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Ring of Honor Results (8/4/12) - Storm vs. Bennett III

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Ring of Honor Results - (8/4/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! We are welcomed to the show by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. Tonight's Main Event will be Lance Storm will face "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett for the third time. At Showdown in the Sun, Bennett defeated Storm in their first encounter. At Border Wars, Storm defeated Bennett in their latest match. Tonight will be the final installment in their trilogy of matches. First off, we will see Truth Martini.

Truth Martini walks down to the ring, and grabs a mic. Truth introduces himself, calling himself the "Super-Duper, Mega Mega, King Kong Managerial Sensation." Truth says it is time to change the face of pro wrestling, with his faceless guardians. Truth introduces the newest members of the House of Truth, the Guardians of Truth. Following the introduction, the Briscoes makes their way to the ring.

The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) vs. The Guardians of Truth w/ Truth Martini

Both Guardians immediately attacking Jay Briscoe. One whips Jay, as the other hits a Flying Lariat. Jay is choked against the ropes by one of their feet. The legal Guardian tag to the 2nd Guardian, as they both stomp Jay in the corner. Briscoe is chopped against the ropes and whipped. Jay is hit with a Scoop Slam and pinned. Kick out by Jay. Mark makes the blind tag as Jay is whipped against the ropes, and hits a Dropkick to one of the Guardians. Mark whips a Guardian from the corner, and hits a running Bulldog. Pin by Mark, but a kick out. Mark tags Jay, as he and Mark tackle a Guardian. Jay hits a Spinebuster to the other Guardian. Mark goes for a Powerslam, but a Guardian gets out and whips Mark to the ropes. The other Guardian pulls down the ropes. Mark is sent to the apron, as the Guardian in the ring tackles Mark to the floor. Mark is whipped into the barricade by the grounded Guardian.


Pin by a Guardian, but Mark kicks out. Mark is thrown to the floor once more. A Guardian whips him to the ring, back first. While Mark climbs to the apron, the other Guardian hits him with a Jericho-esque Springboard Lariat. Mark is thrown back in the ring, and choked against the ropes. Mark is thrown on the floor, and hung on the barricade. The other Guardian jumps off the apron, and attacks Mark's back with his forearms. When situated in their proper corner, the Guardians tag. Mark is put in a Headlock, but manages to elbow out. When he does, he makes the tag to Jay. Jay whips a Guardian and hits a Dropkick. The other Guardian was thrown to the floor, as Jay hits a Dropkick in between the ropes. Mark goes top rope, and connects with Froggy Bow. Pin, but a kick out by one of the Guardians. Truth pulls on Mark's leg, who stands in the ring. Mark chases him around the ring, as Jay is put in a Double Suplex position. Mark manages to Spear one of the Guardians, as Jay rolls up the other in a Small Package.

Winners: The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) via pinfall

After the match, the entire House of Truth comes to the ring. Truth Martini lead Roderick Strong and Rhino as they attack the Briscoes. Michael Elgin looks to get in the ring, but changes his mind and leaves. To make the save, the Ring of Honor Television Champion Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, Caprice Coleman, and Cedric Alexander come to face the House of Truth. The House of Truth are driven out of the ring by the four.


In a prerecorded interview, Kevin Steen speaks of Eddie Kingston. Kevin says Eddie Kingston was also kicked out of the company by not walking the same the line as they were meant to. Kevin said that instead of Kingston helping Steen take over the company, he decided to want to take the Ring of Honor Championship. Kevin said that at Boiling Point, he will send Kingston home crying to his fake family.

Kevin Kelly is in the ring, and welcomes the Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston. Kevin asks Eddie what his definition of redemption is. Eddie answers with becoming the new Ring of Honor World Champion. Kingston tells Kevin to leave, and grabs the mic from him. Eddie says he struggled for ten years. Eddie sometimes wonders why he sacrifices everything for wrestling. Eddie says when he wins the Ring of Honor World Championship, he will show his parents, who told him it was stupid to be a wrestler and ex-wife, saying this is why he had to leave. Eddie says he will win in honor of Larry Sweeney, who died and never got the chance to be a World Champion. Finally, Eddie says he will tell his son that if you sacrifice, you can live your dreams. Eddie says those are the truest words he has ever said. Eddie Kingston says he will go through hell to win the Ring of Honor Championship, and spit in the face of Satan. Kingston says that he is the last of a dying breed, and will be the new Ring of Honor Champion.


Inside ROH:

  • Highlights are shown of a few weeks ago when Tommaso Ciampa brought RD Evans and Prince Nana to the ring. Tommaso says he is confused with the whole Embassy situation. RD Evans says he always tells the truth, as he throws Prince Nana under the bus. Nana is attacked by Ciampa.
  • Highlights are shown of last week's Television Championship Match between Roderick Strong and Adam Cole. Cole finishes the match by hitting a Florida Key to end the match. Cole celebrates in the ring, the new Ring of Honor Television Champion.


Mike Bennett, Maria and Brutal Bob make their way to the ring. Lance Storm makes his way to the ring.

"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/ Maria and Brutal Bob vs. Lance Storm

Lance and Mike lock up, as Lance backs Mike into the corner. Lance breaks and backs up. They lock up again, but Mike gets an arm bar. Lance rolls out, and pulls on the arm. Storm smashes Mike's face into the corner turnbuckle. Lance hits a European Uppercut to Mike. Bennett begins stomping Lance in the corner, but Storm gets out with some chops. Mike is whipped, but Lance is kicked away. Storm goes for a Boston Crab, but Mike crawls to the floor. Mike is thrown back in the ring. Lance does a Suplex to Mike, and covers. Mike kicks out. Mike hits a Body Slam, followed by some elbows to the chest. Cover, but Storm kicks out. Lance hits a Dropkick, and pins. Mike kicks out. Lance hits a Bionic Elbow, and puts Mike in the corner. Bennett reverses, and whips Lance in the opposite corner. Mike misses with a Splash. Lance is smashed into the corner by Mike. Bennett begins shouldering Storm in the corner, and whips Lance. Bennett misses with a Dropkick, as Storm rolls up Mike. Mike throws Lance to the apron, as Storm hits a shoulder to the gut. Lance goes for a Suplex, but Bennett gets on the apron. Lance and Mike face off on the apron, and Lance is thrown to the barricade. Mike jumps off the apron, and hits a Lariat.


Lance runs the ropes, but is hit with a Dropkick. Mike pins, but a kick out. Mike hits a Back Suplex and pins again. Lance kicks out. Mike locks in a Rear Chinlock. Lance punches out, but Mike whips Lance into the ringpost shoulder first. Mike goes to the floor, and smashes the arm against the post. Bennett pins, but a kick out. Mike begins punching Mike, as he whips Bennett to the ropes. Bennett grabs Storm, and hits an Arm Breaker. Bennett begins stomping on Lance's left arm. Bennett begins kneeing Lance in the gut. Lance is set up for a Suplex, but Lance rolls up in a Small Package. Pin, but a kick out. Bennett pulls on Lance's arm against his knee. Lance gets out, and trades forearms with Mike. Bennett hits an Enziguri, and pins. Kick out by Mike. Lance goes to the apron, but Mike smashes Lance into the turnbuckle. Mike gets on the apron with Lance, and goes for a Suplex. Lance counters with some fists, and hits a Lariat to Mike. Bennett is forced back in the ring. Lance goes for a Springboard Larait, but Mike moves. Lance hits an elbow, followed by a Spinning Calf Kick. Lance whips Mike into the corner, and hits a Lariat. Lance hits a Springboard Lariat, and pins. Kick out by Mike. Lance goes for an Enziguri, but Mike reverses into a Single Leg Boston Crab. Lance gets out of it and hits a Sitout Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Lance goes for a TKO, but Mike gets out and goes for one. Lance rolls up Mike in a Boston Crab. Lance sits Storm on the top rope, and goes for a Superplex. Brutal Bob grabs Lance's leg, causing a distraction. Mike hits a Neckbreaker from the top rope. Pin, but a kick out. Mike picks up Lance for a TKO, as Brutal Bob slides in a chair. Mike hits a TKO to Storm against the chair. Bob takes the chair, as Mike pins.

Winner: "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett via pinfall

After the match, Mike and Bob hold Lance up as Maria hits him in the face with her boot. Sara Del Rey comes to the ring for the save, putting Maria in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Maria begins tapping out, as Eddie Edwards comes to take out Mike Bennett and Brutal Bob. Eddie and Sara remain, checking on a fallen Lance.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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