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Ring of Honor Results (6/30/12) - Honor Set Aside

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Ring of Honor Results - (6/30/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Check if Ring of Honor TV is in your area with the listings here, and be sure to follow along with the live coverage!

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette are in the ring, and introduce us to out main event. For the first time in 10 years, a wrestling promotion will hold a Texas Death Match, which is between Jay Briscoe and Charlie Haas. First up, we see comments from Mike Mondo because he is facing Davey Richards.

Mike Mondo will face Davey Richards for the first time in Ring of Honor. Mike says he doesn't fear Davey, but does respect him. Mondo says he and Richards have both beaten many competitors, but calls bluff on Davey calling himself the "Best in the World." Mike says Richards won't be the best until he beats him.

Mike Mondo makes his way to the ring. Davey Richards makes his way to the ring.

"American Wolf" Davey Richards vs. "No Fear" Mike Mondo

The two lock up, and Mike gets a Waist Lock. Davey traps Mike's arm, but Mondo twists around. Mike takes Davey to the mat, but Richards escapes with a kick. The two lock up again, but Mike punches Davey's back. Davey hits a Spinning Kick to Mike, and knocks him to the mat. Davey drags him up, but is thrown off the ropes. Mike goes to Shoulder Davey down, but Richards stands. Mike runs the ropes and Davey follows, doing a roll up. Davey locks in a seated Surfboard, but Mike reverses into the same submission. Mondo goes for a Dropkick, but Davey moves. Davey attempts a kick, but Mondo moves. The two stand off. The two lock hands, but Mike gets behind Davey. Mike jumps over Davey to roll him up, but Davey pins. Kick out. Davey grabs Mondo and does a Backslide. Kick out. Davey gets a Bodyscissors locked in, but Mike gets out. Davey rolls up Mike, but he kicks out. Davey does an Armdrag, and Mike attempts one also as Richards goes for another. Mondo hits a cheap shot to Richards face and whips him into the corner. Mike misses a Corner Splash, and Davey tries to throw Mike into the turnbuckle. Mike puts a foot up, and runs the ropes. Davey pulls the ropes down, and Mike goes to the floor. Richards punts Mike in the chest while on the floor. Davey puts Mike against the barricade, and kicks his chest. Davey brings Mike all around the barricade, doing the same chest kick.Davey throws Mike back in the ring, and goes top rope. Davey misses a Double Stomp, and Mike pulls the ropes as Davey runs them. Davey gets sent to the apron. Mondo charges towards him with a Spear, knocking Davey to the floor.


Mike has Davey in an Abdominal Stretch. Davey gets out, but Mondo drives a knee into Davey's face. Mondo has Davey's legs tied, and puts pressure on his stomach. Mike goes for a Sunset Flip, but Davey Double Stomps Mike on the mat. Mondo and Davey begin trading forearms in the middle of the ring. Mondo runs the ropes, but Davey hits a Dropkick. Mondo rolls to the floor, and Davey runs the ropes. Davey smashes Mike into the barricade with a Suicide Dive. Davey throws Mike back into the ring, and goes top rope. Davey connects with a Missile Dropkick, and charges towards a cornered Mondo. Mike puts his knees up, but Davey does a Bridging German Suplex. Kick out but Mike. Davey locks in the Ankle Lock. As Mondo is about to tap, time runs out on the match.

Winner: Draw

The fans chant for 5 more minutes. Davey agrees, but Mike leaves the ring limping.


Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette say there is a Four Way Match, where the winner gets a TV Title shot. We see a majority of the match.

Four Way Proving Ground Match: Ring of Honor World Television Champion Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly vs. BJ Whitmer

Strong runs the ropes, but BJ does a Hurricanrana. Kick out. Roderick does a forearm, but hits a Fisherman Suplex. Kyle gets in the match, but is greeted by many chops. Kyle tries kicking back, but BJ continues the chops. Kyle gets a Suplex in, but Strong breaks the count. BJ does a Chinbreaker, and Cole tags himself in. Cole does a Diving Crossbody to Kyle. Adam hits an Enziguri, followed by a Shining Wizard. Pin, but Strong breaks the cover again. Cole goes for a Suplex, but Kyle gets out. Both men hit Big Boots, and Strong tags himself in. Kyle is sent to the floor. Strong gets Adam in the corner, and hits him. Strong does a Gutbuster to Cole, with a pin. Kick out. BJ gets in the ring and begins attacking Strong. Adam Superkicks BJ, but Kyle hits a Lariat to Cole. All four men are down in the ring. They gets up and begin trading fists and chops. Cole and BJ take on Kyle and Strong. BJ goes for a Suplex, but he and Kyle are taken to the floor. Cole rolls Strong up, and wins the match.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall


Jim Cornette and Kevin Kelly are in the ring with some ROH affiliates. They encourage people to sponsor Ring of Honor. They say they are proud to be apart of the company.

We are shown Texas Death Match Rules. There are no disqualifications or time limit. After a pinfall, there is a 30 second break. If the wrestler can't get up in a 10 count, they lose. This is similar to a Last Man Standing Match.

Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring. Jay Briscoe makes his way to the ring.

Texas Death Match: Charlie Haas vs. Jay Briscoe

Charlie begins attacking Jay, and throws him off the ropes. Jay rolls up Charlie Haas with a Sunset Flip Pin. Jay successfully pins Haas for a three count.

First Fall: Jay Briscoe


Jay is punching Haas on the floor. Jay kicks Haas in the stomach, and whips him into the barricade. Jay grabs the ring bell and hammer, and rang the bell against Haas' head. Jay throws a chair into the ring, and goes for a hook to Haas. Charlie picks up Briscoe, and hits a Back Suplex to Jay against the barricade. Haas throws Briscoe into the ring and pins.

Second Fall: Charlie Haas

Haas begins choking Briscoe in the corner. Jay fights back with some fists. Briscoe kicks Haas, but Charlie hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Pin by Haas.

Third Fall: Charlie Haas

Haas begins punching Jay, and throws him into the corner. Haas throws heavy fists into the face of Briscoe. Haas does a Snapmare followed by a kick to the back. Haas whips Jay into the corner, who falls to the mat. Haas hits a Lariat to Jay, followed by a Hip Toss. Pin, but a kick out. Haas takes off his wrist tape, and begins choking Jay with it. Jay gets out and runs the ropes. Haas pulls the ropes down, sending Jay to the outside. Haas kicks Jay in the chest and throws him into the barricade. Haas begins choking Jay against the barricade with his foot. Haas throws Jay's head into a chair on the floor.


Jay goes for a Piledriver, but Haas does a Back Drop to Jay on the floor. Haas throws Jay into the ring, with a chair in hand. Jay gets up, and kicks the chair into the head of Haas. Haas and Briscoe trade hooks, but Jay gets the upper hand. Haas blocks a jab, and hits an Olympic Slam. This also knocks down the ref. Haas covers Jay, but the ref is down. Haas goes on the floor and grabs a table. Haas tries to bring it in the ring, but Jay Baseball Slides the table into Haas. Briscoe slides the table in the ring, and hits Haas with a chair. Jay goes to the locker room, and grabs a cooler and a Kendo stick. Jay grabs a beer, and pours it in the face of Haas. Jay grabs another, and chugs it on the apron. Jay throws the can at Haas, and hits a Superkick. Jay sets on the table, but Haas smashes Briscoe in the head with a highway cone. Jay is unfazed, and hits Haas in the face. Haas is placed on the table, and Briscoe goes top rope. Jay lands a Double Stomp to Haas, smashing him through the table. Pin, but Paul Turner is still down. Jay sets up two chairs, and places a piece of cage on them. Jay picks up Haas, and hits a Death Valley Driver. Haas kicks the ref in the head, to keep him down. Jay grabs a Kendo stick, but Haas hits a low blow. Haas hits Jay in the head with the Kendo stick. Haas goes to the floor, and grabs a towel and a fume can. Haas goes to knock Jay out with the substance, but Jay hits Haas in the head with a Kendo stick. Haas throws the towel into the crowd, and knocks Haas out with the edge of the can. Jay covers Haas, and gets a pinfall.

Fourth Fall: Jay Briscoe

Haas is trying to get up for the 10 count, but doesn't make it.

Winner: Jay Briscoe via pinfall

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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