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Ring of Honor Results (7/14/12) - Threat of Elimination

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Ring of Honor Results - (7/14/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor: Road Rage! Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Tonight, out Main Event will be a Triple Threat Elimination Match for the Ring of Honor Television Championship. Roderick Strong will defend his title against Jay Lethal and Tommaso Ciampa. This match was featured on the iPPV "Best in the World 2012: Hostage Crisis," and will be shown later on in the show. First, we will see Fit Finlay take on Michael Elgin in a special match.

Truth Martini says the House of Truth, as a cohesive unit, will win once again. Elgin says Finlay is a legend, but they all must die. Strong interjects, and says he already beat Finlay, so it's not that impressive. Elgin said he's had enough, and doesn't want Strong or Martini out at the ring.

"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs. "The Belfast Bruiser" Fit Finlay

The two lock up, as Elgin backs Finlay into the corner. Fit backs away. They lock up again, but Fit backs Elgin into the corner. Fit clean breaks, and backs up. They lock up, and Fit gets a Side Headlock. Elgin elbows Fit, but Finlay gets an arm twisted around. Finlay drives Elgin to the mat, and pins. Kick out by Elgin,. Michael gets upset, and pushes Fit into the corner. Elgin backs Finlay into the ropes, but Finlay takes down Elgin with a Single Leg Takedown. Fit begins kneeing Elgin's knee. Elgin stands up, pushing Fit into the corner. Lock up once more, and Fit elbows Elgin's face. Elgin is taken down with a Drop Toe Hold, and locked in a Chinlock. Elgin rolls up Fit, but Finlay retains the submission. Fit stands up, grabbing Elgin's arm. Fit yanks n his arm. Elgin hits him in the face. Fit retaliates with another Drop Toe Hold, followed by a Headlock. Elgin stands up, but Finlay takes Elgin's knee out. Fit smashes his fist into Elgin's chest. Elgin hits Fit, but is once again taken down with a Single Leg Takedown. Fit drags Elgin, and does a Legdrop to Elgin's inner leg. Fit pins, but Elgin kicks out. Fit slaps Elgin, testing his patience. Elgin begins Shouldering Fit in the corner. Fit forearms Elgin, and does another Single Leg Takedown. Elgin puts Fit on his back, but Finlay gets out. They lock hands, and Elgin gets a Waist Lock. Fit rolls out, and gets a Wrist Lock. Elgin puts his leg on the bottom rope, breaking the hold.


Elgin whips Fit, but Finlay reverses the whip. Elgin goes into the corner, but moves away. Fit is driven into the corner post. Elgin begins beating Fit around with fists. Elgin Superkicks Fit, who is on his knees. Elgin deadlifts Fit up, and hits a Sidewalk Slam. Pin, but a kick out by Fit. Elgin goes for a Powerbomb, but Fit throws him over. Elgin is in the corner, and kicks Fit's chest. Elgin tries to climb to the top rope, but Fit pushes him. Fit picks up Elgin, and throws him back in the ring. Finlay picks up Elgin, and does a Rolling Senton. Fit picks up Elgin, and hits a Celtic Cross. Pin, but a kick out. Fit goes for another, but Elgin hits a Spinning Backfist, followed by a Buckle Bomb. Elgin picks up Fit, and hits a Spinning Powerbomb.

Winner: "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin

Truth Martini runs to the ring, and begins jumping with joy. Elgin slowly makes his way up, and his hand is raised. Finlay shakes hands with Elgin.


Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcomes us back. They say we will see a segment of Truth Martini unveiling his Guardians of Truth.

Truth Martini is in the ring, with the Briscoes. Truth says he Guardians of Truth are feared by all. The Guardians of Truth enter the ring and attack the Briscoes with two Big Boots. Highlights of the match are shown, until the end. The Briscoes go for a Doomsday Device, but Jay rolls up a Guardian instead. They win the match, and grab Martini. The two masked men attack Mark and Jay, preventing Truth from getting attacked. Truth and his Guardians walk from the ring.


Jay Lethal and Tommaso Ciampa are already in the ring. Strong walks in the ring.

Triple Threat Elimination Match for the Ring of Honor Television Championship: Roderick Strong (c) w/ Truth Martini vs. Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/ Embassy Ltd.

Ciampa attacks Jay, as the two fight to the floor. Strong gets in the fight, and gets thrown to the barricade. Jay puts Ciampa on the barricade, and chops his chest. Jay throws Ciampa in the ring, as the two run the ropes. Ciampa hits a Lariat to Jay. Strong is whipped to the corner by Ciampa, but Strong kicks. Jay Dropkicks Strong. Strong was thrown to the floor by Ciampa. Ciampa headbutts Ciampa, and begins fighting Lethal again. Jay dives to the outside onto Strong. Jay gets on the apron, but Princess Mia Superkicks him. Ciampa begins kneeing Jay in the face, who is in the corer. Jay moves away, and Strong throws Ciampa on the ropes. Lethal is whipped to the corner by Strong, who follows with a Backbreaker. Pin, but a kick out, Jay chops Strong against the ropes. Ciampa gets back in the ring, and hits an Electric Chair Facebuster to Strong. Ciampa then hits a Bridging German Suplex, but Strong kicks out. Jay goes to kick Ciampa, but he grabs Jay's leg. Ciampa hits a forearm, and begins biting Jay's eyes. Jay is whipped in the corner, and Ciampa begins chopping Jay in the corner. Lethal gets up, and Superkicks Ciampa. Strong throws out Ciampa to the floor.


Strong has Lethal in a Headlock on the mat. Jay punches Strong in the gut, followed by a knee. Strong hits a Dropkick to Lethal, and pins. Kick out by Jay. Strong throws Ciampa back to the floor. Strong begins chopping Lethal. Jay and Roderick begin trading chops. Ciampa gets in the ring, and is welcomed by chops by both Jay and Strong. Lethal begins knocking down both opponents. Jay is whipped by Ciampa, and Jay does a Back Handspring Elbow. Jay then hits Strong with a Lethal Combination. Pin, but a kick out. Jay hits a Tornado DDT to Ciampa. Jay locks in a Figure Four to Strong, and a Crossface to Jay. Ciampa rolls to the apron, and Strong backs against the ropes. Strong goes for a Lariat, but Jay does a Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Ciampa hits a knee to Jay, knocking him out. Ciampa goes to rope, and hits an Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Ciampa goes for a Powerbomb, but Strong hits a high knee. Jay puts Ciampa on the top rope. Jay goes for a Superplex, but is knocked down. Jay knocks Jay down, and hits an Enziguri to Ciampa. Strong then Superplexes Ciampa. Jay then goes top rope, and hits an Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out by Ciampa. Jay runs to Strong, who is sent to the floor. Truth begins attacking Lethal, but Jay knocks him down. Ciampa goes for Project Ciampa, but Prince Nana runs in the ring, who is begin chased by Lethal.

Tommaso Ciampa Eliminated

Strong hits Jay with the Book of Truth, while the ref's back is turned. Strong picks up Jay, and hits End of Heartache.

Jay Lethal Eliminated

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor Television Champion: Roderick Strong


To end the show, we see clips from Davey's and Steen's match. Before it starts, Kyle O'Reilly makes his way to the ring to tell off Davey. Kyle says he won't stab Davey in the back, he will stab him in the f---ing eye. Kyle leaves the ring, saying Team Ambition is over. As for the match, we see Steen going through a table, Davey getting thrown on the barricade, and Davey kicking Steen with a chain rapped around his foot. Jimmy Jacobs goes to stab Davey with a spike, but Cornette takes it. Jim threatens to stab Jacobs. Corino gets in the ring, and kicks Cornette in the groin. Kevin than picks up Davey, and hits a Piledriver. After retaining his title, Steen grabs a mic. Steen says he respects Davey, and thinks he was great as champion. Steen then says since he is champion, he might as well tell the truth, Kevin says he never cared about the fans. Steen says he used them to get what he wanted. Steen says he doesn't give a s--t about the fans.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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