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Ring of Honor Results (6/23/12) - The Ambitious Versus The Nightmarish

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Ring of Honor Results - (6/23/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We start off the show with a highlight of last week's match between Mike Bennett and Adam Page. Mike gets the victory, but Bennett and Bob begin beating Page up. Edwards slides in for the save, cleaning house. Bennett says Edwards couldn't beat anyone, including Bob. This week, Eddie will take on Brutal Bob in a match.

Mike Bennett, Maria, and Brutal Bob make their way to the ring. Edwards isn't taking this match seriously, coming to the ring with a grin.

"Brutal" Bob Evans w/ "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and Maria vs. "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards

Eddie begins chopping Bob in the corner, but Evans throws Eddie to the floor. Edwards begins chopping Bob, and whips Evans to the barricade. Eddie whips Bob into the opposite barricade, and hits a running boot to Bob's face. Eddie throws Bob in the ring, and gets on the apron. Mike pulls at Eddie's foot, distracting him. Bob gets the chance to attack, and hits a Shoulder Block. Bob does a Snapmare, followed by some knees to Eddie's face. Bob picks up Eddie, and slams him down. Bob continues bragging while throwing Eddie around. Bob does an Elbow, and pins. Kick out by Eddie. Bob gets a Headlock, but Eddie fights out.Eddie does a Sunset Flip into a pin, but Bob kicks out. Evans then locks in a Headlock on the mat. Eddie tries fighting out, but Bob keeps hitting his back. Evans throws Eddie off the ropes, but Eddie chops Bob into the corner. Bob pushes Eddie away, but Edwards does a Hurricanrana. Eddie goes top rope, and connects with a Missile Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Eddie whips Bob, but Evans kicks Eddie. Eddie goes to the apron, and allows Bob to run to the floor. Eddie kicks Bob's chest, and does a Moonsault to Bob. Eddie gets Bob back in the ring, and goes top rope. Eddie goes for a Double Stomp, but Bob moves. Eddie locks in the Achilles Lock, but Bennett goes on the apron. Eddie goes to attack Mike, but Bob rolls Eddie up for a pin. Edwards reverses into a pin of his own.

Winner: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards via pinfall

After the match, Eddie is being attacked by Mike Bennett and Bob Evans. As the attack is in progress, Homicide makes his way down to the ring. Homicide cleans house and makes the save for Eddie. Homicide shows respect by clapping for Eddie, and shakes Edwards hand. Homicide kicks Eddie in the stomach and does Da Cop Killa, a back-to-back double underhook Piledriver.


Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us back. They are speaking of Homicide "helping" Eddie, but ends up as an attack. Eddie and Homicide will have a match at Best in the World 2012.

Kevin Kelly is speaking of a dissolution of the Embassy in a video package. Truth Martini speaks of being insulted. Prince Nana is being interrupted by RD Evans every time Nana tries to speak. This ongoing conspiracy may interfere in Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong and Tommaso Ciampa's Triple Threat for the TV Title at Best in the World.


Chris Silvio makes his way to the ring. Jay Lethal makes his way down to the ring.

Jay Lethal vs. "The Psychedelic Superstar" Chris Silvio

Collar and Elbow, as Jay backs Silvio into the corner. Jay clean breaks, as the two lock up again. Chris is thrown off the ropes, and hits a Shoulder Block. Chris goes for a Leapfrog, but Jay hits an Atomic Drop. Jay begins chopping Chris in the corner. Chris runs towards Jay, but is thrown towards the apron. Jay does a Dropkick to Chris, knocking him to the floor. Jay goes for a Suicide Dive to Chris on the floor, but Silvio moves. Lethal begins chopping Chris against the ring post, but gets his face smashed into the ring post. RD Evans and Prince Nana make their way down the ramp. Chris gets on the apron, and hits an Axe Handle to Jay on the floor. Chris throws Lethal in the ring, and pins. Kick out by Lethal. Truth Martini makes his way down the ramp also. Jay begins punching Chris on the mat. Chris sweeps Lethal's legs, and hits an Elbow Drop. Silvio goes top rope, and connects with a Legdrop. Pin, but a kick out by Lethal. Chris locks in a Headlock, but Jay manages to escape. Jay hits a right hooks to Silvio and does a Backdrop to Chris. Lethal hits a boot, and a Lariat to Chris. Jay begins chipping Chris against the ropes. Jay hits a Handspring Elbow to Chris. Tommaso Ciampa makes his way down to the ring with Embassy and Truth. As they are arguing on the outside, Jay connects with a Lethal Injection.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall

Roderick Strong makes his way down to the ring, and begins fighting with Ciampa on the floor. Strong gets in the ring, but Jay is waiting. Lethal begins attacking Strong, but Ciampa gets Jay. All three are fighting, while their managers and referees try to break up the fight.


Inside ROH:

  • Truth Martini speaking of his Guardians of Truth facing The Briscoes. Martini says his team is feared by all. Truth says even though he hates the Briscoes, he feels sorry for the pain they will endure. Mark and Jay mock Truth, saying they aren't scared. Who ever they are, The Briscoes are ready.
  • Jim Cornette speaks of Richards and Steen's match. Cornette says Richards wants the Piledriver because of his pride, Steen wants it for an advantage, the fans want it because they want blood. Either way, Cornette loses. Jim says he will allow the Piledriver, but doesn't want excuses. If Richards can't do the job, Cornette will find someone who can.
  • Jimmy Jacobs is speaking of Richards, and his inability to beat Steen. Kevin says they will let Jim Cornette down, again. Kevin says he wishes to defend the title, unlike what Davey did. Kevin says he was put in a match with Davey, after many No DQ matches. Steen says Cornette and Richards have already lost.


Veda Scott is backstage speaking to Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly. Kyle goes to complain, but Davey tells Kyle off. Davey says their team is not about talking, and they are about fighting. Davey says he wants to show Steen and Jacobs what Team Ambition is all about.

The Ring of Honor World Champion Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs make their way to the ring. Team Ambition make their way to the ring, and face off with Steen and Jacobs.

Ring of Honor World Champion "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen and "Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs vs. Team Ambition (Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly)

Davey and Kyle begin attacking Steen and Jacobs. Davey begins kicking Steen against the ring post, and throws him into the barricade. Kyle begins kicking Jacobs against the barricade. Jimmy bites Kyle's nose, and Davey and Steen are throwing punches. Steen and Richards get in the ring. Steen and Richards begin trading blows in the middle of the ring. Jimmy pulls Davey out of the ring, and Kyle gets in with a Big Boot to Steen. Kyle and Steen take it to the floor as Jacobs and Davey get in the ring. They begins trading blows, but Davey makes is way to the apron. Davey punts Steen off the apron, and kicks him into the barricade. Steen is thrown in the ring, and Davey does a Double Stomp to Steen. Pin, but Davey locks in the Ankle Lock. Jacobs breaks the hold and throws Davey into the barricade. Kyle then throws Jimmy into a barricade. Kyle runs towards Steen, but Kevin does a Powerbomb to O'Reilly on the apron.


Steen and Jacobs both throw Kyle into the barricade. Steen throws Kyle in the ring, as Jacobs throws Davey into the barricade. Jimmy gets in the ring, and connects with a Neckbreaker. Jimmy begins stomping on Kyle's gut, followed by an Elbow. Jacobs tags Steen, who begins biting Kyle in the corner. Steen whips Kyle into the opposite corner, as he kicks Davey to the floor again. Steen pushes Kyle's neck against the ropes. Jacobs continues attack Davey while Steen does a Body Slam. Kevin hits a Senton to Kyle. Pin, but a kick out by Kyle. Steen smashes Kyle's head into the turnbuckle and tags Jimmy. Jimmy begins punching Kyle in the face, while standing on the ropes. Kyle rolls up Jimmy, but Steen knocks him down to the mat. Steen and Jacobs go for a tandem move, but Richards begins hitting Flying Forearms to both men in their respective corners. Kevin goes for a Superkick, but Davey blocks and hits a German Suplex. Richards locks in the Ankle Lock. Jimmy Jacobs jumps on Davey with a Guillotine. Kyle breaks the lock, and runs towards Jimmy. Jacobs moves, allowing Kyle to fly to the outside. Kyle pulls Jimmy to the floor as they are all attacking each other. Steen looks happy, and dives on the three men. Jacobs begins choking Kyle, and Davey does an Exploder Suplex to Steen on the apron. Davey attacks Jacobs on the apron, and Davey goes to get in the ring. Steen kicks the rope into Davey's groin. Jimmy locks in the Guillotine to Kyle on the floor, and bump into Davey and Steen on the apron. Jimmy locks in the Guillotine again, but he and Kyle go through the Timekeeper's table.

Winners: N/A

Chaos breaks out as all four men begin attacking each other. Many referees and other wrestlers attempt to break up the fight, but to no avail.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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