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The Bouncers v. Mark Briscoe & PCO

A great physical, bruising match between these two tag teams.  The Bruisers seem to have a more physical edge to them.  Mark Briscoe seems to have found the right substitute for his brother.  

Highs & lows for both teams in this match & PCO almost died a couple times, but in the end PCO hits the moonsault for the victory.

Winner by pinfall: Mark Briscoe & PCO

Flip Gordon v. Josh Woods

In a PURE Rule match, Woods takes on Flip Gordon.  Everything to gain for Woods & everything to lose for Flip Gordon.  

A very technical showing from both men early on.  Flip has to use his rope break very early after a catching Ankle Lock from Woods.  Woods looks poised.  After a test of strength, Woods continues to out wrestle Gordon.  Flip does showcase some technical prowess himself.  Gordon sends Woods to the outside & his a dive onto Woods.

A great match, where Woods showcased his ability & will be contending for the PURE title sooner then later & Gordon shows that he is just not a high flyer.  In the end, it was Flip who ended up on top.

Winner by pinfall: Flip Gordon

I highly recommend going back and watching this match & all of ROH TV Ep. 482.  For Full Episode; CLICK HERE

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