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Brian Johnson v. Dalton Castle

No code of honor at the start of the match.  Johnson avoids & escapes any offense from Castle.  A quick, fast paced match right off the bat.  Castle with the early upper hand, as Johnson tries to get to the ropes.

Fight spills to the outside & Johnson is fired up, but Castle battles back.  Castle misses and drives his shoulder into the ring post.  Johnson takes advantage of that and brings the fight to Castle.  Johnson focusing on the injured arm of Castle.  Castle goes to outside for a breather.  

Johnson continues to focus on shoulder.  Castle in trouble.  Castle hits a elbow & clothesline.  Johnson escapes top rope move by dropping shoulder on top rope.  Johnson with cutter for a near fall.  

A resilent Castle battles back & hits his finisher for the win.  But a very impressive match for Brian Johnson.

Winner by pinfall; Dalton Castle. 

Rhett Titus v. Delirious

This match has a bloody history, so the PURE rules aspect will be interesting to see.  Rhett Titus has never beaten DELIRIOUS.

Lots of counters early on by both me.  You can tell these two know each other so well.  Neither man getting an advantage early on.  Some pinning combinations by both men.

Titus is looking poised and controlling most of this match.  DELIRIOUS fights back and causes Titus to use two rope breaks to avoid the Cobra Clutch.  DELIRIOUS remains on the offense and is in control workign on the shoulder of Titus.  

DELIRIOUS gets the Cobra Clutch on, but Titus uses his 3rd rope break and tosses Delirious to the outside.  Delirious seems to have taken the worse of that.  Finally back in the ring, but Delirious is favoring his knee.

Titus with two big boots, but DELIRIOUS is able to get the clutch back on.  Titus escapes.  Titus hits a viscous suplex.  Back and forth by both men.  Titus escapes the cobra clutch a few times & avoids the panic attack.  Titus hits his dropkicks, out of nowhere, for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall; Rhett Titus


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