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Ring of Honor Results (7/7/12) - Die Hard with a Vengeance

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Ring of Honor Results - (7/7/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We are welcomed to the show by Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette in the ring. Tonight we will have a Double Main Event, but the first we will see is Jay Lethal versus Michael Elgin.

Jay Lethal speaks of facing Michael Elgin. Jay says he will break the bubble that Elgin lives in. Lethal says he hopes Roderick Strong watches what he will do to Elgin. Truth Martini speaks of the House of Truth being a very cohesive unit. Elgin wonders if Lethal knows what he's gotten himself into. Elgin says he wont stop the match, no matter how much he begs. Roderick Strong interjects and says he and Elgin know that he will be there when Elgin messes up. Strong then sarcastically calls Elgin porky. Elgin says he can handle it, and they break out in an argument.

Jay Lethal makes his way to the ring. Michael Elgin makes his way to the ring, with Truth Martini.

Jay Lethal vs. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini

Jay and Michael lock up. Elgin back Jay against the corner, and clean breaks. Elgin backs up, keeping eye contact with Lethal. They lock up again, but Elgin throws Jay across the ring. Once more, they lock up. Jay gets a Side Headlock, but is thrown against the ropes. Jay tries to take down Elgin, but to no avail. The two lock up once again. Jay gets a Side Headlock, and is thrown against the ropes. Lethal tries to take down Elgin again, but Elgin stands unfased. Elgin yells Lethal to do it again, but Lethal punches Elgin. Elgin goes for a Larait, but Lethal dodges and chops Elgin. Elgin is thrown to the outside, and Martini tries to distract. Elgin gets back in the ring, but Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection. Elgin hits a Lariat to Lethal's back. Lethal runs the ropes, but Martini grabs Lethal's leg. Jay runs to Elgin, but gets Clotheslined to the mat. Elgin covers, but a kick out.


Jay elbows out of a Side Headlock and runs the ropes. Elgin grabs Jay's head, and sends him to the floor. As Elgin distracts the ref, Truth Martini beats on Lethal. Elgin goes to the floor and grabs Lethal. Jay is whipped to the barricade, and has his ribs smashed against it. Jay goes to send Jay to another barricade, but Lethal reverses. Elgin is thrown back in the ring, and Lethal follows. Elgin immediately grabs Lethal, and hits a Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out by Lethal. Elgin grabs Jay's head, but Lethal attempts to make a comeback. Jay manages to get some fists, but Elgin retaliates with a Snapmare. Following that, Elgin locks in a Rear Headlock. Lethal gets up, and hits a Chin Breaker. Elgin throws Lethal to the apron, but Jay hits Elgin. Jay goes to springboard to Elgin, but Truth grabs his leg. Elgin is shouldered in the gut, and Lethal hits a Sunset Flip. Pin, but a kick out. Elgin attempts to Powerbomb Lethal, but Jay gets out. Lethal hits Elgin in the face with a Superkick. Pin, but a kick out. Jay goes for the Lethal Combination, but Elgin hits some forearms. Jay tries to kick Elgin, but Michael grabs the legs. Lethal attempts an Enziguri, but Elgin moves. Elgin picks up Lethal from the mat, and hits a German Suplex. Pin, but a kickout. Elgin goes for a knee to Jay, but Lethal grabs the leg. Lethal hits an Enziguri to Elgin's head. Lethal hits a Lethal Combination. Lethal goes for an Elbow Drop, but Strong comes to the ring. Jay hits Strong away, and gets off the top rope. Elgin and Strong begin arguing, as Lethal Dropkicks Strong out of the ring. Lethal runs the ropes, and connects with a Lethal Injection.

Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match, Elgin goes to leave the ring. Strong yells at Elgin, and Michael gets back in the ring. Elgin is given a mic, and gets close to Strong. Elgin tells Strong he will kill him if he makes another mistake.


Inside ROH:

  • The Briscoe Brothers are shown doing interviews and meet and greets. During it, Paradyse and Chris Silvio, two Ohio Valley Wrestling Superstars interrupt them. This leads to a match between the two, which The Briscoes win.


Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette welcome us back, speaking of the Main Event. Kevin Steen will face Eddie Edwards for the Ring of Honor Championship. As Cornette speaks of Steen, he comes to the ring. Followed by Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino, Kevin walks down the ramp with a mic in hand. Steen asks Cornette if he can hear what the fans are chanting. Kevin asks the fans to chant it again, as the erupt in "Mr. Wrestling" chants. Cornette gets in the ring, as Steen says he has a lot to speak to him about. Cornette says the reason Kevin hasn't been announced as Mr. Wrestling is because of his actions. Steen says he, the fans and his championship disagree. Steen says he wants to speak of a dinner he has with some sponsors. Kevin says it was very goof, because he didn't let anyone bleed. Jim says it's because he threatened a man's life. Steen says he only said he would eat his face if he kept begin provoked. Cornette says what he believed would be true. Jim says he is ruining ROH's image. Cornette says from know on, every time Steen has a match, it will be for the ROH World Championship. Cornette then says, sooner or later Steen will get ROH kicked of the air. Steen says, "Sooner or later, we will be dead. You sooner, and me later." Steen then says Cornette will never live to see the day that he will lose his title.

Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring.

Ring of Honor World Championship Match: "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen (c) w/ Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino vs. "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards


Kevin charges to Eddie, but Edwards begins hitting Steen's face. Steen retaliates with some forearms, as he pics up Eddie. Steen throws Eddie to the floor, which smashes Jacobs. Steen is taken to the floor by Eddie. Edwards goes to the apron for a kick to Steen. Kevin grabs Eddie leg, and trips Edwards smashing his face to the apron. Eddie smashes Steen to the barricade, and runs a knee to him. Kevin goes for a Powerbomb to Eddie, but Edwards reverses into a Hurricanrana. Steen picks up Edwards, and does a Fallaway Slam into the apron. Steen throws Eddie into the barricade while pointing at a "Steen Kill Steen" sign. Kevin drags Eddie around the arena, and puts his head into the barricade again. Eddie tries to fight back, and headbutts Steen. Kevin seems unfased, and puts Eddie near the ring. Steen hits a forearm. Steen grabs Eddie, and begins yelling at Cornette. Steen begins biting Eddie's face. Steen throws Eddie in the ring, and kicks him in the back. Eddie slaps Steen in the face. Steen throws Steen in the corner, and begins choking him with his foot. Steen does it again, talking to the camera.


Steen is clubbing Eddie's back, but Edwards fights back. The two begins trading forearms in the middle of the ring. Steen yells at Cornette "Right from the 1980's" as he locks in a Headlock. Steen whips Eddie towards the corner. Eddie puts a foot up, who grabs a running Steen. Kevin is hit a a Belly-to-belly Suplex into the turnbuckles. Edwards hits a Suplex to Steen, as he goes top rope. Eddie connects with a Missile Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Eddie tries to whip Steen, but Kevin gets a Pumphandle position. Kevin picks up Eddie, and hits a Shoulderbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Eddie grabs Steen in a Waistlock, but Steen elbows out. Eddie whips Steen to the floor. Eddie hits a Suicide Dive to Steen on the floor. Eddie gets back in the ring, and does another dive to Jimmy Jacobs. Steen gets back in the ring, and hits a Lariat to Eddie. Pin, but a kickout. Eddie is thrown in the corner, but goes top rope. Eddie hits a Codebreaker to Steen, followed by a Falcon Arrow. Pin, but a kickout. Eddie goes top rope, and attempts a Double Stomp. Steen moves away, and grabs Eddie's legs. Steen locks in a Sharpshooter. Eddie inches to the ropes, and gets out of the move. Eddie gets on the apron, and begins hitting Steen. Kevin grabs Eddie, and hits a DDT elevated on the ropes. Pin, but a kickout. Steen yells at Eddie, saying he will never be beaten. Steen attempts a Cannonball, but Eddie moves. Edwards goes top rope, and hit a Double Stomp to Steen. Pin, but a kickout. Eddie goes to Double Stomp Kevin, who is on the apron. Steen moves, and grabs Eddie. Steen then Powerbombs Eddie through the Time Keeper's table. Eddie is covered in the ring, but a kickout. Steen goes top rope, and goes for a Senton. Eddie puts his knees up. Steen and Edwards trade about five Superkicks. Steen was put on the top rope from Eddie. Edwards hits an Enziguri to Eddie. Edwards goes for a Backpack Stunner. Kevin gets out, and hits a Sleeper Suplex. Kevin picks up Edwards, and connects with the F-5.

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen

Steen celebrates with his championship in the ring with Corino and Jacobs as the show ends.

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-Adam W.

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