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Josh Woods v. Jay Lethal (PURE Rules )

Woods & Lethal adhered to the Code of Honor & we are underway.  Woods takes it to Lethal early causing him to use his 1st of 3 rope breaks early.  Woods is in control early & controls Lethal on the ground going for many pinning attempts.  

Classic Lethal shifts the momentum into his favor & Lethal locks on a camel clutch.  Lethal sells his back is hurt when he fails at a brain buster.  After an exciting exchange of forearms & a Lethal suicide dive.  

Another intense exchange between the two. Lethal goes for the elbow, Woods reverses it into an arm bar.  Lethal keeps escaping submissions from Woods, but could not escape the submission transition.  When Lethal goes for a leg submission of his own, Woods spins him around wraps him up for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall-Josh Woods

Shane Taylor v. Brody King

As you would expect, both moth showcase their strength and power early on.  Both men stand tall & do not back down after a plethora of shoulder tackles, forearms & chops.  Eventually both men end up on the outside & King slams Taylor into the guard rail.

Taylor gained control on the outside after a DDT on the hardest part of the ring & knee to King.  Both men are laid out on the outside, but Taylor makes it back into the ring while the ref counts.  King makes the 20 count by 1 second, but gets met by a Taylor stomp.  

Momentum shifts back into Kings favor & he begins to unleash violence.  King plants a DVD into the turnbuckle & now both men are unleashing viscous chops onto each other.

When ensued next was one hell of a exchange between the two men.  King hits a Big Bossman style swing slam for 2, which he followed that up with a package piledriver reversal.  King escaped at the last second.  King fights back & it takes two violent lariats for King to get the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall-Brody King

Also on the show

Trending with Taven is Debuted.
The Foundation states they are here to restore honor & they reveal the masked guy.
Mark Briscoe cuts a promo stating he is going for the Tag Titles, with or without Jay.

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