's face, and pushes him away. The two lock up, and Mike get's Eddie's arm. Mike twists the arm, but Eddie reverses. Eddie locks in a Hammerlock, and Bennett does a Snapmare. Eddie reverses and grabs the arm again. Mike is pushed to the mat, as Eddie twists his arm around. Mike pushes Eddie in the corner, and Eddie pushes him out. Mike slaps him in the face, and Eddie slaps Bennett. Mike whips Eddie, and Edwards does a Hurricanrana. An Arm Drag is followed. Eddie chops Mike in the corner. Mike does a Float Over after Mike whips him, and goes for a Single Leg Boston Crab. Bennett rolls up Eddie, but Edwards reverses into an STF. Mike grabs the bottom rope, and Eddie breaks. Eddie chips Mike, forcing into the corner. Eddie goes for a whip but gets booted. Eddie goes out to the floor, and right back in the ring. Mike goes to the apron and gets kicked into the barricade. Eddie goes for a Suicide Dive, but Brutal Bob is waiting. Instead, Eddie jumps onto Mike. Bennett gets ahold of Eddie, and does a Russian Legsweep to Eddie into the barricade.


Eddie chips Bennett in the corner. Mike reverses a whip, but Eddie shoulders Mike. Eddie goes top rope, but Bennett trips him onto his knee. Mike rolls up Eddie, but Edwards kicks out. Mike presses Eddie, throat first, on the middle rope. Mike pounds Eddie to the mat. Eddie gets fired up, and throws a forearm. The two trade fist and forearms in the middle of the ring. Mike gets a boot to connect to Eddie. Edwards responds with a boot of his own. Eddie goes for another, but gets punched in the face. Eddie pulls the ropes down, and Mike goes to the apron. Eddie kicks him in the back and goes for a Suicide Dive. Brutal Bob grabs his leg, and Mike gets back in the ring. Mike is thrown to the floor, and Eddie does a Moonsault Plancha. Eddie throws Mike back in the ring, and follows. Eddie hits an Enziguri to Mike, followed by a Back Pack Stunner. Eddie gets a Single Leg Boston Crab, but Bob distracts Eddie. Mike goes for the Box Office Smash, but Eddie hits a Superkick. Eddie goes top rope and does a Codebreaker. Mike grabs Eddie, and does a Spinebuster. Pin, but a kick out. Eddie is placed on the top rope, and set up for a Superplexes. Eddie headbutts Mike off, and goes for a stomp. Brutal Bob goes on the apron, and Eddie stomps Bob. Mike rolls over Eddie, but Eddie reverses with a cradle pin.

Winner: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards via pinfall

After the match, Brutal Bob picks up Eddie and connects with a Body Slam Backbreaker. Maria adds insult to injury, and slaps Eddie in the face.


Grizzly Redwood makes his way down to the ring. Kamel Dickinson makes his way to the ring, making his ROH debut.

Grizzly Redwood vs. Kamel Dickinson

Before the match starts The House of Truth makes their way to the ring. Truth says instead of them facing each other, the should team up and face Michael Elgin. Truth says he wants Elgin to prove he is really unbreakable. Truth puts $1,000 in the ring, and offers them the money for the match. They accept.

Michael Elgin w/ Ring of Honor Television Champion Roderick Strong and Truth Martini vs. Grizzly Redwood and Kamel Dickinson

Elgin throws Kamel across the ring. They lock up, but Elgin throws him again. Elgin charges towards him, but Kamel does a Dropkick. Kamel jumps towards Elgin, but Michael picks him up. Elgin hits a Powerslam and pins. Kick out. Elgin moves away from Kamel's Dropkick and picks him up. Elgin hits a Spinning Powerbomb. Redwood gets in the ring, as Kamel is checked on by referees. Grizz does a Hurricanrana, and Sleeperhold. Elgin is thrown to the floor. Grizzly goes for a Suicide Dive, but gets picked up. Elgin slams Grizz on the ring apron. Grizz rolls back in the ring, and does a Tornado DDT. Pin, but a kick out. Elgin throws Redwood, and grabs him y the hair. Elgin does a Backbreaker to Redwood. Grizzly begins chipping Elgin, but Michael picks him up. Grizz gets out and does a Chin Breaker. Elgin gets mad, and begins stomping him in the corner. Jay Lethal gets in the ring, and becomes Redwood's new partner. Elgin doesn't allow a tag, and picks up Grizzly. Redwood squirms out, and Elgin misses with a seat. Redwood does a Enziguri, and tags Jay. Lethal does a Handspring Elbow. Pin, but a kick out. Jay does a Lethal Combination, and goes for an Elbow. Jay is picked up off the top rope, and is hit with a Sidewalk Slam by Elgin. Pin, but a kick out. Lethal escapes a Powerbomb, but is knocked out with a Spinning Back Fist. Elgin goes to pick up Jay, but Roderick Strong gets in the ring.

Winner: Jay Lethal and Grizzly Redwood via disqualification

Elgin and Strong begins arguing in the ring. Jay goes for a Lethal Injection to Elgin, but Michael moves. Strong is hit with a Lethal Injection, and leaves.


Inside ROH:

  • The Young Bucks interfere in TJ Perkins' and Mike Mondo's match, causing TJ to get distracted. TJ dives on all three men on the outside, but TYB cause TJ to lose. All three men are beating up TJ, but the All Night Express make the save. ANX speak of the pain that the Young Bucks caused them. Rhett Titus says he will take them out. Kenny says TYB will get black eyes and broken bones. TYB say they specialize in tag team wrestling. Matt says he has two feet with there name on it.


The Young Bucks make their way to the ring. The All Night Express make their way to the ring.

Elimination Grudge Tag Match: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. The All Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus)

The two teams don't wait, and begins attacking each other. Kenny snaps Matt's neck on the rope, after jumping to the floor. Rhett follows with a Neckbreaker. Rhett elbows Matt in the corner, and follows with an Irish Whip. Kenny gets back in the ring, and hits a Spin Kick to Matt. Nick dives off the top rope, but Rhett catches him in an Atomic Drop. Rhett throws Nick into Kenny, who does a Lariat. Rhett begins attacking Matt, and whips him. Nick grabs Matt, and moves him away. Rhett runs towards Matt, but is greeted with an elbow to the face. Matt spear Rhett down, and does a Moonsault in sync with Nick's dive. Matt and Nick stomp on Rhett, but not before attacking Kenny. Matt tags Nick, and Nicks grinds Titus' face against the rope. Nick is rolled up by Titus, but Sinclair was distracted by Kenny trying to get in the ring. Matt is tagged and does an Axe Handle to Titus' back. Matt begins racking the eyes of Rhett, but Titus does a Chin Breaker.. Titus manages to tag King, who is knocking both Bucks with Lariats. Kenny does a Reverse Atomic Drop to Nick, and hits him with an Enziguri to the back. Matt goes to kick Titus, but Rhett grabs the leg. Kenny grabs Matt, and does a Regal-Plex. Kenny is Superkicked, and rolls to the floor. Rhett has his leg caught by Matt, and Nick does an Enziguri. Nick jumps in the ring, and does a Springboard Facebuster to Rhett. Nick gets on the apron, but Kenny Dropkicks him to the floor. Matt dives of the top rope, and does a DDT to Kenny on the apron. Rhett dives on The Young Bucks, who are on the outside. Both teams are back in the ring, and Rhett goes for a Powerbomb, with King on the top rope. Nick Superkicks Rhett, and Kenny misses a dive of the top rope. Both Bucks hit him with a Double Superkick and pin.

Kenny King is Eliminated


Matt locks Rhett's head, and Nick Dropkicks him in the face. Rhett has his face slammed into Nick's boot. Matt picks up Rhett and does a Suplex. Matt reaches his hand out, and tags Nick. Nick does a Senton into the ring onto Titus. Matt does another Dropkick, and pins. Kick out by Titus. Nick begins elbowing the surgically repaired knee of Titus. Nick tags Matt, who begins kicking the knee of Rhett. Matt is slapped in the corner, but Rhett has his neck snapped against the ropes. Nick grabs Rhett's leg, and twists it sideways. Rhett grabs Matt's head and rolls him up. Kick out by Matt. Matt begins attacking the knee again, but Rhett kicks him off. Rhett runs towards Matt, but he moves. Rhett runs towards Matt, and Nick goes to kick Titus. Rhett pushes Matt in the way, and follows with a Northern Lights Suplex. Pin, but the cover is broken by a Double Stomp by Nick. Matt goes for More Bang, but Rhett rolls him up.

Matt Jackson is Eliminated

Nick hits a Rolling Enziguri to Rhett. Pin, but a kick out. Kenny King comes back out for support. Nick is pounding the face of Titus. Nick is whipped from the corner, abut kicked in the face. Rhett does a Back Body Drop. Rhett whips Nick, and does a Dropkick. Rhett is elbowed in the face, and runs the ropes. Rhett grabs him, and does a Samoan Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Matt Jackson grabs the hair of Rhett, but Kenny is there for the save. Kenny a Facebuster to Matt on the apron. Rhett grabs Nick's incoming Superkick, and hits a Rolling Lariat. Rhett then hits an Elevated DDT to Nick for the win.

Winners: The All Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus) via pinfall

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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