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Hello everyone, and welcome to my second week of ROH TV Reviews; this week, we have two talented grapplers fighting in a “pure rules” rematch for pride and positioning in the rankings, as well as a four-way matchup for the number one contendership to the world title.

So let’s dive right into it!


Josh Woods VS Dalton Castle


We kick things off with a pure rules bout with one of the best in the division as Josh Woods looks to defend his high spot in the rankings (1) against Dalton Castle, who is looking for a massive win so that he may get back on track after a rough string of losses in 2021!

for those unaware, here are the pure rules.

  • Three rope breaks per wrestler.
  • No closed fists to the face (one is allowed, second is a disqualification)
  • Lastly, if a wrestler interferes, their contract will be terminated on the spot.

This was an excellent technical match, but it was more about the story told throughout than the action itself, of Dalton using his experience and skill to outthink his younger, more athletically impressive adversary in Josh Woods, ending with a small package after using his well-known back injury to make Josh slip up for a split second.



What makes this even more interesting is after the match, Josh’s mentor and former ROH Television Champion, Silas Young, made his return after the bout giving Josh some “tough-love” for lack of a better term in a promo saying that Josh had a lot left to learn and then gave him the opportunity to leave the pure division and reunite their successful tag team so he can teach Josh how to go from “good to great” it’s good to see Silas back, and I’m interested to see where all parties go from here and we were left with some great things to think about, now on to our main event of the evening.


Lucha Rules 4-way match for the number one contendership to the ROH World Championship

Jay Briscoe VS EC3 VS Matt Taven VS Jay Lethal.


Lucha Rules are the following.

  • two “legal” men anybody can tag in anybody.
  • If somebody goes outside the ring, the next person in the ring becomes legal.

Our main event is a four-way match between three former world champions and an ROH newcomer, all with something to prove as they look for a spot in the main event of the 19th-anniversary show on March 26th. This was a fun, frantic four-way, precisely what was expected! EC3 really felt like he belonged here, and I mean that in the best way possible, his new character of trying to find out if honor is real was a driving force behind this match and helped tie a lot together. Good stuff all around, and everybody had some fun chemistry and moments to shine in this four-way clash.



This result makes a lot of sense from the storyline perspective despite the controversy it may cause. Because when you look at it, Briscoe and EC3 took themselves out both metaphorically and literally, while Taven still has his issues with Vincent. It will be nice to see Lethal and RUSH For the first time ever later this month after what RUSHs stablemates did to Lethal this past week. This is a simple but effective episode exactly what ROH is known for.

Thank you all for your support; if you would like, you may follow me on Twitter at @coolguysince01.

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