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Ring of Honor Results - (9/1/12)
Results by: Adam W. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

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Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor! The show begins with highlights of last week's show. Jim Cornette speaks of Kenny King relinquishing his half of the Tag Team Championship. As a result, a tournament was made to determine the new champions. Highlights of The Young Bucks facing Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander is shown. C & C take the victory, and speak of advancing in the tournament. Caprice says he hopes they become champions, as Cedric follows with an "Amen." Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Tonight's Main Event will be the newly formed team of Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas taking on The Guardians of Truth in a Tag Team Tournament Qualifying Match. First, we will see S.C.U.M. members Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino face The Bravado Brothers, also in a Tag Team Tournament Qualifying Match.

Harlem and Lancelot make their way to the ring. Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino make their way to the ring. Steve has a mic, and speaks of Ring of Honor being all about drama. Since Haas and Titus became a tag team, that left an open team. Steve says he knew he wouldn't be aloud in the tournament, so he made a deal for Jim Cornette. Jim said he made Steve and Jimmy put their contracts on the line. If they lose any match in this tournament, they will leave Ring of Honor. Steve says everyone is looking at the new Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions.

Tag Team Tournament Qualifying Match: S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino) vs. The Bravado Brothers (Harlem and Lancelot)

Jimmy and Harlem start off as Jimmy knocks Lance off the apron. Jimmy gets a Headlock, but slides out of the ring. Lance throws Jimmy back in, as Harlem tags Lance. Jimmy is hit with a Dropkick, and pinned by Lance. Harlem is tagged, as he and Lance do a tandem Elbow Drop. Pin,b ut a kick out. Jimmy is hit with a Backdrop Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Lance is tagged, but is driven into Jimmy's corner. Lance is whipped in again, as Corino hits a Larait to Lance. Corino is tagged, as he and Lance trade forearms. Steve drives Lance's head into Jimmy's boot, as Jacobs is tagged. Jimmy and Steve clubs Lance's back with their fist. Jimmy and Steve choke Lance against the ropes. Jimmy has Lance in the corner, as he chokes him with his knee. Steve is tagged, as he and Jimmy whip Lance. Lance is greeted with a double Back Elbow. Corino does a Backrake, and pushes him in the corner. Corino throws some fists, and rolls him out of the ring. Steve follows, and whips him into the barricade.


Lance runs the ropes, but Corino knocks him down with a Back Elbow. Jimmy is tagged, as he puts Lance in the corner. Jacobs stands on Lance in the corner. Lance ins whipped in the opposite corner, and takes out Jimmy's leg with a Low Drop Kick. Lance kicks the ropes as Jimmy's neck lays on it. Harlem is tagged, as he cleans house. Corino is hit with a Bicycle Kick, followed by Jacobs being thrown to the floor. Harlem dives on them with a Somersault Plancha. Harlem goes top rope, and hits a Blockbuster to Jacobs. Pin,b ut a kick out. Harlem hits a Tornado DDT to Jimmy, and pins. Kick out. Corino is tagged,as he whips Harlem in the corner. Steve smashes him in the face with a knee. Jimmy and Corino do a Neckbreaker / STO combination. Pin, but a kick out. Harlem is hit with a Facebuster, and pinned. Kick out. Lance is tagged as he does a Springboard DDT. Lance hits a Lariat to a cornered Steve. Lance follows with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Lance follows with a Lariat. Harlem gets in the ring, and hits Steve with an Enziguri, as Lance hits a German Suplex. Harlem goes top rope, but Jacobs follows him up. Lance is hit with a Cutter by Jacobs. Harlem goes to dive on Jimmy, but gets hit with a Spear. Steve hits a Backdrop Driver. Pin, but a kick out. Steve rolls up Harlem for the win.

Winners: S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino) via pinfall

After the match, The Guardians of Truth attack Jimmy and Steve. Kevin Steen attempts to make the save, but Rhino comes in the ring and hits Steen with a Gore.


Inside ROH:

  • Last week, Mike Mondo became the #1 Contender for the TV Champion. Adam Cole says last week Mondo shocked the world. Adam says he has a target on his back, because he is now champion. Adam says next week, he will face Michael Elgin. Last time Adam faced Elgin, he lost. Elgin was the better man that night, but Cole says he has learned a lot. Cole says he may have even gained a little weight. Cole says he will beat Elgin, and go to face Mondo in Chicago. Cole says he respects Mike a lot, and also believes in no rest, mercy or fear. Cole says he will needed to be killed to have his title taken away from him, as he will fight with every fiber in his being.
  • Rhino says he is the solution to Jim Cornette's problem. Rhino says he will make Steen curse his own mother for giving birth to him. Rhino says everyone will feel sorry for Kevin Steen. Rhino says Steen will lay in a puddle of his own piss, blood and s--t, as Rhino will stand over him the World Champion.
  • The Briscoes speak of BLK OUT, their opponents next week. Jay says they are the wild card team, but says BLK OUT should be called "Black and Blue" or "Blacked Out," because they fully intend to win the tag team straps.


A Jay Lethal video package is shown.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness speak of what happened earlier in the night. Jim Cornette found a solution to his problem, by making a deal with the devil.

Matt Taven makes his way to the ring. Jay Lethal makes his way to the ring.

Lethal grabs a mic, and asks for a second. Jay says something is on his mind, and want to speak about something that happened backstage. Jay says he talked with Jim Cornette, and why he hasn't gotten a shot at Kevin Steen. Jay says Cornette told him he is a better wrestler, but couldn't beat Steen. Jay says he was shocked when Cornette told him he doesn't have a "killer instinct."

Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven

Jay shakes hands with Matt, but hits Matt with a low blow.

Winner: N/A

Lethal hits the ref with a Lethal Combination. Jay grabs a mic, and asks Jim Cornette is that was the "killer instinct" he spoke of.


A video package is shown from last week's show. Charlie Haas says he lost his belts to Rhett, but it was a fluke. Haas says he should face Titus instead. Haas says he would rather have Shelton as his partner. Haas says he will become Titus' partner, and after they win they will have a winner takes all for the belts. Titus says he agrees with Haas that they are the only two who should be facing for the belts.

The Guardians of Truth make their way to the ring. Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas make their way to the ring, separately.

Tag Team Tournament Qualifying Match: Rhett Titus and "The Outlaw" Charlie Haasvs. The Guardians of Truth w/ Truth Martini

Haas and a Guardian start off with a lock up. Haas gets a Waist Lock, and takes the Guardian down. The Guardian grabs the ropes, as Haas begins kicking him. They lock up again, as Haas is backed in the corner. They lock up again, as the Guardian begins punching Haas. The Guardians switch spots, but Haas begins punching him. Haas is hit in the gut with some knees, as he whips the Guardian. The Guardian tags each other as Haas is taken down with a double Lariat. Titus is tagged by Haas. Titus has his arm taken, but gets a Headlock on the Guardian. Titus is locked in a Headscissors, but gets out. Titus gets another Headlock, but gets reversed into an Arm Bar. Titus gets a Headscissors on one of the Guardians, followed by an Arm Drag. Titus is whipped, as he kicks the Guardian in the gut. Titus whips the Guardian, as Rhett does a Back Body Drop. Haas pushes the Guardian, but tries to get in the ring. Titus is hit with a Reverse DDT, as the ref is distracted. The Guardians tag, as Titus is hit in the arm. Pin, but a kick out.


Titus falls out of the ring, as The Guardians throw Titus into the ropes. Titus is rolled back in the ring, and pinned by a Guardian. The Guardians tag, as Titus is punched in the gut. Titus begins fighting back, but gets his eyes raked. Rhett is kicked in the head. Titus is picked up, and slammed with a Body Slam. One Guardian does a Surfboard Stretch as the other Guardian hits an Elbow Drop to Titus' head. Pin, but a kick out. Titus is taken down o the mat as his hair is pulled. The Guardian leans against the ropes, and Titus pulls the ropes. Titus goes for a tag, but the Guardian throws Haas into the barricade. Titus fights the Guardians with a Dropkick, followed by a Bulldog. Titus pins one, but the other breaks the pin. Titus kicks a Guardian in the face, but is taken down with a Scoop Slam. A Guardian goes top rope for their finisher, but Haas knocks him down. Titus rolls up the other Guardian with a Jack Knife pin for the win.

Winners: Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas via pinfall

Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino come in the ring, and attack the Guardians of Truth. S.C.U.M. tries to take off the masks of the Guardians as the show ends.

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