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Vincent v. Mike Bennett 

In a grudge match, Vincent takes on Mike Bennett.  No code of honor to start the match.  Vincent talking trash to Bennett, calling him a failure.  Vincent unloads violence early on, but Bennett fights back. 

Vincent hits a cutter to Bennett & the men roll to the outside.  Back in the ring, Vincent is in control.  Both men go back & forth, then Vincent with a nice kick/suplex combo.  A fired up Bennett comes back with a Superkick and a Spicolli Driver.

Bennett seems to be favoring his neck.  Both men look exhausted.  Vincent unloads with some running forearms into the corner.  Vincent verbally bashes Bennett calling him and Taven failures.  

Bennett battles back.  Both men get some near falls & both men are doing whatever it takes.  Vincent blocks a package stunner, locks in a submission, but Bennett powers out.  Bennett hits a spear, but Vincent catches him & locks on a submission.

Bennett fails on an escape the first time, but then powers up to his legs and hits a brain buster.  Both them are on their knees laying into each other.  Vincent seems to enjoy this pain.   

Vincent blocks the piledriver & then unloads on Bennett in the corner & the ref calls for the bell because Bennett was trying to cover up in the corner, but Vincent did not stop.  

Winner by DQ: Mike Bennett

During the commercial break, Vincent continued to beat down Bennett.  Taven comes to Benetts rescue & then Bateman shows up.  ABSOLUTE BEDLAM! 

John Walters v. Tracy Williams

Flip Gordon joins the announce crew & it is also announced that he will challenge Gresham for the PURE Title at Final Battle.

After the code of honor, Williams works on a side headlock & arm of Walters.  Both men working on the limbs of each other & showing off their reversals.  Instead of grabbing the ropes, Williams tosses Walters to the outside.  

Back in the ring, Williams shows some neck strength & then locks in a arm bar submission.  Walters shoves his fingers up William's nose.  Williams continues to work on the arm.  Gets a 2-count.  Walters is forced to use his first rope break. 

Walters attacks the shoulder of Williams & has the upper hand at the moment.  Williams now gets the advantage back with a leg lock.  When we return from break, Walters & Williams showcase some great reversals.  Walters gets the advantage by diving at the knee of Williams.  

Walters attacks the knee of Williams.  Walters continues to focus on the knee.  Williams has to use a rope break (number 1) to get out of Walters' sharpshooter.  Walters goes for the Sharpshooter again, but Williams reverse it into a heel lock & Walters has to use a rope break (number 2).  

Both men unloading strikes onto each other.  Chops & forearms galore.  A near fall for Walters, but Williams locks on a crossface out of it.  Rope Break (number 3) for Walters.  Back and forth pinning attempts by both men. 

DDT on the top rope from Williams followed discus clothes line & a piledriver for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Tracy Williams

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