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My ROH TV Review for the week.

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of my Ring of Honor TV reviews; this week, we have three significant matches, all of which have championship implications for the near future, so without further ado, let’s begin.



Fred Yehi VS Dak Draper.

We kick things off with a pure rules match as the savage-weight Fred Yehi looks to earn his way into the rankings as he battles the 2-0

Dak Draper

(The bolded is his record under pure rules exclusively)

for those unaware, here are the rules in a pure rules match.

  • Three rope breaks per wrestler.
  • No closed fists to the face (one is allowed, second is a disqualification)
  • Lastly, if a wrestler interferes, their contract will be terminated on the spot.

This is a very good technical match, and a lot was done with it doing its 10 minute run time as Yehi used his speed and technical experience to try and work over the biggest man in the pure division in terms of size in Dak Draper. I like the dynamic of Dak having every possible physical advantage but still struggling because of his inexperience in the pure rule-set since despite his undefeated record and amateur wrestling credentials, it’s obvious Dak is struggling in the pure matches themselves and often uses his size while bending the rules to force his opponents to wrestle his style of match.


As evidence by this finish where he used his one allotted closed fist to set up the door for a back elbow, making Fred stagger into his finishing move in a three-piece finish that would not have felt out of place in a “regular” match which while technically legal isn’t exactly what this division is supposed to be. Which honestly is the point, I assume, and in that aspect, this match worked really well to establish it and open Yehi up for more storyline opportunities as a result of not shaking Draper's hand at the end of the match because of the closed fist.

Match 2. Tony Deppen VS Kenny King.

Second tonight is a match between Tony Deppen and one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions Kenny King. As Tony attempts to get back in television title contention after his classic with Dragon Lee this past December by beating his partner Kenny King, who is no slouch in his own right in terms of singles action.

This match was straightforward, but as the first match, the finish is what matters where; after a fast back and forth match, Kenny’s trademark arrogance and swagger went just a step too far and cost him the match.

WINNER Tony Deppen.

With the victory with the small package counter, Tony scored the biggest win of his short ROH career, but he made some very powerful enemies in LFI. As demonstrated by a post-match beat-down that was so bad, even a returning Brody King, who lost a championship match against RUSH in December via nefarious means, couldn’t even put a stop to it. I’m interested to see where this goes, and I’m glad that Tony was given this spotlight because ROH needs some fresh talent, and he would be an excellent addition to the full-time roster down the line.

(Same thing with Yehi in the previous match)

Main Event Flip Gordon VS Flamita


Our Main-event of the evening is an intriguing clash between two high-fliers with everything to prove as Flip Gordon takes on Flamita!

This was a very fast-paced, exciting match-up as two of the best in ROH. Through everything they had at each-other in a bout worthy of its top billing, I have mentioned this before. Still, I love how Flip has modified his style ever so slightly since going heel in a way that it fits him surprisingly well, showing more aggression and fire, the likes of which we’ve never seen out of him prior to the past few months. , Flamita also did a great job here and proved he’s just as capable in singles action as he is in trios with his Mexisquad brethren.


The finish itself was simple but did everything it was supposed to, as Mark Briscoe hit Flip Gordon with a chair behind the referees back, costing him the match and gaining a measure of revenge after Flip screwed the Briscoes out of a championship opportunity a couple weeks back.

(As a result of EC3 paying him)

Overall I enjoyed this episode. It was very simple but it did everything the way it was supposed to and had two fun matches and a surprise return to top it all off. It’s really all you can ask one in a compact one hour of television.  if you look like you may follow me on Twitter here @CoolGuySince01 thank you for all your support. I’ll see you guys next week

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