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Ring of Honor Results (5/26/12) - ROH's Worst Nightmare Realized

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Ring of Honor Results - (5/26/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor: Road Rage Edition! We are greeted by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. They explain that tonight we will see Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen in its entirety. Before the match, we see a video explaining Border Wars. We are shown clips of matches from the event with a brief summary of each. Rhino vs. Eddie, Cole vs. Elgin, Strong vs. Finlay, Storm vs. Bennett, and The Briscoes vs. WGTT.

A video package of The Briscoes and Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team's match is shown. In their fight without honor, big spots are shown. Going through tables, being hit with hockey sticks, and many near falls. Charlie Haas grabs a rag and sprays a gas on it. Haas puts the rag in the face of Mark Briscoe, knocking him out. Haas and Benjamin steal a victory to obtain the tag belts.


Kevin Kelly speaks about Davey Richards, and his recent obstacles. We see a small video of Kyle O'Reilly being taken out by Kevin Steen in their match. After that, we see footage from an ROH house show of Kevin Steen being attacked by Davey. Richards has the Ankle Lock on Steen, but Jimmy Jacobs attack Davey with a chair. Steen does an F-5 to Richards. All the ROH locker room comes to the ring to get Steen out.

Nigel McGuinness speaks with Eddie Edwards, and his thoughts on Davey's upcoming match. Eddie says Davey has bad ribs, because he neglected them. Eddie says he would have been out there in the past, but not anymore. Eddie says he respects that the fans want Steen as champion, but doesn't want him to be the face of the company.

Davey says he had to face so many battles to win his belt. Davey says everything comes down to this match. Davey says he is in Canada, but Kevin is in his ring. Davey says Steen is desperate, and will hurt.

Kevin Steen says he has been criticized since his first match. Kevin says he has irritated people, because he chose to become a wrestler differently. Steen says Jim Cornette has the biggest problem with it. Kevin promises Cornette that he will have to call him champion.


Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring, grabbing a Canadian flag on his way. Jimmy Jacobs follows behind. The fans cheer Steen, cheering him on. The Ring of Honor World Champion makes his way to the ring, ready to prove that he is the best. The fans don't seem to take a liking to Davey, throwing toilet paper at him.

Ring of Honor World Championship Match: ROH World Champion "American Wolf" Davey Richards vs. "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen w/ Jimmy Jacobs

The bells rings, and the two lock eyes. They stare at each other, trading insults. The fans chant "Next World Champ" as Davey questions them. Steen tries to get Davey in the Package Piledriver immediately. Davey gets out, and the two begin trading blows. Davey kicks Steen after running the ropes. Steen runs towards him, but Davey sends him out of the ring. Davey dives on Steen, as the fans yell in Richard's face. Davey begins kicking Steen against the barricade. Davey throws Kevin back in the ring, yelling at Jacobs. Steen grabs Davey, and does a DDT while he is in the ropes. Davey rolls out, and Steen follows. Steen throws Davey into the barricade, and chops him. Kevin throws him again, on the opposite side. Steen takes his time, throwing Davey at every side of the arena. Kevin does a Russian Legsweep driving Davey's back into the barricade. Steen picks up Davey, slamming his crotch into the ring post. Steen does it once more, at the fan's approval.


Davey does a Snapmare to Steen, and locks the arm of Steen. Davey has the arm around the leg, and locks the leg in a Cloverleaf. Steen fights out, and grabs the ropes. Davey locks in a Trailer Hitch, but Steen grabs the ropes. Davey begins kicking Steen in the corner. Davey whips Steen from the corner, and charges towards him. Steen picks up a leg, then elbows Davey. Kevin goes top rope, but Richards does an Enziguri. Steen goes rto the floor, and Davey gets on the apron. Davey trikes for a punt to Steen, but misses and hits Jacobs. Kevin trips Davey, smashing his face into the apron. Kevin picks up Davey,and does a Powerbomb onto the apron. Kevin breaks the count, and does it again. Steen rolls in Davey, and gets in the corner. Steen does a Cannonball to Davey, and pins him. Kick out by Richards. Steen goes to the top rope. Davey gets up, and goes for a Superplex. Steen headbutts him, and Davey does the same. Steen bites Davey's face, and knocks him down. Steen does a Senton to Richards. Steen elbows a charging Davey in the corner, but Davey grabs Steen. Richards does a German Suplex to Steen. Cover by Davey, but a kick out. Davey hits a Flying Forearm in the corner to Davey, but Steen hits a Superkick. Steen follows with a Spinning Lariat. Both are down, and are being counted. The two begin trading forearms in the middle of the ring. Davey gets the upper hand and goes to whip Steen. Davey is caught up by Steen, and is hit with a Muscle Buster. Pin, but a kick out. Steen grabs Davey's mouthpiece, and puts it in his mouth. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, but Davey fights back. Steen rakes the eyes, but gets his legs taken out by Davey. Davey runs the ropes, and Steen does a Powerbomb. Pin, but a kick out. Steen immediately locks in the Sharpshooter, but Richards grabs the ropes.


Davey is on the apron, and does a Dragon Screw to Steen whose leg is in the ropes. Davey pulls the leg, and ties it in the ropes. Davey goes top rope, and does a Double Stomp to Steen's leg. Steen gets out of the ropes, and Davey does it again. Pin, but a kick out. Davey locks in the Ankle Lock, but Steen kicks out. Davey goes for a kick, but Steen rolls him up. Kick out. Davey does a DR Driver to Steen. Davey stands over Steen, and begins kicking him in the face. Steen pits in Davey's face, and slaps him. The two begins trading slaps, and Steen does the F-5. Pin, but a kick out. Steen goes top rope and does a Moonsault to Richards. Pin, but a kick out. Steen grabs Davey, and goes for the Package Piledriver. Davey gets out, and hits a running kick to Steen. Pin, but a kick out. Davey kicks Steen in the face. Steen spits on him again, but Davey kicks him in the face. Davey goes for another kick, but Steen reverses it into an Ankle Lock. Davey reverses it into an Ankle Lock, but Steen locks in a Sharpshooter. Davey reaches for the ropes, but can't grab it. Davey once again locks in an Ankle Lock. Steen pulls off the turnbuckle pad, and rolls Davey into it. Steen does a Sleeperhold Suplex to Davey. Steen grabs Richards and does a Package Piledriver for the win.

Winner and NEW ROH World Champion: Kevin Steen via pinfall

Cary Silkin goes to reward Steen with his belt, but refuses. Steen celebrates in the ring, and Steve Corino face Steen. Steve hugs Kevin, who is looking happy.


Kevin Kelly is backstage, attempting to get a word with Davey. One of the doctors tells them he is too hurt, and it's not a good time. Kevin says Steen is the new champion. Kelly is speaking with Steen. Steen says what he gives is real. Steen says from now on, he is raking the company hostage. Steen grabs a fist full off cake, and says "Welcome to Ring of Honor".

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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