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ROH "The Homecoming" Results (1/20/12) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Below are Results from Ring of Honor's return to Philadelphia last night. Credit goes to Mr Bobo at

-The entrance way is set up with the same set from Final Battle.

-No return date announced yet.

-Bobby Cruise is your ring announcer; light purple tie and little silver squares.

-Eddie Edwards out for the weekend due to a Staph Infection. Blamed the "p**** a** doctor" backstage and does not want to infect any of the roster, including Roddy.

-Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team out to a lot of heat.

1. Tag Team Challenge Match
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin def. Future Shock of
Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly following a double team slam of sorts.

-Match featured lots of superkicks.

2. Four Corner Survival Match
Tommaso Ciampa def. Grizzly Redwood, Andy "Right Leg" Ridge, Mike Bennett when he pinned Grizz following a DVD on the ring apron and then "Project Ciampa" to get the win.

-Steve Corino out now.

-Corino says after Final Battle he realized that he finally earned the respect of the fans and management after 18 yrs. Steen comes out and says it was not easy doing what he did to Corino at FB. He badmouths Cornette and tells Corino that he always had the respect of the fans, the boys and the office. Steen was trying to make amends and told Corino to do something, to which Corino left and walked to the back.

3. Challenge Match #2
Kevin Steen def. Kenny King following the F5.

-Lots of brawling early. Steen mocked Rhett a lot by limping. Steen attempted to hit a Package Piledriver on the ring apron, but was threatened with a DQ by Ref Paul Turner.

-Post match, Steen attacks Rhett. Rhett hits Steen with his crutch one effect. A second time, Steen kicks his knee and applies the Sharpshooter.

4. Challenge Match #1
-Pre-match, Shane Hagadorn is out and pleads with Hero to let him manage him again. Hero states he appreciates what Hagadorn has done the past, but wants to go it alone.

Michael Elgin def. Chris Hero in the Match of the Night.

-Amazing back and forth bout. Hagadorn back out and says during KOW's time it was really all about "Shane is awesome" not Hero or Claudio, then calls Hero a bum that nobody wants. Hero responds with a KO elbow to Hagadorn.

INTERMISSION - Attendance is estimated at about 650.

-Roderick Strong is out. Wishes Davey and Lethal good luck and says he wants competition.

-Adam Cole is out and says he wants Roddy in a No Holds Barred Match. Truth calls him silly and tries to dissuade him, but the match is on.

5. No Holds Barred Match
Roderick Strong def. Adam Cole when Truth broke up a pinfall attempt by Cole, who had put Strong through a chair. Strong recovered to hit another backbreaker and get the pin.

-Cole kicked Truth to the outside early on and KO'ed him. Lots of weapons, chairs, Book of Truth. Cole nailed a swinging DDT on Roddy through chairs set up in the ring. Elgin interferes and stomps Cole, but Eddie Edwards makes the save to run Elgin to the back. Strong and Cole continue to battle, with Strong nailing a backbreaker through a chair...but not being able to put Cole away.

-Standing ovation for Cole following the match.

6. Proving Ground Match
Jigsaw & Hallowicked def. ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe when Jigsaw got the pinfall on a roll up.

-Early on, Mark knocked Jigsaw off the top rope and then double-stomped him through a table, taking the count to 18 and many other CHIKARA guys including Mike Quackenbush, members of The Colony, Ultra Mantis Black and others came out to rally behind their team.

-Briscoes call the end B.S. and say that they've signed their "Death Wish" and will meet again in Chicago in April.

7. ROH World Title Match
Davey Richards (C) def. Jay Lethal via multiple kicks to retain his World Title.

-An amazing match with lots of submissions. Roddy also interfered at one point.

-Post match, Davey puts Lethal over on the mic.

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