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Ring of Honor Results (7/21/12) - Nothing to Fear, Except Fear Itself

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Ring of Honor Results - (7/21/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! The show starts off with a highlight of a few weeks back, where Eddie Edwards beat Mike Bennett. After the match, Bennett and Bob Evans attack Eddie. Maria then slaps Eddie in the face. Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Tonight's Main Event will be "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen defending his Ring of Honor World Championship against a mystery opponent. First, we will see "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole take on "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and Brutal Bob Evans.

Mike Bennett, Bob Evans and Maria make their way to the ring. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole make their way to the ring.

 "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards and Adam Colevs. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and "Brutal" Bob Evans w/ Maria

Eddie and Mike lock up, as Eddie gets a Waist Lock on Mike. Bennett reverses into an Arm Bar, but Edwards reverses. Eddie gets the wrist of Mike, but Bennett runs the ropes. Bennett knocks Eddie down with a shoulder. Mike hits Adam in the face, knocking him off the apron. Bob gets in the ring, but Edwards sends him to the apron. Cole trips him, as Edwards hits a Suicide Dive to Bennett on the floor. Eddie goes for a Double Stomp, but Bennett moves away. Eddie kicks Bennett down with a kick to the knee, and Eddie hits a Shining Wizard. Pin, but a kick out. Adam Cole tags Adam Cole. Adam runs the ropes, while Mike follows. Adam hits an Atomic Drop, followed by a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Bob is tagged in. Adam does an Arm Drag. Eddie is tagged, as he and Adam knock Bob down with an elbow. Pin, but a kick out. Eddie gets an Arm Bar. Bob backs Eddie in the corner, and shoulders his gut. Bob whips Eddie into the opposite corner, but Edwards does a Head Scissors Take Down. Eddie is whipped on the ropes, and takes Bennett down to the apron. Mike is tagged and begins punching Edwards. Mike tags Bob, as he holds Edwards. Bob does a Body Slam to Edwards.


Eddie runs the ropes, and Mike hits a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Bob is tagged in. Bob hits a Body Slam to Eddie. Pin, but a kick out. Mike is tagged again, as he locks in a Headlock to Edwards. Mike tags Eddie, but Edwards does a Northern Lights to Bennett. Eddie then hits an Enziguri, who was on the top rope. Bennett goes for a Suplex, but Eddie makes it to his feet. Adam is tagged, as he takes out Mike with a Drop Kick. Adam hits a Missile Dropkick to Mike, followed by an Enziguri to Bob. Eddie and Mike are taken to the ring, as Adam hits a High Crossbody to Bob for the win.

Winners: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole via pinfall

After the match, Maria smacks Cole in the face. Bob Evans attacks Cole from the back, and holds his arm. Maria hits Adam with the end of her boot. Maria goes for it again, but Sara Del Rey makes her way to the ring. Sara locks in an Ankle Lock on Maria. Maria, Bob and Mike run out of the ring as Sara, Eddie and Adam celebrate.


 Inside ROH:

  • Highlights of Adam Cole against Kyle O'Reilly in a Hybrid Fighting Rules Match are shown. Cole gets busted open, as he and Kyle duke it out. Two of Adam Cole's teeth are knocked out in the fight, but he continues. Adam locks in a Figure Four, as Kyle O'Reilly taps. Cole wins the match, and gets a standing ovation.
  • Bruno Sammartino was honored at a Ring of Honor, earning an award. Bruno praises Ring of Honor stars on being the best athletes, saying the fans will get their money worth.
  • Lance Storm says he will take on Mike Bennett in two weeks on Ring of Honor. Lance says it will be Bennett's last chance.


Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness speak of All Night Express winning the Tag Team Champions from the World's Greatest Tag Team. Highlights of the match are shown. Rhett rolls up a distracted Haas, and wins the match.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin make their way to the ring. Matt Saidon and Damien Dragon make their way to the ring.

World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) vs. Fusion DS (Matt Saidon and Damien Dragon)

Haas and Dragon go for a lock up, but Dragon is put in the corner. Haas begins attacking him, and whips him into the corner. Haas does a Belly to Belly, and pins. Kick out. Haas kicks Damien in the face. Dragon goes for a Sunset Flip, but Haas tags Benjamin. Shelton does a Body Slam to Dragon, and whips him into the corner. Shelton goes for a Powerbomb, but Dragon tags Saidon. Matt is whipped, and hits a Dropkick. Shelton takes down Saidon with a Lariat. Shelton tags Haas, and whips Saidon. Haas hits a Lariat and Shelton hits a Splash. Haas gets Saidon up, and hits an Olympic Slam.

Winners: World's Greatest Tag Team via pinfall

Haas grabs a mic, and says All Night Express' victory was a fluke. Haas asks how they can call themselves champions. Haas says they beat Rhett within an inch of their life. Rhett says he demands Titus and King next week.

Veda Scott is backstage interviewing Jim Cornette. Jim is asked about Steen. Cornette says he is going outside Ring of Honor for competitors. Mike Mondo says he will beat Kevin until he cannot walk, and will decapitate Steen. Mondo says he will show Steen no fear and no mercy. Cornette is exited, and says he will pick Mike to face Steen.


Mike Mondo makes his way to the ring. Kevin makes his way to the ring with a mic. Kevin says Cornette is so desperate to get the title off him, you don't even need to earn a shot at it. Kevin says he managed to not lose to Davey Richards. Kevin says he didn't lose, but he didn't win either. Kevin says he will humor Cornette, and give Mondo a title shot. Kevin says he Mondo

Ring of Honor World Championship Match: "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen (c) w/ Jimmy Jacobs vs. "No Fear" Mike Mondo

Mike and Steen begin throwing punches. Kevin whips Mike to the ropes, but Mondo hits a high knee to Steen. Steen is sent to the floor, as Mondo hits a Baseball Slide. Kevin is whipped into the barricade. Mondo begins slamming Steen's head into the barricade. Mike charges towards Steen, and checks him into the barricade. Steen and Mondo lock up on the outside, as Steen rips at the face of Mike. Steen goes for a Suplex to Mike on the ramp, but Mike gets away. Steen knocks him with a punch. Steen rips the barricade off, and tries to hit Mike with it. Mondo moves away. Mike goes to Suplex Steen onto it, but Steen grabs him. Kevin hits a Powerbomb to Mondo on the barricade. Mike crawls his way to the ring at a 19 count. Steen is shocked.


Steen chokes Mondo against the ropes. Kevin is yelling at the camera, as he bites Mike's ear. Mike is kicked in the face by Steen.Mondo keeps trying to get up, but Steen keeps kicking him down. Kevin puts his feet on Mondo's neck. Kevin hits a Senton to Mike. Pin, but a kick out. Kevin grabs a match in the middle of the ring. Kevin yells at Mondo, saying he doesn't deserve this match. Steen says Mondo will be known as "No Balls." Mondo begins punching Steen in the gut. Steen was brought to the floor, as Mike dives on Steen. Mike dives off the top rope and hits a Double Stomp. Pin, but a kick out. Mike goes top rope again, but Steen runs towards him. Mondo goes for a shoulder to the gut, but Steen kicks him in the face. Steen hits a Rope Elevated DDT. Mondo lays in the corner. Steen hits a Cannonball and pins. Kick out by Mondo. Steen picks up Mondo, and goes for an F-5. Mondo gets out, and rolls up Steen. Pin, but a kick out. Mondo goes for a Double Underhook DDT, but Steen throws Mondo on the ropes. Steen picks up Mondo, and hits an F-5.

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen via pinfall

Jimmy Jacobs attacks Mondo after the match. Eddie Kingston makes his way to the ring, and attacks Steen. Eddie is Chikara's Grand Champion who is fighting with Ring of Honor's World Champion. Security takes Kevin to the floor, and keep Eddie in the ring. Kingston gets way, and dives to Steen. Kevin gets away, holding his belt in the air.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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