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ROH TV Review 4-3-21

My ROH TV Review 4-3-21

Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my ROH TV reviews. This week is extremely interesting as we have 4 stars that could be considered under-rated by the ROH audience given major spotlights to show their skills. So let’s get right to the action!

Match 1. Brian Johnson VS DanHausen


The first match of this week is the third of a trilogy of bouts between Johnson and DanHausen who have went back and forth in the ring and on social media platforms in an effort to get inside the others head. This was a very simple match but it’s arguably the best of the trilogy with various call-backs and close calls for both men. I enjoyed it for what it was and it was a good end to this story.


the right man won in Brian I like DanHausens character but he didn’t necessarily need the victory as much as Brian did. Good stuff and got the job done but nothing you should really go out of your way to see. I’m Excited to see where Brian goes from here after his big win!

Main Event Eli Isom VS LSG.


Our Main-Event is Eli Isom VS LSG!

With both men on incredible rolls and jockeying for a good position in the television championship rankings.

This was a fast-paced and physical match that showed what can happen when young athletes are given a chance to shine! I really enjoyed what it showcased and thought both guys looked good, especially Eli with his victory. Hope to see more from both men very soon and can’t wait to see what Eli does next!


This really felt like it was worthy of the main event spot it was given even if this episode was a smaller one in terms of hype and build. Current Television Champion Tracy Williams is gonna have quite a group of challengers awaiting his return to action and I'm enticed by almost every one of them.


Thank you all for reading this article as always your support means a lot to me on my journey. Follow me on Twitter at @Coolguysince2001 to keep up with all my future projects and articles. Hope to see you all back next week! 

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