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Ring of Honor Results (8/18/12) - Notoriously Evil

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Ring of Honor Results - (8/18/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Check if Ring of Honor is in your area with the listings here. If Ring of Honor doesn't air in your town, watch the following week on their official website. Also, be sure to follow along with the live coverage!

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! The show begins with a highlight from Best in the World 2012, as The World's Greatest Tag Team faced the All Night Express. King and Titus win the Tag Team Championships. Jim Cornette speaks of Kenny King, and his contract disputes. King was forced to relinquish his title, declaring the belts vacant. Starting next week, there will be a Tag Team Tournament to determine the new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions. Cornette wishes the teams good luck. We are welcomed to the show by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. Tonight's Main Event will be "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen defending his Ring of Honor World Championship against "The Notorious 187" Homicide. First, we will see a match between Mia Yim and Sara Del Rey.

"Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Rey vs. "Princess" Mia Yim

Sara gets a Waist Lock, and takes Mia down. Quick cover, but a kick out. Sara twists the arm, and does a Northern Lights Suplex to Mia. Sara keeps the Wrist Lock, as Mia gets in the ropes. Sara breaks the hold. Mia hits a Spinning Kick, followed by some forearms. Sara hits a Mule Kick, followed by some Knife Edge Chops. Sara runs the ropes, but gets kicked in the head. Mia runs the ropes, and hits a Shining Wizard. Pin, but a kick out. Mia begins punching Sara's back. Sara retaliates with some elbows to the face. Sara grabs Mia's hair, and throws her across the ring. Sara grabs Mia, but Yim kicks away. Sara and Mia trade kicks in the middle of the ring. Both throw simultaneous kicks, knocking each other out. Sara hits a Rolling Elbow to Mia. Pin, but a kick out. Mia rolls up Sara, but Del Rey kicks out. Sara is thrown against the corner, but is laid down in front of the corner. Mia does a Corkscrew Moonsault, but Sara moves away. Sara does a KTFO to Mia, knocking her out.

Winner: "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Reyvia pinfall

After the match, Mike Bennett and Maria come down to the ring. Maria gets in the ring, and attacks Del Rey. Maria grabs a mic, and says "Who is the first lady of Ring of Honor now, b--ch?"


Truth Martini makes his way to the ring, followed by Rhino. Truth grabs a mic, and talks of Jim Cornette having a problem. Martini says he has a solution. Truth calls out Cornette. Jim gets in the ring, asking what Martini is doing. Truth says Jim is always stressed, because the company he loves so much is being taken over by scum. Truth mocks Steen, Jacobs, and Corino. Truth says Jim has been going about it the wrong way. Martini says Eddie Kingston and Homicide will indefinitely lose. Truth says he needs someone who has been dominate since his debut. The man, who grew up on the streets of Detroit. Truth suggests Rhino to face Steen. Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring. Jim says he doesn't want problems. Eddie says it's obvious Truth can't dress, but also can't count correctly. Eddie says he may have lost a match against him once, but beat him the second time. Jim says Edwards brings up a good point. Jim says they are one in one, and should have a match to determine the #1 Contender. Jim says he wants someone who will do whatever it takes, so their match will be Anything Goes. Both parties agree. Rhino says when he is down, Eddie will be carried out.

Anything Goes Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the Ring of Honor World Championship: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino w/ Truth Martini


Rhino whips Eddie, but Edwards sends Rhino to the floor. Eddie does a Suicide Dive to Rhino on the outside. Eddie and Rhino trade chops on the floor. Rhino goes to whip Eddie into the barricade, but Edwards reverses. Rhino is smashes against the barricade, and kneed in the face. Eddie takes a fan's beer, and smashes it against Rhino's head. Eddie does a Frankensteiner to Rhino on the floor. Rhino is rolled back in the ring, as Eddie goes top rope. Rhino runs towards Eddie, as he gets off the top rope. Eddie kicks the leg of Rhino out, followed by a running kick to the face. Pin, but a kick out. Rhino begins punching Eddie in the corner. Rhino whips Eddie to the opposite corner, but Rhino picks up Eddie and throws him down to the mat. Pin, but a kick out. Rhino hits Eddie in the lower back. Rhino begins stomping Eddie in the corner, as Martini gives Rhino a chair. Rhino hits Eddie in the ribs with the end of the chair. Rhino does it a second time, followed by a chair to the back. Pin, but a kick out by Eddie. Rhino wedges the chair in the corner. Rhino goes to whip Eddie in the corner, but Edwards reverses into an Enziguri. Eddie does the same, but Rhino reverses into a Belly-to-belly Suplex. Rhino goes for the Gore, but Eddie moves. Rhino gets hit in the head with the chair. Eddie does a German Suplex to Rhino. Eddie runs to a cornered Rhino, as he elbows Eddie. Rhino sits on the top rope, but Eddie hits an Enziguri. Rhino falls to the outside. Eddie follows to the floor. Edwards grabs the bell, and rings it against Rhino's head. Eddie grabs a table, and slides it in the ring. Rhino gets behind Eddie, and chops him. Eddie elbows Rhino, but Edwards is hit with a Gore against the barricade. Rhino slides two more chairs in the ring, followed by Eddie. Rhino seats Eddie on the top rope. Rhino goes for a Superplex, but Eddie punches out. Eddie hits a Sunset Powerbomb to Rhino onto two chairs. Pin, but a kick out from Rhino. Eddie puts the table in the corner, going to Suplex Rhino into it. Rhino picks up Eddie, but Edwards gets away. Eddie hits a kick to Rhino's face and runs the ropes. Rhino picks up Eddie, and hits a Spinebuster. Rhino goes for the Gore, but Edwards kicks Rhino. Martini gets on the apron, distracting Eddie. Edwards punches Martini off the apron, as Rhino does a Gore to Eddie. Edwards is smashes through the table. Referee Paul Turner stops the match.

Winner and #1 Contender for the Ring of Honor World Championship: Rhinovia referee stoppage


Inside ROH:

  • Next week will begin the Tag Team Tournament to determine the new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions. Rhett Titus speaks of Kenny King. Titus says King is a grown man, and made his own decisions. Rhett says he worked hard for the belt, and will become a 2-time Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion. Charlie Haas says Kenny King jumped ship because of how bad he was beaten up. Since Shelton Benjamin is suspended, Haas must pick a new tag team partner. Charlie says he guarantees that Jim Cornette will not like it.
  • Next week, we will also see a 6 Man Tag Match, where the winner will face Adam Cole for the Television Championship at Death Before Dishonor. Mike Bennett says he will face 5 other men, where the winner will face Adam Cole. Bennett says he will win the belt, and be on our televisions all the time.


Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness say that Eddie Edwards has been transported to a local hospital for injuries. Steve Corino joins Kevin and Nigel for Color Commentary.

Homicide makes his way to the ring. Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs make their way to the ring. Steen grabs a mic, saying a few years ago Homicide hated Jim Cornette's guts. Kevin says when did Homicide become Cornette's b--ch. Homicide says he isn't doing it for Jim, he is for himself.

Ring of Honor World Championship Match: "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen (c) w/ Jimmy Jacobs vs. "The Notorious 187" Homicide

Homicide and Kevin begin throwing fists in the middle of the ring,. Kevin throws Homicide against the ropes, but Homicide hits a Larait. Kevin is taken to the floor with a second Lariat. Homicide goes for a dive, but Kevin moves. Homicide goes on the apron, and takes Steen down with a Senton. Kevin and Homicide are in the ring, as Homicide goes for a Monkey Flip. Kevin throws Homicide into the corner with a Belly-to-belly Suplex variation. Kevin hits a Cannonball to Homicide. As Kevin distracts the ref, Jimmy Jacobs runs by and stabs Homicide with a spike.


Kevin begins biting Homicide's ear on the outside. Kevin begins punching Homicide in the ear. Kevin is thrown back in the ring. Steen drags Homicide's ear against the rope. Kevin bites Homicide's ear in the corner again. Homicide begins fighting back, but Steen punches him in the ear. Steen picks Homicide up by the ear, as he continues to bite his ear. Homicide begins biting Steen's ear, and does a Head Scissors Take Down. Homicide hits a Neckbreaker to Steen. Pin, but a kick out. Homicide runs the ropes, but is picked up by Steen. Homicide goes for another Frankensteiner, but Steen hits a Powerbomb. Pin, but Homicide begins pulling on Steen's nose. Homicide does a Tornado DDT to Steen. Pin, but a kick out. Homicide goes for another Tornado DDT, but Steen throws him away. Homicide goes for a Crucifix Pin, but Kevin hits a Samoan Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Kevin pins with a Backslide, but a kick out. Homicide hits an Ace Crusher to Steen. Pin, but a kick out. Kevin kicks Homicide in the corner, but Homicide goes for a Superplex from the top rope. Kevin reverses, and hits a Shoulder Breaker. Kevin goes top rope, and misses with a Senton. Homicide goes for a Gringo Killa, but Jimmy gets on the apron. Homicide runs to attack Jacobs, as Jimmy grabs Homicide. Steen runs to attack Homicide, but Homicide moves. Jimmy gets tied up in the ropes, distracting the ref. Steen hits a low blow to Homicide, followed by an F-5 for the win.

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen via pinfall

As Kevin celebrates, Rhino and Truth Martini come out and wait on the ramp. At Death Before Dishonor, Kevin and Rhino will go 1-on-1 for the Ring of Honor World Championship.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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