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My ROH TV Review for the week



Hello everyone, and welcome to another one of my weekly ROH reviews, in what is quite comfortably the most loaded episode in the short history of these reviews. As two former partners square off one on one, new team debuts, and a TV championship match in the main event!

MATCH 1. Bandido VS Flamita


We kick things off with a massive battle between brothers as two of the most exciting athletes in all of wrestling go head-to-head in singles competition for the first time in their ROH careers. As Bandido takes on Flamita!

This was incredibly fast-paced and fun, just like I expected. As great as these men were as a team, they are just as excellent as opponents.

Every minute of this felt intense, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen!


The finish was slightly weirdly executed, but in theory, it was sound, and I can forgive it since everything else in this match was good. (Flamita hit a low-blow after Bandido hit him with a modified GTS with the referee down)

Match 2. BCB and Ken Dixon VS OGK.

Next up is a tag team match with beer city bruiser and his new partner Ken Dixion battling Mike Bennett and Matt Taven, who are both looking for revenge after Bruiser busted a beer bottle over Mikes's head a few weeks back during a singles match. This was a fun match with some good storytelling as OGK fought to get revenge and simultaneously maintain their spot in the rankings. Simple, but I enjoyed this ROH has always had a stacked tag team division, and this was further proof of that.


The post-match angle also really intrigued me since Brian Milonas, Who was on commentary, got mad at the OGK for returning the favor with a beer bottle after the bell. Causing him to run to his ex-partner's defense and beat up Dixon, who we were originally led to believe was Bruiser's new apprentice of sorts. I’m not sure where the storyline will go, but wherever it goes, I’m intrigued and want to see where it goes next, so in that respect, it did its job.


ROH World Television Championship.

Tracy Williams VS Tony Deppen.


Our main event is an incredibly intriguing match-up between two of my favorites for one of the top prizes in ROH. As Tony Deppen battles, the new TV champion Tracy Williams looking to get his reign off with a statement victory against a member of Violence Unlimited. This was an incredibly physical match that showed precisely why the ROH television championship is so valued in wrestling today! One bell to bell, I enjoyed every minute of this, and these guys tore into each other at an incredible pace with a great mixture of strikes and grappling throughout.


Surprisingly Tony Deppen shocked the world! Leaving Tracy in a shocked rage after counting a strike into a quick pin.

Making Tracy one of the shortest reigning ROH TV champions in terms of length in the championship's eleven-year history. But if history is any indication, this is not the end for either man, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in this championship saga as faction warfare runs wild in ROH.


Thank you all for your support; it means a lot. This was some excellent stuff here, and it truly showed why I’m so excited to tune in every week!

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