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Ring of Honor Results (6/2/12) - Reign of Terror

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Ring of Honor Results - (6/2/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Check if Ring of Honor TV is in your area with the listings here, and be sure to follow along with the live coverage!

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! The show starts off with a video package of last week's Main Event. Davey Richards and Kevin Steen's title match is shown, with Steen picking up a victory. Kevin hold up his World Championship proudly.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are in the ring, and welcome us to the show. Nigel says we will hear from Kevin Steen later tonight. We will also hear of the next challenger of the World Championship. First, we hear thought of the competitors in the upcoming match.

Adam Cole is backstage saying Mike Mondo is a tough guy. Cole says he respects Mondo, but doesn't fear him.Cole says after his win, he will continue his rise to the top. Mike Mondo says he won't show mercy. Mike says he will smash Cole's face in, and give him the pleasure of putting his face back together.

Mike Mondo makes his way to the ring. Adam Cole makes his way to the ring.

"No Fear" Mike Mondo vs. Adam Cole

The two lock up, and Mike gets a Side Headlock. Cole pushes Mike against the ropes, but Mondo tackles him down. Cole gets a Hammerlock on Mondo, but Mike reverses into a Hip Toss. Cole reverses, and rolls up Mondo. Kick out. Cole does a Dropkick to Mondo, pushing him out of the ring. Cole goes to dive, but Mondo grabs Cole's legs. Mike smashes Cole into the apron. Mondo throws Cole back in the ring, and poses on the apron. Cole does a Dropkick to Mondo. Cole dives outside of the ring onto Mike. Cole gets back in the ring, but Mondo hits a Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Mondo begins kneeing Adam's head, and throws him in the corner. Mike pushes Adam's hand into the turnbuckle pad, and begins beating him down. Mike puts Cole's leg in the ring covering, and begins choking Cole. Todd Sinclair gets Cole out, as Adam regains himself. Cole tries to fight back, but Mondo hits a Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Mondo locks in a Rear Headscissors to Cole, and rolls him on his stomach. Mondo raises his legs, and slams Cole's head into the mat. Mondo breaks the submission and grabs a Crevate Headlock. Cole rolls Mondo over, but Mike retains his Headlock. Cole goes for a Chinbreaker, but Mondo moves. Adam begins fighting back with some hooks. Cole beats Mike into the corner, and brings him down to the mat. Cole runs the ropes and hits a Low Dropkick to Mondo's legs. Mondo rolls to the apron, and Cole goes for a Stomp. Adam hurts his leg on the floor, and Mike seeks opportunity. Mike runs for Adam, but Cole jumps over Mondo. Mike is thrown into the ring, and Cole goes top rope. Cole connects with a Cross Body and pins. Kick out by Mike. Adam goes for an Enziguri, but Mondo moves. Mondo stomps Cole's head, and goes for a Double Underhook DDT. Cole reverses the move, and pins Mike for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall


In the ring, Nick Westgate prepares for his match. Tommaso Ciampa angerly stomps his way to the ring, with the Embassy behind.

"The Dominant Male" Tommaso Ciampa w/ Embassy Ltd. vs. Nick Westgate

Ciampa hits a Lariat to Nick. Ciampa sits Nick in the ropes, and begins beating his face in. Tommaso begins choking Nick against the ropes. Ciampa kicks Nick in the face, getting him out of the ropes. Ciampa does a Jumping Dropkick to Nick. Ciampa plans to continue the squash by pulling his knee pad down. Ciampa runs for Nick, but Westgate does a Dropkick. Westgate runs the ropes, but Ciampa throws him up and hits a knee. Tommaso begins elbowing the carcass of Nick Westgate. Todd Sinclair struggles to get Ciampa away, but rings the bell.

Winner: "The Dominant Male" Tommaso Ciampa via knockout


Inside ROH:

  • Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin speak of their match against the Briscoes at Border Wars. Haas choked Mark Briscoe out with a rag and gas substance. WGTT also speak of All Night Express wanting a match for the titles, saying they are a lame team undeserving of a match.
  • Jay Lethal took Tommaso Ciampa's undefeated streak at Border Wars. Lethal says all he needs to do is take back his belt. Jay says he will defeat Roderick Strong, and that's the truth.
  • Fit Finlay says it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Finlay says he will test Michael Elgin, one he insures Elgin won't pass.
  • Eddie Edwards will face Davey Richards next week, saying his victory over him will increase his chance of getting a World Championship Match. Eddie says he has yet to beat Homicide, his opponent for Best in the World, but will make quick work of Richards.


Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander make their way to the ring. ANX make their way to the ring.

Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander vs. The All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King)

King and Cedric lock up, and Cedric gets the arm. Kenny reverses into an Arm Bar, but Cedric gets a Hammerlock. Kenny does an Arm Drag to Cedric, and gets the arm locked. Cedric runs the ropes , and does a Hurricanrana to King. Cedric follows with an Armdrag. Kenny gets up, and Cedric goes for a kick. Kenny moves, and both do an Enziguri. Kenny tags Rhett, as Titus buries his foot into Cedric's ribs. Cedric grabs Titus, and tags Coleman. Caprice does a Dropkick to Rhett, who rolls to the outside. Kenny King gets in the ring, and Caprice jumps towards the ropes. Coleman does a Springboard Spaceman Moonsault to Rhett. Cedric dives onto King and Rhett. Caprice gets int he ring, and does a Cross Body to Titus. Pin, but a kick out by Rhett. Caprice knocks Rhett out of the ring, and runs towards the floor. Kenny King knees Caprice in the face, and Rhett gets in the ring. Titus does a Body Slam and tags King. King does a Legdrop simultaneously with Titus' Splash. Kenny locks in the arm of Caprice.


King hits a Lariat to Coleman and tags Titus. ANX do a double chop, forearm and kick to Caprice. Rhett pins, but a kick out. Rhett does a Neckbreaker to Caprice. Titus grabs the head of Caprice, and throws him into Kenny's foot. King is tagged, and begins stomping Caprice in the corner. Rhett gets in the ring, and goes for a tag move. Caprice grabs Kenny's head, does a kick to Rhett, and Satellite DDT to King. Cedric is tagged, and takes out ANX with some Dropkicks. Pin, but a kick out. Cedric and Caprice do a Double Dropkick to King. Caprice grabs Titus' head, and Alexander does an Enziguri. Titus gets back up and does a Swinging Lariat to Caprice. Cedric goes for a Suplex to Titus, and Coleman helps. Kenny catches Titus, and ANX do a double kick to C&C. Kenny grabs Caprice, but Caprice whips Titus in the corner, Cedric splashes Titus, after he is whipped by Caprice. Coleman is kicked in the face by King, and goes top rope. Titus pick up Cedric, and ANX connect with One Night Stand.

Winners: The All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King)


Kevin Kelly is in the ring, and welcomes our new ROH World Champion Kevin Steen. Steen makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino. Kevin Kelly tries to get a word with Corino, but Steve interrupts. Corino says he wants Kelly to leave, and will conduct the introduction. Corino asks what it's like to be champion. Steen says it is an amazing feeling. Steen says he told everyone so, and is a man of his word. Steve says Kevin Steen convinced him evil is the only way to go. Steve wants to know what will make Steen different. Steen says he won't waste his time training for Jiujitsu. Steen says he will represent the company. Steen says he will kiss babies, or whatever other champions do. Steen says he will meet with TV Executives, dressed to the nines. Steen says he will tell them all about Cornette. Jim Cornette comes in the ring, and says he won't let that happen. Corino yells at Steve saying he was supposed to watch out for Kevin, not embrace him. Cornette fires Corino, but Steve rebuttals. Steve says all he ever does is show up on TV on rare occasion, and does DVD Commentary. Steve tells Cornette to shut up. Jim Cornette says Kevin Steen is a cancer, and will find someone to cut it. Cornette says Steen will face... Davey Richards makes his way to the ring. Davey yells at Cornette to shut up. Richards tells Cornette to kiss his ass. Richards says he fights for himself, and not for Cornette. Davey says on Border Wars, Steen was better than him. Richards says he wants a match, one between two of the best. Steen says he has better things to do, and leaves the ring. Steen tries to make Davey turn on Cornette saying he wont even give him the match. Steen says that Cornette is the only tennis player without any balls. Cornette gives Davey his match, but this is his last show. Richards gets in Steen's face, saying he is blood thirsty. Davey says he is Steen's worst nightmare.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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