Quinn McKay kicks us off breaking down this episode of Ring of Honor TV.

  • Matt Taven v. Bateman 
  • Jay Lethal v. LSG
  • EC3 v. Jay Briscoe

EC3 v. Jay Briscoe

After two video promos from EC3 & Jay Briscoe, we are ready to go.   Both men make their entrances & this main event type match is kicking off ROH. 

EC3 not making eye contact & no code of honor by Jay to start us off.  Briscoe with the early advantage, showing off his wrestling ability.  EC3 keeps asking for the code of honor & looks like their are voices in his head.

Briscoe has had enough & unleashes a plethora of closed fists & then refuses to release a choke & gets DQed.  But their is absolute bedlam after the match.

jAY dq

Winner by DQ- EC3

LSG v. Jay Lethal

Can LSG prove that he can hang with the greatest wrestlers in the world.  15 minute time limit in this Pure Rules matchup.

 Both men feel each other out early on with neither one getting the upper hand.  LSG has a counter for all of Lethal's signature moves.  LSG has to use a rope break & re-think things.

LSG tosses Jay off the top rope & lands a baseball slide to the outside.  Lethal makes it back into the ring.  LSG works a headlock & is relentless with it.  Lethal fights out and gets himself some time to rest after a russian leg sweep.  A classic Lethal combo, but LSG keeps fighting back.

LSG counters a classic Lethal move, hits his "Rocket Bye Baby" into a cross face.  LSG is relentless with his submissions, but cannot put Lethal away.

Bell Rings at 14 mins. 37 seconds?  But the anouncer said the 15 time limit i up.  What a Match!

Lethal WINNNER 7.39

Winner by Split Decision: Jay Lethal

Bateman v. Matt Taven

Here we go with a blood feud between Bateman & Taven.  Match starts off with a bang & Taven takes the early advantage, but Bateman lands a viscious punch.  

Taven is relentless with his attack and is dominating early.  Bateman lands a swinging neckbreaker to buy himself some time.  Taven hurts his knee after he flies over top to the outside. 

Taven sneaks away with the victory by rolling up Bateman.

Taven WIN 7.46

Winner by pinfall: Matt Taven


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